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Beautiful Mistake

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Sarah J. Brooks

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This Christmas had a surprise gift in store for me I definitely didn’t expect.
And it will take 9 months for it to arrive.

As a young musician just starting out, I’ve always had a crush for Sage Harris.
Posterboy rockstar. Gorgeous bad boy. And way out of my league.
When he asked me for a duet for a X-Mas song, I couldn’t believe it.
What I could believe even less was how our song went viral and we crushed the charts.

Seems like we’re not only good at making music.
Because after we recorded our song, things got intense.
Talk about jingling his bells under the X-Mas tree.

Usually Sage fills stadiums with fans screaming his name.
But that night, I made him scream mine. Again and again.
One night is all it should have been.
I’m well aware of his rockstar lifestyle – no way he will ever change that, right?

Falling for him wasn’t part of the plan.
Nor was the life-changing surprise I’m carrying and that’s about to change everything…
How do I even begin to handle this?

“Beautiful Mistake” is a full length standalone romance with no cheating and no cliffhangers, but with a gorgeous protective alpha male, plenty of steam and a guaranteed HEA. Happy reading! – Sarah J. Brooks (USA Today Bestselling Author)

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Chapter 1


The Christmas party was going to be off the chain, just like all of my brother Sinclair’s bashes. There would be food, women, wine, and a bunch of kids running around. My brother was rather formidable until he met his wife Reyna, a beautiful screenwriter who was his assistant before he fell in love. The two of them have two adorable children, Ariana, and Sinclair junior. They both work for Sinclair’s production company which has exploded over the last two years. They are quite famous but like to live a low-key lifestyle. For them, the family is everything, so they go big on holiday shindigs.

It was fun being in their house during the Christmas holiday as it was always full of laughter and creativity. My brother and his wife knew how to entertain. They kept the libations flowing, the music pumping, and made introductions where they were needed for either romance or business. I admired Sinclair. I was the youngest of three children. My oldest brother was a contemptible man who chose to litigate for the legally and morally compromised sector of our society. Sinclair was a uber-famous movie producer with a couple of blockbuster hits under his belt, and I was the wayward son who, in my opinion, was definitely the most handsome of the three brothers.

I was in a rock band called the Grind which was later changed to the Grind Revolution after a potentially messy legal entanglement with a cover band with the same name. The band’s style was a mix of folk, hard rock, alternative, gospel contemporary, country, whatever we felt like playing. There were three members of the Grind Revolution, an African-American guy with Jamaican roots and an eclectic musical style, a classically trained white dude and me, the trust fund baby. I sang lead vocals and was the primary songwriter. I also played guitar like nobody’s business and could shred the hell out of anything. I loved playing the guitar; it was my escape. I didn’t take my trust fund for granted, but I was glad I had one; it gave me room to play.

“Hey.” Sinclair walked over to me as soon as I stepped through the door with my guitar case in hand. “There you are! Rey and I were getting worried.” His face was genuinely concerned. “Thought you might ditch us this year.”

“The Dragon Dodgers manager called, and we’re gonna record a song together, so you know, had to throw the deets down.”

He smiled. “Congratulations. You guys are really doing this.”

“Thanks, bro.” I flashed a broad smile, ‘cause getting a song with such a huge band was a massive accomplishment.

He clapped my back enthusiastically. “We’ll buy tickets for every show. Now go mingle, drink … do something you’ll regret.” His expression turned devilish. My brother was pretty awesome at times.

“Here’s hoping.” I put my guitar down and headed for the bar.

The first people I recognized were Charlynn and Melody, Reyna’s former roommates. Charlynn was the earthy-crunchy granola one and Melody was the fucking hottest person on the planet. She had gorgeous raven hair which she’d dyed purple and left thick dark roots, so cool. She was also a musician. I usually admired her from afar as she always had a man on her arm. Reyna told me she didn’t sleep with these men and was holding out for a great guy, but she seemed to already have a million to choose from, and I wouldn’t have classified myself as great, exactly.

I’d hung out with her a few times at family dinners and gatherings and every time we laughed and jammed and just … it’s like we finished each other’s sentences. The problem was, I was her best friend’s husband’s younger brother, and she didn’t really give me any time. I think she’d heard that I was a playboy who couldn’t necessarily be trusted. The rumors were sort of true. I wasn’t a man-slut, but I’d had my fair share of pussy. She was the kind who was so cool it hurt, yet inside was a good girl with a great spirit. She wasn’t “pussy” she was a solid person.

I wanted to have sex with her from the moment we met, but I didn’t go down that road because of the awkward consequences. I wasn’t in any of this for the long term. I had a budding music career and the last thing I wanted was a commitment. I was absolutely not my brother; no way could I have a surprise baby and want to keep it. Maybe one-day… maybe, but this wasn’t that day. Melody was a make babies and music kinda girl … you know, sling ‘em on your back and take ‘em on the road. I wanted to smoke pot and jam, which couldn’t be good for little Sage Jr., so I kept my distance.