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A Daring Journey

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Jeanne St. James

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Two paths: one new, one familiar. And a burning desire to choose them both…

When Damon spots a stunning redhead on his plane, the pilot’s determined to get to know her better. It’s been a long time since he’s experienced an instant connection with anyone. The last time was with his former lover, who left without an explanation over five years ago, devastating him. Though now cautious when it comes to relationships, MacKenzie just might be everything he’s looking for and more.

Not expecting to meet the tall, dark and handsome captain on her flight home, Mac finds Damon’s domineering persistence a turn-on. She decides to take a chance on him, which, in the end, might be a mistake when a person from his past returns. A man Damon loved and still does.

The last five years had been dark journey for Trevor, and he’s now ready to return to the light. He’s back in Boston to not only ask for forgiveness but to reconnect with Damon, since he still loves the man. However, there’s a complication. Damon is seeing someone else and Trevor might be too late.

Note: This book in the series can be read as stand-alone. It includes an HEA ending. It is intended for audiences over 18 years of age since it includes MMF scenes between all three characters.

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Chapter 1

Mac sighed softly and leaned her head back against her seat. Closing her eyes, she let her best friend and former college roommate’s rambling words go in one ear and out the other.

She loved Gia to death, but sometimes the woman talked too damn much.

Not sometimes.

Most of the time.

And now, after spending the last week with her at her home in Arizona, she was ready for some peace and quiet. Which wouldn’t happen anytime soon.

No. Because she was stuck on a plane with the woman sitting right next to her.

She loved Gia to death.

I love Gia to death.

But right now, she wanted to “kiss” her with a club.

Unfortunately, since they were on a plane flying to Boston, she didn’t have a club handy. And, truth be told, the TSA frowned on carrying weapons in the cabin of an airplane.

Even if it was in first class. Which was where their asses were currently planted.

Maybe she should order another drink. They were free, after all, and it would soothe her frayed nerves.

She was never a huge fan of flying and was glad to have a companion with her, but still…

She was sorely tempted to get a third martini.

The only reason Gia was accompanying her back to Boston was because one of her brothers recently had twins. For some reason, Gia had volunteered to come help out Grae’s newly expanded family for a little while, which surprised the crap out of Mac.

Apparently, the mother of said twins was a little overwhelmed.

Twins would do that to you, she guessed.

“She didn’t even want kids in the first place,” Gia was saying.

Mac lifted one eyelid. “Who?”

“Paige. She was in no rush to pop out any kids and then when she got knocked up, she freaked when she found out she was having twins.”

“Does it run in the family?”


Mac opened her other eye and shrugged one shoulder as she looked at Gia. “Hers. Yours.”

“Not in ours. I’m not sure about hers. But I’m also not sure about Connor’s.”

Mac shook her head. “Connor?”

“Yes, I told you. Both of my brothers are in polyamory relationships.”

Oh, yes, that’s right. How odd was that?

Both of Gia’s older brothers, Grae and Gryff, were “married” to another couple. Or however that worked.

Was that even legal?

She didn’t care. It wasn’t her business.

“Remember? Grae’s with Paige and Connor.” Gia leaned into Mac and whispered. “Connor is a hot hunk of Australian white meat. Phew.” She lifted a well-manicured finger. “And he still has his accent. Every time I hear it, I want to break out my vibrator, since Grae won’t share him with me.”

Mac twisted her head and stared at her friend. “Why in the hell would your brother share his husband with his sister?” She wrinkled up her nose. “Ew!”

Gia grinned, her dark brown eyes sparkling. “It’s not like I’m related to him.”

“Do they have an open relationship?”


Mac threw up her hands and rolled her eyes. “Well then… I don’t blame Grae for not letting you ‘borrow’ his husband. Wait. Are they officially married now?”

“They’re married, but I don’t think it’s legally binding. Paige and Connor were already married when they met Grae.”

“Wasn’t that weird?”

Gia shrugged. “Not for them, I guess. Not for me, either. It works. Honestly, I’m so damn jealous. I want what they have. I want what Gryff has, too.”

Ah yes. Gryff. When Mac had met both Grae and Gryff while in college, she had endless fantasies about both of Gia’s brothers. But she never told Gia because those fantasies were so dirty, she’d end up getting herself off just by thinking about them. Sometimes she pretended she was with both of them at the same time.

Yes, she could understand Gia’s fascination with threesomes. And her brothers were dark and mysterious, and so damn hot.

Both were also super-duper alpha males.


However, those types were great for sex, but hard to live with as Mac had discovered.

Mac squeezed her thighs together and slowly let out a breath. Getting horny thirty thousand feet in the air wasn’t going to do her any good. Especially since she couldn’t do anything about it.

It turns out that Gryff and Grae were both bisexual, which made those fantasies even hotter. Not that she had any with the two of them recently.

Okay, she might have. But she wasn’t confessing that to Gia.

While she never met Connor, she had seen Trey Holloway, Gryff’s husband or boyfriend or lover—whatever—on the television many, many times. He was a Super Bowl Champion, after all. If she remembered correctly, Trey retired from football a few years back and now was an attorney at Gryff’s high-profile law firm.

She wiped at the corner of her mouth.

Maybe she needed to add Trey to her fantasy harem, too…

Oh good lord, she needed to get laid. It had been too long. She needed to stop fantasizing about the men in Gia’s family like a sex-starved addict.