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Back in Bliss (Nights in Bliss Colorado #9)

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Sophie Oak

Lexi Blake

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Re-released in a second edition with new content.

Logan Green is back in Bliss, but only for a few weeks to help out at the sheriff’s office. Everything changes when Seth Stark strolls into town with Georgia Dawson on his arm.

Seth’s arrival is anything but a happy accident. He always dreamed of a big house on the river and a wife he could share with his best friend, Logan. After building a software empire, his only goal has been to make that dream come true. He just needed the perfect woman.

Georgia is still haunted by the dark, troubled man who saved her life. She can’t get Logan out of her head. Her boss brought her to Bliss to help him decorate his new summer home, but when Logan Green walks through the door she discovers Seth has something different in mind.

Seth has a plan for their mutual happily ever after, but he never dreamed that coming home would put all their lives in danger.

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Nights in Bliss Colorado Series by Sophie Oak

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Bliss, Colorado

Fifteen years before


“Please don’t tell his moms.” Seth had to talk for Logan because his teeth hadn’t stopped chattering yet. And his lips were the slightest bit blue.

Seth took a seat at the bar, the smells from the kitchen making his stomach growl. He always ate more here even though he lived on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. His mother liked to tell him that the world revolved around Manhattan, but he never got mac and cheese there. Ellen Glen-Bennett always made mac and cheese.

And chocolate chip cookies. Gosh, he liked cookies even though his parents thought carbs were the devil. He lived for the three months of the year he got to spend in Bliss.

Ellen frowned his way as she placed a steaming mug of hot chocolate in front of Logan. “I do not understand boys. I swear. What on earth got into your head, Logan? The river is still very cold even during the summer. Did you fall in? Were you boys horsing around?”

He and Logan looked at each other. No horsing around. Just Truth or Dare. Jamie had bet Logan that he couldn’t last two minutes in the cold waters of the Rio Grande, and Logan had decided to jump into the river rather than tell Jamie how often he masturbated.

Seth would have told him. He would have done a lot to avoid those chilly waters. He wouldn’t have told the total truth, of course, but some approximation of it. But not Logan.

Ellen shook her head as though she knew she wouldn’t get an answer out of them. “I’m going to get another blanket and throw his clothes in the dryer.”

Ellen strode out of the kitchen toward the laundry room.

Logan trembled in the seat beside him, his head swinging toward Seth, teeth chattering as he spoke. “Don’t tell Ellen about the dirt bike. We can fix it up.”

It had been a summer of what his mother would likely call “very bad choices” and what Seth labeled as the best of his life. The week before, Jamie had taken their friend Max up on the bet that he couldn’t drive his brand-new dirt bike up the mountain. He’d gotten it up, but he’d come back down really fucking fast. Like way faster than the bike. The bike had kind of smashed into Jamie’s head.

It had been cool and funny, and Logan was right. Ellen would be pissed. She might not let them stay out at the man cave again. He loved the man cave. Sure, it smelled bad, but even that was kind of cool.

“How did you do it, man? That water was so cold.” Logan had stood there and took it like a man while Jamie had counted down the seconds and Noah held a lasso ready to catch Logan in case the current swept him away.

Maybe they hadn’t thought through that plan as thoroughly as they should have.

“The key is to survive ten seconds, man. You can survive anything for ten seconds. And then you go for another ten seconds and another and before you know it, you’re done. I use it when my moms are lecturing me on getting my school work done, too.” His voice was almost back to normal, but his hands were still shaking.

A heavenly aroma hit Seth’s nose as Ellen returned with another blanket. She opened the oven and took out the cookies after tossing the blanket around Logan’s shoulders. Noah and Jamie joined them, looking at their stepmom with worshipful eyes.

Ellen frowned as she opened a jug of milk and poured four glasses out. “So now that we know Logan is going to survive, would anyone like to explain why Jamie looks like he went through a meat grinder?”

She was so calm. If Seth had walked in like that, his mother would have had a conniption fit, not because she loved him and was worried about him, but because she would have been deeply concerned about what the neighbors would say.

Jamie shrugged. “I fell. It’s cool.”

He’d fallen down a mountain and they’d spent days trying to heal him.

Ellen sighed. “All right, but next time call me. I’ve got to start dinner.”

She turned away and disappeared into the pantry. The tension deflated and everything was normal again because everything was always normal in Bliss.

He felt normal in Bliss.

“Way to deflect the mom unit, man.” Noah held up his hand for a high-five.

Jamie slapped his palm against his brother’s. “That’s the way we do it, brother. I learned from our dads. That’s how you handle a mom. It’s how we’ll handle Callie one day.”

Noah’s eyes rolled. “We’re not marrying Callie. She’s like our sister.”

“She’s the most devious thing ever. We should totally marry her,” Jamie said.

Callie had been the one to come up with the plan to fix Jamie up. Sure, he was going to scar, but he was alive. Seth had to admit, Callie was pretty cute, but she had a thing for Max and Rye.