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Bear (Dead Souls MC Prospects #2)

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Savannah Rylan

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Second chances and shootouts. My life is a mess.
After getting my a$$ beat by Lars guys I need to get stitched up.
Lucky for me, Margot’s hands are perfect for my body.
It’s been years since we’ve been together, but one night together brings all those feelings back.
I have to keep her safe.
She can’t get involved in the mess that the Dead Souls are now in.
But how will I let her go?

Bear is part of the new chapter of the Dead Souls MC. It is a hot motorcycle romance that follows the prospects of the Dead Souls Motorcycle Club and the women that love them.

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Dead Souls MC Prospects Series by Savannah Rylan

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I heard Sutton open the door, whistling to herself. I tried to call out to her. I tried to move. But nothing fucking happened. The hair on my arms were caked to my skin with blood. My bicep hurt. It fucking felt like something seared it open. My gut hurt. I knew why that happened. I wasn’t a newbie when it came to gunshot wounds. Especially after protecting my sister from that abusive fuck she married.

I have to get back to my mother.

It had been a couple of months since the shootout, but I knew exactly what happened. Exactly who fucking snatched me up. They weren’t wearing black suits this time. But they stunk of the same reeking smell of that rat bastard. I had no idea how the hell he was still alive. For all we knew, someone had usurped his throne or some shit. Come in and taken it over, then set out after us. But that didn’t seem likely. Someone who had taken over a throne like that would want a fresh start. They wouldn’t want to mess with the bullshit of the past. Unless they thought the past would somehow come back to haunt them.

Too much thinking. Conserve your energy.

I heard Sutton talking on the phone to Cage. Every single part of me wanted to cry out to her. Turn around! Look into the darkness! I’m sitting right here on the fucking couch, bleeding out from my goddamn stomach! I had too much to get back to. I had too much I had to take care of before I could die. I had a father I still needed to track down and beat to hell for leaving us. I had a mother who was withering away of cancer who needed me at her side. I had a sister that was now selectively mute because of all the bullshit her abusive ex-husband put her through.

I couldn’t die like this. On the couch in the crew’s fucking lodge.

Sutton came closer. Steadily approaching as my body shivered from the blood loss. I felt the warmth of the light as she turned it on, trying to get a better look.

And the shrill cry of her voice when she screamed filled the room.

She yanked something away from my arm and it burned like hell, like Satan had just sunken his teeth into my arm. I coughed, letting out just the smallest sound. And a gasp fell from Sutton’s lips.

“Cage. I have to call 9-1-1. He’s still alive. Call Piper! Now!”

After that, everything fell black. I really thought I was dead. Or in some kind of a coma. The only thing that reassured me I wasn’t was the jostling of my body. I felt myself being lifted. I felt myself being lain down. I slipped back into the darkness before lights flashed in my eyes. Needles were in the tops of my hands. Tubes ran in and out of the orifices of my body. The tearing of fabric echoed deep in the caverns of my ears before I slipped back under into the darkness again.

And it was there the incident replayed in my head.

“Hello, Bear.”

I turned around, taking in the man in tight dark jeans and the button-front shirt.

“Hi,” I said flatly.

“Got a minute?” the man asked.

“No. I really don’t,” I said.

“I think you do.”

I slowly turned my head, taking in the men boxing me in. One by one, until I was surrounded. I was in a fucking grocery store, picking some things up to cook for my sister tonight for dinner. Every Sunday night, we ate together. I cooked, she cleaned, and we sat there. Silent as fucking rocks while we stuffed our faces. Then, I’d stay over, and Monday morning we’d both go see Mom. We’d go see just how much she had withered away over the course of the weekend.

She hated it when we spent our weekends with her instead of “living our lives.”

Like our mother wasn’t dying of metastasized fucking brain cancer.

“I got half a minute for you. Talk,” I said.

“Why don’t we do something else instead?” the man asked.


My body jumped and I gasped for air. My eyes flew open, staring up at the wooden ceiling as people brought their hands down onto me. I tugged myself away helplessly. Weakness settled in the pit of my bones. I tried to get off that damn table because it was Sunday and I still had to get to my sister’s.

At least, I thought it was still Sunday.

“Bear, you have to calm down. I’ll put you out if you don’t,” Piper said softly.

But I kept tugging at the people restraining me.

“I have to get to my sister. She’s waiting for me. Let me go. What the fuck is wrong with you guys!?”

“I’m sorry, Bear. You have to relax so we can work,” Piper said.