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Accidentally Fiance

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Lauren Wood

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‘Till death do us part’… sounds like a really long time.

The words were repeating in my head.
I was outside of myself and ready to bolt.
But then I looked over at the woman standing beside me.
Deirdre was someone that I could promise forever to.
I wanted to wake up next to her, again and again.
Pleasure her every night as she whimpers out my name.

“I do.”

Never have two words been so powerful.
She was now mine. This was real.
I never wanted a wife and the complications that go with it.
But when Deirdre plans to leave me, I have to step in.
I won’t let her go. I can’t.
She’s my wife and I’m willing to fight for her.

Ill-gotten or not, our marriage was rife with secrets and the only way I was going to keep her, was to lay it all out.

In the end, it was Deirdre that had to decide.

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I brought him back to the hotel and I knew that that was my last night of freedom. The last night I was going to feel another man’s hands on me. It may be the last time for a year and that was too long to really even think about in real terms.

I hadn’t thought to bring somebody home tonight. It wasn’t on the agenda, but now it was. All I knew for certain, was that I was going to have fun with him.

He closed the door and I heard the lock click. I don’t know why but I looked back at him. It was the right thing to do of course, considering what we’re going to do in here, but at the same time it made me shiver inside. To know that I was going to be locked up in here with him, made things feel a little more enticing.

“You look nervous all of a sudden, Deirdre. You haven’t changed your mind, have you?”

I told him that I wasn’t nervous but that would have been a lie. It was a bold-faced lie because I was shaking, I didn’t know how to explain to him that it wasn’t something that I did very often. I actually have never had a one-night stand with anyone before. Everyone thought I was crazy to get married to a stranger, but I was far more worried about Danny. I had read the rules of the gameshow very clearly and it didn’t say I had to sleep with whomever I married, and there was no rules on the night before the wedding.

“I’m not nervous. I just I’m a little shy, I guess.”

“So then why are you getting married tomorrow?”

I just shrugged a bit and told him that I didn’t really know. The truth was that my life was in this funny place of limbo and it just seemed like the thing to do. A friend of mine told me about it and we both applied together, but she was denied because she been married before. We were in our mid-twenties and I had never even gotten close to marriage.

I almost backed out because Amanda wasn’t selected as well, but she convinced me that I should go through with it on my own. The money was the prize at the end of the tunnel. Having to live with somebody for a year didn’t seem like a big deal, when I thought about how lucrative it was going to be when it was done. I’d have all the money I needed.

It is just something that I had to do, no matter how unconventional. I decided to go through with it and now I had to see it. I think it seemed like that big of a deal, but it wasn’t.

All I had to do was live with somebody for a year. There was going to be a couple of times each month that the cameras will come in and film a little bit of our ‘marriage.’ Every filming had a premium that was collected, and the end prize was a million dollars. I was going to split it with my beau at the end of it and I would get my half.

“There is a large payout if I win.”

“So, it’s all about money to you?”

“I am about to marry a complete stranger. Of course, it’s about the money.”

“What about attraction , chemistry, desire?”

“Those are all unnecessary.”

He was walking towards me with this look in his eyes. I thought he was going to kiss me, he was so close, but instead he lifted up my hand and rubbed the back of it against his cheek. Soon my finger was in his mouth, his tongue sliding along the sides and I was trembling uncontrollably. It was that quick that it took me to get wet. It was like nothing I’d ever felt and when he pulled my finger out of his mouth, he told me that he wanted to know what all of me tasted like.

I shivered in response, sure that he was going to drive me wild if he didn’t give me what was asked for immediately.

“Do you want me to taste all of you?”

I could only imagine what his flicking tongue would feel like on other parts of me. How was I supposed to deal with the desire that I had? I was nervous one moment, but the next I was ready to pounce. How quickly everything changed.

To show him that I was ready for him, I pulled my skirt down and then pulled the top went over my head. I wasn’t wearing a bra, but I did have some white panties on that seemed to draw his attention. He needed to stop talking and distract me from the next day.

“Do I get to decide where you start?”