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All for Wesley (Pineapple Grove #2)

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Jocelynn Drake

Rinda Elliott

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A B&B owner takes on a posh hotel developer in this enemies-to-lovers story with plenty of South Florida heat.

The grudge match is set to get nasty.

Wesley and Nathan are willing to pull out all the stops to achieve their dreams.

They just never expected the heat between them to carry over to the bedroom.

After one reckless night burning up the sheets, Wes and Nathan can’t stay away from each other.

But is there any hope of them having their happily ever after when it means someone has to give up his dream?

All For Wesley is a standalone enemies-to-lovers MM romance with sneaking, spying, family troubles, helpful movie stars, one poorly timed hurricane, and all the feels.

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Pineapple Grove Series by Jocelynn Drake

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Rinda Elliott Books

Chapter One

“I’m going to kill him!” Wesley snarled as he marched into the private party room of Surf’s Up. He threw down his wet rainbow umbrella and immediately winced when it slammed into the tile floor. It was his favorite umbrella.

“Whoa! Wes, what’s up?”

Wesley Blake turned to see Rick Henderson and Lincoln Reese rising from their seats on the couch. His friends had mixtures of concern and determination on their faces, as if they were ready to march right behind him on a mission of murder and mayhem. He only needed to say the word.

Thank God for the monthly small-business owners’ meeting. These people had quickly become his closest friends over the years, and they were the only thing helping to preserve his sanity as he went head-to-head with Nathan fucking Randall.

“What’s going on? Is Wilton Cottage okay?” Rick asked. The owner of the bar After Dark was dressed in his standard black shirt and jeans despite the blistering summer heat. His dark hair and the light scruff on his tan cheeks gave him a roguish look that when matched with his signature smirk kept the man’s bed filled whenever he wanted a new partner. Of course, when Wesley looked at him, he saw only a friend willing to help him fight his battles. And maybe a guy who knew how to mix a killer margarita.

“Yes. For now,” he finished on a sigh.

The door to the private room opened, letting in a blast of music and happy conversation. Wesley looked over to see Morgan carrying in a platter of food while her husband, Dan, followed with several bottles of beer in hand. The owners of Surf’s Up saved the room for their meeting every month. Wesley had tried to offer his bed and breakfast as a meeting spot, but the happy couple wouldn’t hear of it. And Wesley was secretly grateful; the meeting was one of the few chances he had to get away from work.

“Wes!” Morgan called with a bright smile. “You look like a half-drowned rat. Let me get you a towel.”

A glimmer of a smile perked up one corner of his mouth as he looked down at himself. His white pants clung to his slim legs, and his colorful pink-and-blue shirt was plastered to his frame. It wasn’t a long walk from his B and B to Surf’s Up, and he’d grabbed his umbrella as he stepped out the door. But what started as a light sprinkle turned into a torrential downpour when he’d gone less than a block. Freaking summer monsoons. The storms were as regular as the harassing offers from Randall. But at least one thing he could excuse as being a part of living in South Florida. The other was just annoying.

“Thanks, Morgan.”

She placed the platter on the table in front of the couch and hurried toward the back room. Dan handed the beers to Rick and Lincoln, then placed the rest in an ice bucket on the table.

“I didn’t see you come in, Wes. I’ll go mix up your piña colada.”

“Go ahead and make two, if you don’t mind. I need it.”

His words stopped Dan and had the man cocking his head to the side. “Really? What happened?”

“Nathan Randall.”

“Shit,” Dan swore softly.

“Just wait until the rest of us arrive. Ariel texted to say she and Tasha can’t make it tonight. They’re still setting up for a big summer sale that starts tomorrow. Anyone heard from Jamison?” Dan asked.

“I just got off the phone with him when Wes walked in. He should be here any minute now,” Lincoln said. His brown hair and clothes were only slightly damp, proving he’d been smart enough to arrive before the rain picked up. He frowned and shoved his hands into the pockets of his shorts. “I knew I should have just grabbed him on my way over.”

Wes smiled at the café owner, hearing the frustration in his voice. Lincoln had been close friends with Jamison Porter for years, and they all knew too well how scattered and disorganized the bookshop owner could be. Particularly when he was working on a new book. According to Jamison’s last update, he was getting close to finishing his current one, making it even harder to pull him away from his laptop.

“What about Jace?” Wes asked, looking around to make sure he hadn’t somehow missed the gallery owner when he stomped in.

Rick flashed Wes a wide grin. “Still in Italy with Mr. Hollywood. They fly back tomorrow.”

Morgan let out a dreamy sigh as she returned from the back, and Wes had to agree with her. Jace Townsend was definitely living the dream. Sexy, famous boyfriend who looked at him like he’d hung the moon. Traveling the world. Meeting other beautiful, famous people. But if anyone deserved to find love and happiness, it was Jace. He was truly a nice guy.

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