“But I like being bad,” she pouted, giving him a come-hither promise of something… naughty.

He growled against her lips, knowing just how bad she could be.

After a quick fumble with clothing, Matthew found himself sitting on a stump with her on his lap, her skirt up, his cock sliding in and out of a place wet, hot, and needy for him.

Tongue dancing between her lips, Matthew kissed his golden girl, grunting when she squeezed around him and made that little noise of pleasure he loved. Urging her on, he felt his wife come so quickly it was glorious.

For Charlie, it was one of her more blissful releases, extended and splendid. When she felt him stiffen and spill his seed a few moments later, she watched that perfect man groan.

“My God, woman.” There would never be enough of her; Matthew would always want more. “There ain’t no way I am ever letting you go.”

Pressing her lips to his, she offered a very wicked leer and whispered, “I’m going swimming again tomorrow… naked. You can join me if you want to.”

* * *

The baby came a couple of months later. Being the difficult woman she was, Charlie hid the earliest pains of labor, rocking in her chair with Gus on her lap as she hoped the nearby radio concealed her muffled groans.

They’d argued about where the infant would be born, Matthew demanding the hospital twenty miles down the road, Charlie saying it would happen right there in their fine house. They had come to a shaky compromise that the local doctor would be sent for and she could have her way. But Charlie did not trust him to keep his word, keenly aware of Matthew’s constant need to mollycoddle her.

“You can stop pretendin’, Charlotte,” he grunted, a puff of cigar smoke leaving his mouth. “I can see plain as day what’s going on.”

“If you try to drag me to the hospital, I will knock you upside the head,” she grunted out, teeth clenched, as another contraction crept through her. After a few panting breaths, she pleaded, “They won’t let you stay with me at the hospital.”

That was all she had to say to get him to nod in agreement. “I’ll send Nathaniel for the doctor.”

“And Gertrude!” Charlie added. “Men don’t know squat about having a baby. I want her here.”

When news spread that Charlie was in labor, all the clan came to the fine new house. Ruth and Gertrude were above stairs with the doctor, the three Emersons below. Matthew was quiet, ignoring the teasing of his kin as he endured the sounds of pain coming from his bedroom.

He’d stayed by her side for hours, he’d seen her pain… until Gertrude shooed him off.

It was nigh on midnight when the first lusty screams of his firstborn filled the house. The dark glower on Matthew’s face crumbled, a delighted smile came in its place. He stood and walked right up the stairs.

Charlie lay in their bed, hair damp with sweat but face glowing. In her arms she cradled their bawling little boy. Pushing past the doctor and ignoring the women, Matthew sat by her and reached out a hand to touch the baby’s clenched fist, instantly quieting the little one as he always could.

The End

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