Alpha Dragons (Dragon Kingdom’s Curse #1) Read Online Jasmine Wylder

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The war between the Dragon Kingdom of Aera and the Sea Dragon Kingdom brought a curse that no one could escape from — Not even Naydra Stoneheart.
She was a tough wyvern shifter who would soon be sent into the active war zone after four months of Academy training. Leaving the Royal Court for the Academy had felt like her heart being ripped out, but little did she know that big adventures awaited her there.
The curse wouldn’t let any man or woman take the place of Dragon King and Queen without their respective fated mates or they would face death. Naydra never expected her Soulmate Scale to glow blue when she defended Seijan Silvertongue, another Royal Court foundling, against Ardmok.
It was proof that Seijan was her fated mate, but that realization was short-lived when Seijan disappeared, leaving Naydra shattered to the core.
She never would have thought that the ordeal would bring her closer to her worst enemy and the biggest bully, Ardmok. Their connection was perplexing, especially because he had intentionally tried to harm Naydra.
The blue glow between them was only the beginning of Naydra’s newfound troubles when she was faced with an impossible choice. She could leave the Academy and back out of the war or stay exactly where she was while avoiding Ardmok.
Her decision would not only change the course of her life but also affect her efforts to find out what really happened with Seijan.


Chapter One

There’s a war coming.

Naydra Stoneheart heard those whispers for months, both within and without the castle walls. Growing louder. And now…

She wasn’t sure they were only whispers.

Peace was a delicate thing. Kah’leev had taught her that. Always teetering on the edge of chaos and death and war. People always wanted more, coveted what they didn’t have. When the old cupbearer and dragon master had told her that, she’d thought it was because he saw her hungry gaze as she looked at the princess and her life. At the lives of those outside the castle walls. Because he’d heard her sighs and mutterings.

Now, she wasn’t so sure.

“War?” the king asked, leaning back in his chair and waving a lazy bejeweled hand in the air. “You came here to repeat rumor?”

When the king spoke like that, others trembled. Usually.

The stranger did not. He only smiled, flicking a glance at Naydra, where she stood silent and still, sweat trickling down her spine in the heat of the room. She didn’t dare look at the king. After all, as cupbearer—whether in training or old hand—she should know the rules. And she did. But the urge was strong.

She stepped forward and topped up the king’s goblet, then the stranger’s.

“Not rumor, sire. Warning.” He picked up the goblet and drank deeply. “What you hear—”

“Are usual rumblings.”

“This is different, and you know it. I have it on good authority there will be an attack. We need to move fast.”

“I will not be manipulated into throwing the first stone.”

The other man let out a long sigh, and Naydra’s spine suddenly went cold despite the heat. The sigh came from annoyance, something even the smallest babe far out in Aera knew not to do. But she held her place and her stillness.

“This shouldn’t be ignored, Sire.”

“Cold war, stand-off, entrenched conflict; call it what you will. The issues with the Ooren go back eons. Nothing has changed.”

“Illyro—my Liege—you must listen. This is new. The sea dragons grow restless. They want more. To ignore this is to condemn our people to full-blown war.” The man leaned forward, his focus on the king so intense Naydra felt it down deep, like a calling.

Which was stupid. Her dragon shift abilities were weak at best. Only powerful dragons had that ability, to sense a call of power. She’d honed that sense, of course, but… This wasn’t a threat, was it?

Carefully, she slid a glance at King Illyro. He didn’t seem concerned, only annoyed.

There’s a war coming.

The thought came again, and she buried it down.

The king tapped those bejeweled fingers on the polished wood table. “Threats come all the time, Dah’rov. This is no different.”

“At least increase the troops along the sea wall.”

“That,” the king said, dripping with disdain, “is what they want. To do that is an insult, and the Ooren want to be insulted. It gives them a way in. Troops are stretched. We have the Nomans to the north who want our riches. The skirmish last month caused great casualties there. This is heresy, designed to make a king skittish, and make the first move.”

Dread moved through Naydra.

Something was wrong. It permeated the air, cooled it, and she couldn’t deny that. This kind of feeling wasn’t to do with powerful dragon blood. They all had that blood, even those who lacked the gift to shift. Foreboding was as Aeron as breathing. And that stalked through her as the sun reached in with red and gold fingers as it died for the day.