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Baby’s First Christmas

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Lulu Pratt

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All I want for Christmas is what’s mine.

Holly’s my best friend’s little sister.
I’ve known her all my life.
She’s almost my little sister.
Except our parents hate each other.
Last year I came home from New York for Christmas and we crossed a line.
One night of drunken passion that I haven’t shaken from my head all year.
We haven’t seen or spoken since.
What better way to start my annual Christmas visit this year than to surprise her as her next massage client.
Turns out she has a surprise of her own.
A baby.
One with my eyes…
Enough with all of the secrets in our families.
I will claim Holly and my baby whatever the cost.

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ONE YEAR earlier…

Awoken by the morning sun, I glanced around the unfamiliar room with growing suspicion. Finally I recognized the awful chipped paint in my brother’s spare bedroom. Dylan had recently purchased his first home and it was desperately in need of a woman’s touch.

The memories of the night before flooded my mind as I pulled the blanket away. As I sat up, I softly groaned.

The bed was empty, but I could still see the imprint from where Jude fell asleep beside me. We had been flirting all evening after he made a last-minute decision to stay an extra night so that he could enjoy Dylan’s New Year’s Eve bash.

Initially, Jude planned to return to New York the day before, hoping to finally catch the ball drop in Times Square. I had assumed he was already on his way back to his life in the big city last night when I showed up at Dylan’s, ready to let my hair down after a busy run-up to Christmas.

Our family hotel business had been stressful over the Christmas season, and I was looking forward to a night with friends. As always, Dylan had stocked his bar with enough liquor to intoxicate all of Savannah. It was Jude who offered me a drink when I entered the kitchen.

“What are you doing here? I thought you’d gone back to New York.”

“Holly, when have you ever known me to turn down a good party?” Jude joked.

We had had an ongoing flirtatious relationship for some years that only became more dangerous with time. As children, our four-year age difference seemed like a lifetime, but as we grew into adulthood, things had continued to heat up.

We were inseparable throughout the evening, and with each drink, I relaxed more and more around Jude. First, I was simply standing very close to him or leaning against him as we stood on the porch, hearing Dylan retell an old story.

Dylan and Jude had been best friends since grade school, so every reunion included an obligatory trip down memory lane. By the time Dylan finished his story, I felt Jude’s hand on my hip. It was innocent, or maybe it wasn’t. A little later, my hand was on his knee as we sat together exchanging stories. With a heightened awareness that my feelings were being reciprocated, I took a deep breath to calm my nerves before returning into the house. I could feel myself losing control of my desires.

“Are you okay?” Jude asked, following me into the empty kitchen.

With everyone else still on the porch, it was just the two of us. I could feel the electricity in the air. Looking into Jude’s blue eyes, I knew I wasn’t alone in my thoughts. The lust was evident like a hunger.

But he was my brother’s best friend.

“I don’t know that this is a good idea,” I took a step back. Although there was plenty of space between us, I felt too close, too intimate to the man who had been like a brother.

“What idea did you have in mind?” Jude asked, his voice low.

But Jude wasn’t a brother, and we weren’t children. He stepped closer, gripping my hip with his hand as he pulled me to his body. He was stronger than I anticipated, but his grip didn’t hurt. It only made me more aroused and a soft moan escaped my lips, which was all he needed.

His tongue slid past my lips as if it belonged there, and I groaned again tasting the flavor of the man I had crushed on since adolescence. Jude was commanding, backing me up until my back was flush against the refrigerator.

“Jude, we…” My words faded as he resumed our passionate kiss. I wanted to stop him, knowing anyone could barge in at any moment. It was so much to risk, but he felt amazing, gripping me while softly groaning against my tongue.

“Anyone could come in,” I said, pulling away from the kiss.

“I don’t care,” he growled, moving seamlessly to my neck, leaving a trail of wet kisses as his hand cupped my breast.

“Ahh,” I sighed, my back arching with delight. Never had I been handled with such aggressive care. He was gentle, but greedy, unable to slow himself. I felt hot and desired, despite how wrong it was.

“Holly, I’ve wanted you for so long,” he whispered, lifting my shirt in the middle of the kitchen before running his fingertips across my flat belly.

“Then take me,” I whispered.

Jude lifted me with ease, carrying me to the back of Dylan’s house as I giggled between his kisses.

A loud bang brought me back to the present as I looked at the closed bedroom door, wondering what would meet me on the other side.

I wondered how Dylan would react, and a pit of worry opened inside me that never quite left. He’d never want his best friend dating his little sister, but I knew there was no way to get around coming clean after hooking up at his place. After a deep breath, I gathered my clothes, smiling to myself at how difficult it was to find things after discarding them so quickly last night.