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Mom’s one of those coupon and contest people.
Constantly entering this or collecting that to save a penny. The trouble is, apart from her having made a career out of it, her latest prize involves me.
A weekend retreat at a real-life ranch. Horses, cows, camping out in nature. The whole bit.
I wonder what the first prize is…two weeks in the middle of freaking nowhere?
I’m just a city girl, I suppose. And the thought of the whole weekend with my mom, as well as having no creature comforts, doesn’t sound like much of a prize.
But mom assures me we won’t be the only ones there, and once I lock eyes with the ranch hand, Mack?
Well…I figure maybe this weekend isn’t going to be so bad after all.
Not only is he ruggedly handsome and built like what every girl thinks a man ought to be.
But once it’s clear Mack has plans of his own where I’m concerned, this weekend crush looks like it might be a forever deal.
And once I learn the secrets of Silver Fox Ranch and a little more about Mack, I know that forever would never be long enough to be his.

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Playing plus one on what is supposed to be a romantic weekend for two, and with my mom, of all people, isn’t my idea of luck.

But my mom’s constantly entering free contests and hoards coupons like they’re actual cash.

Going along with her latest big win is just to make life easier and say thanks to her in a way. I guess.

For all my teasing and eye-rolling, if it weren’t for her crazy ways, we wouldn’t have half the stuff we own. And we wouldn’t be getting half the groceries we can afford every week without all those damned coupons. Pretty much everything from my bed to my earbuds. Some clothes, even my glasses.

Everything’s from a contest or a coupon.

Mom enters every contest she can and drives a mean bargain whether she’s got a coupon or not.

“I just wish you’d smile a little more, sweetie.” She reminds me for the tenth time since we left home.

Our flight wasn’t included in the weekend retreat at Silver Fox Ranch.

Neither was the electric car rental.

But mom being mom, she managed to get the flight with fly miles and the car rental as part of some deal.

I guess I do have plenty to smile about. Free holiday and all we can eat, apparently.

But I can’t help getting nervous whenever I think about staying somewhere new. Even for just a few nights.

And out in the wilderness of all places?

“Is it still the horse-riding thing?” she asks me in a sing-song voice when I don’t smile and stay quiet.

The flight was only a couple of hours, but this drive is twice that, and we still have a way to go.

As close as me and my mom are, being cooped up in small spaces for hours at a time isn’t something either of us like much.

And when she starts talking to me like I’m five, I know to keep quiet.

I don’t want to get this weekend off on the wrong foot by getting snappy.

I’m sure there’ll be plenty of that later. Especially seeing as we’re sharing a room on top of traveling together.

Reaching for the pamphlet from the Ranch, I unfold it, and, breaking my silence, I start to list my grievances.

“…Guests are reminded that Silver Fox Ranch adjoins a National Park, and we have frequent four-legged visitors…,” I say aloud, reading from the pamphlet.

My mom already creasing her mouth and making that face she does when I get sassy.

But I read on, “…Including bears, cougars, and coyotes!” I exclaim.

I stare wide-eyed at my mom, who only cocks a brow. Smiling to herself a little.

“Cougars, eh?” she grins and flashes her teeth while she watches the road ahead.

“…Maybe there’s a younger man at this ranch who needs an older woman to show him the ropes…,” she purrs as I feel my face bunching up.

“Ewww, Mom! Gross!” I say, but wanting to keep the topic of danger open, I foolishly mention the horse-riding thing.


“Horses are dangerous too, remember?” I educate her in a lecturing tone, stabbing the glossy picture of one in the pages of the brochure I’m still clutching.

“See! Look at the size of that thing compared to that woman, it’s unsafe… dangerous.” I remind myself more than my mom. My voice cracking with emotion.

Her mood shifts instantly, and once it’s clear she remembers as much as I do, I feel her hand patting my knee.

“I’m sorry, honey,” she murmurs. “I did not mean…you don’t have to go horseback riding. I am sure there are a million other things to do at this Silver Fox Ranch,” she almost whispers before clearing her throat.

“Plus, that was a long time ago. And it wasn’t yours or anybody else’s fault,” she says in a firmer tone.