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10 Men (Huge Book Series)

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Stephanie Brother

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Could you handle ten men?
When I was little, my momma told me that I was probably gonna need to kiss a whole lotta frogs before I found my prince.
Her definition of a prince is Roderick McGregor, owner of the biggest property development company in the state with ten of the most gorgeous sons in the northern hemisphere.
Ten! Yeah, I said ten.
Finding I’m going to have a stepbrother would be bad enough, but ten is a whole other ball game. Then I overhear my new stepbrothers talking about ‘the plan’ and I’m flabbergasted.
Finding the one is hard enough…finding ten should be impossible.

This is a 100,000 word standalone mega menage/reverse harem romance. It involves MMMMMFMMMMM situations with a very happy ever after ending. Well, there are ten men involved! It’s part of the Huge Series; standalone romances with lots of HUGE goodness to link them all. Read in any order! No cliffhangers. No cheating.

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When I was younger, I used to imagine meeting one gorgeous man who’d be absolutely perfect for me. He’d sweep me off my feet and treat me like a princess. I believed that I’d have the happy ever after ending that we all want. Then my dad proved to be a total frog, and mom lost the rose-tint from her glasses. Suddenly, my idea of a fairy tale love life seemed totally unrealistic.

Finding the one used to be something I looked forward to, but after witnessing all the drama and betrayal in my own parent’s marriage, I didn’t want to dream about something that seemed so unlikely to become a reality.

That was until mom met Roderick McGregor and he swept her off her feet.

Roderick McGregor is a silver fox, and he’s richer than Croesus. I guess you could say mom landed on her feet. I’m sure there are plenty of people who are saying mean things about her being a gold digger, but I’m not going to be one of them.

Mr. McGregor might be rich but he’s arrogant with it. If I wasn’t certain that my mom can give as good as she gets, I’d be advising her to walk away. It seems, though, that Roderick might be more than just a little smitten, and that mom has him completely wrapped around her little finger.

So, what might all this have to do with my little story?

That is a damn good question.

I used to think that finding the one was going to be impossible.

Then I researched Roderick’s ten gorgeous sons on Google and I became a little more hopeful.

I know they’re going to be my stepbrothers, but a girl can fantasize. If you saw them, you’d realize that resisting naughty thoughts about them in all their unbelievable gorgeousness is pretty much impossible.

Aaron and Antony, Barret and Blake, Cameron and Casey, Donnie, Elliot, Ford, and Grant. Together they make up the management team for Roderick’s huge property business empire.

I’ll tell you more about them later, and about the twists and turns that my life has taken, but what you need to know right now is that Roderick has one hell of a crazy plan for his sons and his company, and if he has his way, I am going to be a part of it all in a very unexpected way.


We’re moving today. It’s been on the cards for a while but Roderick won’t stand for us living in this tiny two bedroomed place anymore and mom has finally given in now she has a four karat rock on her finger.

Roderick isn’t messing around. He wants a wife and he set his sights on mom. I get the feeling that Roderick is used to getting what he wants. If he can’t will it, he’ll buy it. I’m pretty proud of mom for waiting this long, though. She held her ground and made sure he’s not just messing her around.

I know that relationships shouldn’t be about game playing, but it seems the more you resist, the more you get pursued. Funny how men want most what is hard to get.

Roderick has sent a truck to collect our stuff. There are four large men packing our things for removal. Mom and I have had to move many times before. We’re used to stuffing our possessions into black bags and hoisting them into our rusty old SUV. Now we’re standing here watching the men work while we drink coffee in the mugs that mom doesn’t want to take with us.

There’s a fully equipped kitchen at the mansion we are moving into. These dollar store specials won’t fit there at all.

Mom grins at me. “I have to say that this way of moving beats our usual struggle.”

I nod and grin as one of the removal men trudges past with my box of shoes. “It sure does.”

“I’m surprised that Roderick didn’t come just so he could order everyone around.” I glance at her and she seems to smile as though the thought of him doing that is appealing. I don’t understand that at all.

“I’m kinda glad he didn’t bother,” I say. “They seem to know what they’re doing and who needs the stress.”

Mum shakes her head. “One day you’ll understand, Laura. Men like to be in charge and to be honest, if they are capable of leading, it makes life a whole lot easier to follow.”

I frown but she grins. “You remember that film, My Big Fat Greek Wedding?” I nod. “Well, the mom says something like, ‘your dad may be the head, but I am the neck and I can turn the head any way I want to.’ As long as you let them think they’re the boss in the relationship, they’re happy. What you need to know is how to get them to do what you want them to do and make them think that it’s all their idea.”