Bayou Tonight (Badges of the Bayou #0.5) Read Online Erin Nicholas

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A prequel to Gotta Be Bayou, book one in the Badges of the Bayou series

She’s so not his type. But he’s been thinking about her for almost a year now.
He needs to figure out a way to get over her.
Though kissing her at their friends’ wedding probably isn’t it…
FBI agent Spencer Landry is looking for a sweet, bubbly sunshine at home to balance out all the darkness he sees in his work.
Investigative journalist Max Keller is anything but.
Oh, she’s gorgeous, and funny, and smart. But she’s also quirky and sarcastic, loves crime scenes, and can’t bake a brownie to save her life.
They’re never going to work out.
He really should stop kissing her.
So this will be the last time.



“Why do I want you so much?”

Spencer was aware that the words he said gruffly to Maxine Keller sounded drunkenly slurred. Leo Landry’s moonshine had that effect on mouths and tongues. But it also worked as a sort of truth serum.

The clear, potent, homemade concoction that could be used to unstick frozen windows, and as an antiseptic on wounds, was also delicious and could make a man spill all of his deepest, darkest desires.

That was no secret. People knew it would happen before they took even the tiniest sip. But they kept sipping.

Spencer should have known better.

“Because I’m clever, witty, bold, and beautiful?” Max asked him.

She was all of those things. For sure. But he frowned as he studied her face, including the tiny, mischievous smile tugging at her lips.

“I don’t think that’s it.”

She lifted a brow.

But seriously, he met clever, witty, bold, and beautiful women all the time.

Okay, maybe not daily, but often.

Max had deep red hair, and big green eyes—that often flashed at him with irritation, as a matter of fact—and smooth, creamy pale skin, and amazing breasts.

Yeah, he was a breast guy, and this girl had perfect ones.

She was gorgeous, no doubt about it, and he’d had the impression from the first time he met her that she didn’t even know it.

But no, it wasn’t all of that. Whatever was drawing him to her was something he couldn’t put his finger on. Something he almost understood, but couldn’t quite define.

And it was making him fucking nuts.

It was why he’d pulled her away from the wedding reception going on inside the building behind her and why he now had her alone in the shadows. He needed to figure this out. Because he’d been thinking about her for months, even though he’d tried not to. And he’d almost convinced himself that whatever he’d felt a year ago had disappeared.

Then she’d shown up at this wedding, with her hair up in some sexy twist, wearing a black dress—who wore black to a summer wedding anyway?—and the air had been sucked out of his lungs and he’d thought, well, fuck.

“You’re…different,” he finally said.

Damn Leo’s moonshine. Different wasn’t the right word. But Spencer couldn’t come up with the correct one.

“I am,” Max agreed. “Why do you seem puzzled by that?”

“I'm not puzzled. I'm… annoyed.”


“Yes, annoyed.”

He reached up to cup her face, her silky, warm hair falling over the backs of his hands. He leaned in and nuzzled her temple. “Why do I think about you all the time?”

But he didn’t give her a chance to reply. He kissed her instead, moving his mouth over her forehead, where he placed a kiss in the center, then he kissed down her nose to her lips.

Heat shot through his body, settling low in his gut, and he pressed closer.

She didn’t protest. She opened her mouth with a tiny sigh that made his cock jerk, she gripped his shoulders and arched her lower body against his as he leaned in, and she met his tongue with a bold stroke.

She was delicious. She tasted like the same moonshine that was muddling his brain. But her soft lips, the hot, wet inside of her mouth, the way her tongue met his without hesitation, and the way she leaned into him made him feel like the moonshine was burning through his veins.

He shouldn’t be surprised by her reaction, he supposed. She'd come outside with him willingly.

They'd known each other for nearly a year, though he hadn’t seen her in several months. They’d worked a case together last year in his capacity as an FBI agent. He’d been called in to help his cop cousin, Zander, with an illegal animal trading ring. Max was an investigative journalist assisting Caroline, her friend and the woman Zander would fall head over heels for, in gathering information about that ring.

Together, they'd taken the bad guys down and rescued several illegally kept exotic animals, including a number of big cats.

He lifted his head from the kiss and stared at her. They were both breathing hard. She looked a little dazed. He felt a little dazed.