…Okay that’s totally a lie. We absolutely still hooked up in his office, we just didn’t do as much as we could have.

Dating and living with Colton has been interesting socially. It’s like there’s a split mindset when it comes to it. It’s made me a pariah to half the girls at the school, and a rock star to the other half, so, whatever. Either way, I didn’t care. All that matters is that we have each other. And honestly, the girls who clutch their pearls about it are most likely just jealous. I mean, let’s be real… my hunky older boyfriend is crazy hot.

The tricky part is coming in a month, after graduation, when I head off to college. Well, for the summer at least, I’m obviously staying with Colton. We’re going to travel around the French Riviera and just live for a few months. But after that, I’ve got college, and he’s got another semester at Lycée Montange D’or. Not exactly ideal, but we’re going to make it work. Geri says I’ll have full use of Terry’s private jet whenever I feel like visiting for a weekend, so, there’s that. I’m also thinking about giving it a semester and then transferring to the Sorbonne, in Paris. I mean, a scenic train ride away from the love of my life?

I’ll take that.

Lorenzo, obviously, went to jail, along with most of his operation. It turns out, the guy Colton put in the hospital with a broken back flipped real fast when the prosecution offered him cutting edge surgery and rehab in exchange for names. The entire Tonelli family folded like a house of cards when that guy chose walking and freedom over paralyzation and jail time.

Through the whole trial, Lorenzo screamed about Colton having a relationship with a student, which annoyingly caused more pause than we would have liked. In the end though, Geri pulled some more strings and found a friend of a friend of a friend—a married woman, too—who’d been in the general area of Winchester that night. A hefty donation later, and this lady was happy to sit in court and talk about the wild night of extramarital passion she’d had with Colton before a bunch of mob guys had broken in. I know, lying in a court is shitty, but screw Lorenzo. None of us were about to let a creep and a criminal like that tear Colton and I apart.

And nothing will. I know it’s not the postcard relationship, and yes, we turn plenty of heads, even in France, with being the ages we are. But really, it doesn’t matter what other people think. Other people don’t dictate your own happiness, you get out there and you find your happiness. You find it, you grab it, and you don’t let go for anything.

I wasn’t looking for Colton, and he wasn’t looking for me. But the world threw us together in this mad, wild, explosive way. And now? Well, and now there’s nothing that could take that away from us.

Oh, and I do still give Colton the occasional lap dance. I’d like to think I’ve gotten much better. Plus, not having that pesky “no hands” rule makes things much more fun.

Trust me on that.

* * *

The End.

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