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Alpha for Valentines (Alpha Meets Omega #1)

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Sky Winters

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Alpha Meets Omega is a new shifter dating app series. Swipe right to find the shifter of your dreams this Valentine’s Day!

Omega Lucy
I’m an omega who can’t stand alphas. Their cocky swagger, their entitlement, their ridiculously muscular bodies—everything. My father was an alpha, and a liar. How can I ever trust one again?
And now I lost a bet and have to go on five dates, on the Alpha Meets Omega dating App. Good thing I’m immune to an alphas charm.

Alpha Ryan
I became a cop to protect. I’d do anything to keep drug dealers off the street. Which is why I can’t start a family. My job is my life.
But now I’m being pressured to find a date For the Valentine’s dance. It was just a date with an omega, Some stupid dating app. And now my whole world has been turned upside down. I can’t let her destroy everything I built. But I have to keep her safe…
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Alpha Meets Omega Series by Sky Winters

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Ryan Wilson was the kind of man you wanted to throw you up against the wall, spread your legs, and frisk you—slowly, methodically, thoroughly. He was older, with dark eyes and hair, though a bit of gray had begun to pepper his temples. She could instantly imagine him teaching her things that she desperately wanted to learn.

He had the chiseled features of a Greek god, broad shoulders and towered over you in such a way that you felt safe from everyone but him. Lucy suspected that beneath the police uniform he was wearing lurked perfect pecs and washboard abs, not to mention other impressive physical attributes. He was damn near perfect—and she despised him on sight. It was tough to reconcile her immediate attraction to him with the deep seated loathing for his kind.

Men like Ryan Wilson were exactly the sort she’d avoided all her life, the ultimate Alpha. If not for having lost a bet, she wouldn’t be here with him at all. What sort of guy can’t take five minutes to change before a date anyway? Did he stay in that uniform to impress her? Because he looked good in it? Or was he seriously so busy that he had to go out in his work clothes?

Whatever the reason, it was working for him. Women all around them looked at him appreciatively, despite her presence. Drawn to his Alpha magnetism, they were completely oblivious to the Omega sitting across the table from him. It wasn’t their fault, he gave off a vibe that human women couldn’t really understand about this wolf in human clothing.

“I’m surprised a guy like you is on Alpha Meets Omega,” she told him, taking a bite of her steak.


“I would think it might expose you to the wrong sort, considering your occupation and all.”

“I could say the same for you.”

“No one cares if an art student accidentally goes out with a criminal once or twice. We’d just look edgy, bohemian. It could look poorly if a cop does it.”

“Are you a criminal?”

“Would I tell you if I were?”

He leaned back in his chair, his stygian eyes scanning her as if he had some sort of super sensor that would reveal the truth if he looked at her intently enough. She wondered what he was thinking. Was he analyzing her like he would a suspect he was questioning? Maybe he was just perving on her under the guise of looking like he was considering her comment. Even that annoyed her about him.

“Hmm. Have I done something wrong? Rubbed you the wrong way?”

“No. You don’t like being asked questions? You like to do all the asking?”

“I just get the feeling that you aren’t all that thrilled to be here,” he said, shrugging his shoulders.

He didn’t sound angry or even bothered by it. If anything he seemed a bit bemused, which was typical too. Alphas were all alike—cocky, entitled, superior. Someone like him didn’t care what she thought, not really. He was above her in station. She’d been dealing with his kind ever since she was old enough to understand the roles of Alphas, Betas and Omegas.

Her father was the Alpha of their pack. He’d disgraced her mother and their pack with his arrogance. That life wasn’t for her. At first opportunity, she’d jumped at the chance to move far away and go to art school, which she was only a couple of semesters away from finishing. She hadn’t dated much since she’d been here and wasn’t interested in doing so now, but she’d lost a bet to her friends. This was the price she was forced to pay.

“I lost a bet.”

“You’re here because you lost a bet?”


“What kind of bet was it?” he said, a single eyebrow cocked in her direction.

“I was a little drunk, okay? We were betting on one of those stupid reality shows. You know, one where someone has to go home each week? I lost.”

Dammit. She wished she hadn’t told him that. Now, she sounded like some sort of low IQ party girl. Then again, why did she care? It didn’t really matter what he thought, did it?

“So, you lost and now you have to go out on a date with me? How’s that work?”

“Not just you. I never date Alphas. I have to go out on a date with five different Alphas.”

“I see. What number am I?”


“So, it’s almost over for you then. I really appreciate you selecting me as a part of your little penance. I love taking out women who have no intention of ever seeing me again.”

The sarcasm hit her in the face like a wet sock. He was offended and why shouldn’t he be? She had just stereotyped him as being like every single Alpha she’d ever met. Of course, from her viewpoint, he likely was, but Alphas all liked to think they were unique and better than any other Alpha. That’s what made them what they are.