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As Luck Would Have It

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Jenika Snow

Sam Crescent

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When Felicity is nearly run over, it’s Hawk that’s there to catch her before she falls…literally.

He’s strong, handsome, and smart, and gives back to the community. Hawk’s everything a woman would want, but he’s also her competition.

They come from two rivaling companies so that should mean there’s no way they can be together. But it seemed fate had other plans.

Because as luck would have it, once Hawk has her, he’s not letting her go.

*official blurb to come.

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“I’m not sure it’s looking like how it’s supposed to,” Felicity Roberts said.

She stood off to the side in the warehouse, watching her best friend work on the float for the St. Patrick’s Day parade, which was happening in a couple of weeks.

“Seriously?” Rebecca sounded aghast.

They owned a bakery together, so it should have been obvious what they were trying to make. Most of the cupcakes they created were bestsellers, even award-winning. So when they’d entered the competition, it wasn’t to make Rebecca’s Place known, but to help with charity. Rebecca was like a sister to Felicity, so she hadn’t hesitated when Rebecca asked for help.

When they opened the bakery, Felicity only wanted to bake. She wasn’t into the whole business side of things. Her true passion was in the kitchen and she loved bringing about brand-new cupcakes, cookies, or bars for the shop. That’s why she insisted the bakery be named after Rebecca. It had been her idea, after all.

“I think it looks like a giant cupcake. Come on, this is awesome.” Rebecca jumped off the float and nudged her around to the side, where there was a picture of the two of them together, their shop details, and some serious promotion. “Do you have any idea how this will not only help the business, but also raise money for the children’s hospital?”

Felicity nodded.

“I’ve always wanted to be in a parade.”

“This is certainly an all-out float, for sure,” Felicity said.

“Absolutely. Now, go and get us some coffees so I can finish this off. Your overall downer is affecting my mojo.”

“Seriously? You’re pushing me away right now?”

“You’re not into this anyway. I can tell. Besides, coffee will give us both a kick start to finish this.” Rebecca smiled. “This is going to be awesome. You’re too much of a pessimist. Go. Go.”

Felicity grabbed her bag and left her friend to finish off the parade float. She never celebrated St. Patrick’s Day, and she never would. Only, she knew Rebecca had made her an actual costume so they could stand together on the float. Her best friend would look like the sexy businesswoman, and she was the dirty baker, covered in flour.

Shaking her head, she left the warehouse where they housed the float and headed away from all the parade activity. Most of the shops and businesses along the stretch of road were working on floats. It was a huge deal but not for her. Once Rebecca got something in her head, there was no stopping her, and with business booming, they wanted to keep up the interest and support. When they first started up, they’d nearly had to close because of their lack of customer base.

One big event for a friend, and they found their flow, and hadn’t been out of business since.

Tucking some hair behind her ear, she started to cross the street, toward the food truck that served really good coffee.

In the distance, she heard a car horn blare out.

“Stop! Hey, get out of the road.”

Before Felicity knew what was happening, she was being thrown just as a car rushed past. Although she should have crashed into the sidewalk, she felt someone holding her tightly, cushioning the blow.

“Are you insane?”

She opened her eyes, which she must have closed when she was shoved, to see none other than Hawk Black staring down at her. She couldn’t help but glare at him.

Hawk Black.

Their sexy as hell business rival.

He owned the café across the street, something that did have them fighting over customers. But his arrogant attitude, and the fact his business was flourishing where theirs seemed to stay at the same level, annoyed her.

“Get off me.” She pushed on him and paused as she noticed people were watching them. Rebecca’s annoying advice entered her thoughts. “Think about our reputation. Do not let your mouth ruin our image.”

Hawk smirked. “It looks like you’ve got to be nice to me or all these nice people will see what a bitch you’re being.”

Damn, had she said that out loud?

She glared at him. It was all she could do as he got to his feet and helped her up.

He held her hand, not letting her go. “I’m going to make sure our damsel is okay. Thank you all for your concern.” He addressed the crowd that was gathering.

Hawk led her away and she couldn’t help but follow, stunned how all of this was transpiring. But she couldn’t help how she felt with him holding her hand, or how big and strong he was. He was a man in all the right places, with muscles that couldn’t be hidden behind his clothes. Even though it was cold out, he wore a formfitting shirt, which only served to enhance his hard, muscular form.

He certainly didn’t look like a chef or a baker, and yet she’d been informed he was both. The café he part owned was with his dad. He was even likable to a lot of people. Hawk had come out of the military to help his family with their struggling business. Who could hate someone like that?