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Accidentally His

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Sarah J. Brooks

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I found Jordan freezing on my mountain.
I warmed her up – the best way a man can…
Hey, it was the polite thing to do!
Now I’ll protect her from more than the storm.

Being a billionaire makes you real cynical.
I left everything behind: My family, my so called friends, my sins.
Now it’s just me and my mountain –
that’s how I like it.

I gave up trusting people.
Until I saw Jordan shivering in the snow.
The most beautiful woman on earth.
Young, inexperienced, and vulnerable.

I wasn’t planning on her hanging around.
But I can’t let some sweet innocent girl blunder into a storm.
Guess we’ll have to wait it out.
With Jordan heating up my cabin, I know how to pass the time…

Turns out she’s a girl with a past.
And I’m not the only wolf on this mountain.
But I’m the toughest.
I’m the strongest.

And I’ll protect my woman till the end!

“Accidentally His” is a full length standalone romance with no cheating and no cliffhangers, but with plenty of a steam and a guaranteed HEA. I’ve also included a preview of my billionaire romance “Damaged Love” for you! – Sarah J. Brooks (USA Today Bestselling Author)

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Chapter 1


To be honest, I already knew that Rob and I were not a good fit. The chemistry wasn’t there. The passion for each other wasn’t there, but he was a safe bet. Not a fulfilling relationship at all, but I felt safe around Rob, and that was what I was looking for at that moment in my life.

“How’s that feel?” Rob asked as he thrust on top of me.


“Yeah, you’re so damn beautiful. Cum for me, baby,” he groaned.

“Oh, you feel so good inside me,” I said in my best impression of an excited woman.

I’d been faking it with Rob since the first time we slept together. It was a little surprising to me that he thought a woman acted like this when she was truly excited, but then again, I bet his past girlfriends had similar issues.

Rob really was a decent guy. He opened the car door for me and paid for dinners. He was a little self-absorbed and talked about himself more than asking about me, but most guys were like that. I’d concluded that I just wasn’t able to be attracted to guys like I used to. My ex had totally ruined relationships for me.

“Cum, Jordan. I want to hear you scream,” Rob said passionately as he moved on top of me.

There was no way around it. If I didn’t fake an orgasm, he was going to continue thrusting on top of me for the next twenty minutes. He’d continue doing the same boring thing over and over and expect that I would somehow get excited and cum for him. It wasn’t worth the stress, and I was already exhausted from my day. I did what I had to do.

My fingers clenched around his back and dug into him as I wrapped my legs tightly around his thrusting bottom. I thrust harder against him to show my enthusiasm and started to breathe heavier to make the whole thing a little more believable.

After a respectable amount of time, I let the fake moans fly. “Yes, oh just like that,” I grunted and moved against him. “Oh, I’m going to cum,” I said in what I thought was a very unconvincing voice.

“Yes, cum,” Rob growled back at me.

In Rob’s defense, he did want me to have an orgasm. I genuinely believed he would have kept thrusting and thinking about baseball as long as necessary so I could have an orgasm. The problem was, I couldn’t have an orgasm with Rob. He didn’t do any moves except thrusting on top of me. He could hardly even look at me as we made love, and when I did try to offer suggestions for other positions or things to try, he always turned them down.

He wanted to be the good guy and let me cum first, but Rob didn’t want to put in the work to make sure I was actually happy. It didn’t really matter, though; the happy part wasn’t going to come anytime soon.

“I … am … cumming!” I yelled out and dug my fingernails into his back one last time.

Rob took it as his green light to finally release his thrusting power. He pressed my legs down and began thrusting hard until he released his pleasure.

“Wow, babe, that was incredible,” he said, out of breath as he fell into the bed next to me.

“Yeah, it was good.”

“Love you,” he said as if it was something we said to each other often.

We hadn’t said that to each other at all, though. Did he love me? I couldn’t imagine that this was what it felt like to truly be loved by a man, but at 22 years old, I really didn’t know love at all. Rob was only my second boyfriend and the first that I wasn’t afraid of.

Rob leaned over and pulled me close to him. He looked me in the eyes and smiled like a pride-filled little boy waiting for approval. Rob wanted me to tell him that I loved him too. I saw the look in his eyes, I knew he wanted that from me.

“I’m so glad you came over tonight,” I said and leaned in to kiss him.

“Jordan, did you hear me? I said I love you.”

“Yes, that was so sweet of you.”

“Sweet of me? Babe, that was a big step for me. I was really expecting you to be excited.”

“Of course, you are so sweet. Thank you, Rob,” I said in my best effort to please him without saying something that I didn’t mean.

“You’re really not going to say it back?” he said as anger flashed in his eyes.

It wasn’t the same kind of anger I’d dealt with in my past relationship. Rob never got angry like that with me. There were more things on my mind than just our sexual chemistry, though.

“Have you been following me?” I finally blurted out. “When I left the gym the other day, I could have sworn I saw you standing behind the convenience store across the street.”