And then I started wondering where the hell I was going to sleep that night.

“All right, honey, I just wanted to check in. I heard a commotion and then peeked out the door and saw you here. I love you, Jonah, and I want you to know that whatever that bitch says, it’s not true. You’re a wonderful man, and anyone would be very lucky to have you.”

My jaw almost dropped to the floor. She gave my hand a squeeze, winked, and turned to disappear back into her apartment, laughing all the way.

In my pocket, a key was practically burning a hole through my palm. I figured I wasn’t going to get much sleep tonight anyway, so might as well head into the office and try to work on this Dragon case. If I got too tired, I could crash with my head on the desk. Sure my neck would feel like a bag of lumpy rocks the next day, but whatever, I’d deal with it. If it was really that terrible, I could always stay at a hotel.

I would probably need to while I searched for a new place to live.

Holy shit… what the hell.

I started down the hallway, wondering what in the world I was doing and if it was a mistake or not…

And then, for some weird reason I would never be able to fully understand, my thoughts turned to Fox and I didn’t feel so unsure of myself anymore.

It felt like every step I took was in the right direction.

9 Gabriel “Fox” Morrison

I decided to come back to the office after drinks and dinner with Jonah because I knew I wouldn’t be able to sleep, and I wanted to channel that energy into something productive instead into counting a flock of sheep in my head.

So I sat at my desk, the clock reading eleven thirty at night, and I was currently digging through the dark web for any mention of Dragon and its source. It was a tiresome task, and the different subject headers started to blur together after a while. Plenty of illicit drugs were being offered for purchase, but there was no sign of Dragon anywhere. It must still be a small operation, which was a good sign for me. It meant there was still time to stop it from hitting the masses, and to stop it from taking any more lives.

A thought hit me then, turning my stomach. It was bothersome to me that the drug’s source was clearly targeting the gay community and treating us like their little lab experiments. They were more than likely fine-tuning the chemical formula before going to the big leagues, and they were using the gay community as test subjects.

It was sickening and it fueled me. I had to stop whoever was behind this. If I could get Dragon off the streets, I could save countless of lives. And now I had help, which I felt extremely confident about. Jonah was an asset if I’d ever seen one before.

And boy, did he have an ass-et.

Bada-boom, I’ll be here all day, ladies and gents.

My window was cracked open, letting in some fresh air whenever the breeze decided to kick in. The sounds of Ocean Drive were distant but still audible, people cheering and shouting.

He really does have one of the nicest asses I’ve ever seen on a straight guy.

I closed out of the browser I used to search the dark web and shut down my computer. It was getting late, and when my thoughts started to focus on the asses of straight guys, I knew it was time to call it a day. Not to mention, I was still feeling a little buzzed from the drinks I’d had with Jonah.

Maybe instead of bed, I’d swing by one of the bars and see if there were any gay asses I could fondle and drool over. That way I could stop focusing on an ass that would forever be out of my reach.

I got up, stretched, and started to head out. It was in the hallway when I heard a loud thump and a curse. I jumped, not one to be easily startled but still surprised by the sudden sound. It came from Jonah’s office. I noticed his door was open and the light was on, spilling out into the dark hall. I flipped the switch on the wall, the overhead hall lights flickering on, and walked over to Jonah’s office.


“Oh, hey, shit.”

I looked into his office and saw Jonah on his knees, picking up a pile of papers that had fallen out of a box that was lying on its side. I hurried over and got down on his level and helped him with grabbing the papers.

“Thank you,” he said, both of us getting back up on our feet.

“Since when were you in here?”

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