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A Date to Play Fore (The Dating Series #6)

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Heidi McLaughlin

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New York Times and USA Today bestselling authors Heidi McLaughlin and L.P. Dover come together for a sexy new series that delivers romance for every season!
Tee up for the long drive, it’s golf season!
After winning the U.S. Open, Greyson Jennings couldn't help but take playful jabs at the expense of his prime competition, Bryan Nelson. His snarky claims during the press junction may have burned off like fog on the green, if a week later they hadn’t found themselves at the same golf resort.
Hungry for a little payback, Bryan challenges Greyson to a grudge match: Grey and his best friend versus Bryan and his sister, Leah. Turns out, Leah is a ringer with a swing—and curves—that turn Grey’s thoughts to a hole in one of another kind.
Unfortunately, Leah’s opinion of him has been formed by the many stories Bryan has shared. That may hurt this golfer’s handicap, but he’s nowhere near ready to give up. It’s game on as Leah agrees to meet Grey on the green and go head to head with the hole as the goal.
Can Greyson prove there’s more to him than an impressive club and a carefully crafted bad boy persona? Or will the sting of Leah’s rejection leave him in need of some alone time and a good ball washer?
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The Dating Series by Heidi McLaughlin

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Heidi McLaughlin



Leah Nelson is a sin and right now she’s giving me the biggest hard-on I’ve ever had in my life—well except for the one I had last week after I won the U.S. Open by thirteen strokes. Granted, I’m no Tiger Woods, but give me another year and I’ll be on top of the PGA, and a household name. Leah, on the other hand, is a different story. She’s the sister of my sworn enemy, which really sucks major donkey dick because I’d like to take her out on a date and see how well she can stroke my shaft. My cock twitches as I watch her in the pool at the resort we’re all staying at. It was just my luck when I came down this morning from my hotel room and found her lounging by the pool. I was intent on passing through until I saw her and decided, I too, could use a pool day, and now I’m here, staring at her behind my aviators, wishing like hell I was that body of water she’s playing in. To be able to touch her . . .

“It’s too fucking hot to be out here.” Eli, my best friend, and caddy sits down next to me with the most exaggerated sigh. You would think he just walked eighteen holes and not just pulled himself out between the Egyptian cotton sheets with some random hook-up. His dark hair is a mess and on his chest is a bite mark.

“You messed up my train of thought,” I tell him. In the time he walked in front of me and spoke, I lost sight of Leah. I sit up and scan the area, hoping like hell she’s still . . . ah, yes, there she is, climbing out the deep end of the pool. Fuck, what I wouldn’t give to place my hands on her hips, to dig my fingers into her tanned flesh and grip those luscious love handles of hers. Each tug of the ladder makes her back flex, which in turn makes her ass shake slightly. I’d love to sink my teeth into her nicely rounded ass. She’s perfect in every way, and right now I can only see her backside.

The first time I saw Leah was about two years ago. It was my first year as a pro and the night before each tournament, the PGA throws a party. They’re sort of a meet and greet. She was there with her dickhead brother. At first, I thought wow, this mother fucker found himself a hottie. When I found out Leah was his sister, my tune changed. Hers didn’t. It seemed she too, had a dislike for me. Probably because I beat her brother’s ass all the time. I mean, it’s not my fault he can’t grip it and rip it and is often trailing behind me.

Leah’s cocksucker brother and I have a lot of history. Our rivalry started our freshman year of college. We went to different schools and spent years competing against each other. Sometimes, but not often, he would prevail and win. I’m not a sore loser, even though I hate to lose, but I do have a problem with people who gloat. After one victory, which came down to a putt, so not really a huge win at all, this shithead took out a billboard advertisement with his ugly mug plastered for all to see. Thankfully, it wasn’t in my town, but I saw that shit all over the internet and couldn’t believe my eyes. Like, who does that? Bryan Nelson—that’s who.

After I won the NCAA golf championship, I spent a couple of years in the amateurs and guess who was hot on my trail . . . yep, that’s right, Bryan. And again, when I was able to go pro—bam, Bryan was up in my face. It’s like the world is conspiring to keep us together. More so, the universe is dangling Bryan’s hot as fuck sister in my face, showing me what I can’t have because her brother can’t beat me in a head to head match up. Sometimes, I think if he could beat me more often, he wouldn’t always step in front of me when I go to talk to his sister.

Each tournament, Leah is there, on the arm of her brother, and each time I see her, I shoot my shot, only to be turned down. She’s sweet though, telling me I’m not her type, which makes me wonder who exactly her type is. Any other guy would take the hint, except she will spend all night watching me, and oddly I’m okay with it. If she wants to play the staring game, I’m in.

“Why are you down here? It’s hotter than hell outside right now?”

I nod in the direction of Leah, who is taking her sweet time turning around. Her long deep mahogany hair moves from side-to-side as she shakes the water out. “Turn around,” I mutter.