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Becoming His Monster (Playing With Monsters #3)

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Amelia Hutchins

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Sacrifice your soul?


Die to protect those you love?


Come back as something the world hasn’t seen since the dawn of mankind?


Make those who hurt me wish the Gods had never created them?

Are you ready to play?

I’m coming back. I’m more, darker, deadlier, and I’m pissed.

Heaven has fallen, Hell has risen and the walls that protected man from monsters are down.

Foe’s become friends, enemies become lovers, and this world is thrown into chaos unlike anything it’s ever seen before.

I’m ready to play now, I’m ready to win.

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Playing With Monsters Series by Amelia Hutchins

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Chapter 1

My eyes slowly slid from the storm brewing above us back to the charred remains of the club. Club Chaos was nothing more than a gutted-out shell of the once glorious nightclub. I’d watched Lucian set fire to it, his midnight eyes reflecting the flames that burned within his soul before he’d turned, walking away from it. They’d loaded the covens into waiting buses, moving them to Spokane, into the newly remodeled Guild.

It hurt, watching them mourn me as they assumed I was still buried in that nameless grave next to Joshua’s. Lucian hadn’t burned the club down because he’d had to; no, he’d burned it to the ground because he’d wanted to. They mourned who I had been, and I mourned her as well.

It didn’t matter, though, because I wasn’t that girl anymore. I mourned what I had once been, but I wasn’t upset to let that girl go. She’d been weak, selfless, and unable to take the reins on her own life—but I could now. I wasn’t held back anymore; my emotions didn’t hold sway over the choices I made anymore. It was freeing to not care, not having to consider others when I made a choice. But it didn’t change the sadness I knew I should feel at watching them mourn me.

Mourning her. Not me.

“Do you feel that?” Joshua asked, interrupting my internally fucked-up thoughts. His eyes slowly settled on the rubble of the club and a slow whistle escaped his full lips. “That’s eventful.”

“I feel it, whatever it is, it’s heading right towards us,” I announced, turning away from the pile of bricks and debris that had once been the only thing standing between us and certain doom.

“Not towards us, Lenny. It’s following the sweet scent of witchlings, right to the Guild,” he corrected as he pushed a strand of hair that had fallen into my face away, tucking it behind my ear. My eyes darted behind him to where the others like us stood, silently awaiting orders. “This isn’t our fight anymore.”

“It may not be our fight, but it is our bloodline they seek to destroy. I’m not going to watch them feed on our coven, brother. You don’t have to come,” I said when a muffled sound of agreement erupted behind us. “I can handle it on my own.”

“Of course I do,” he shot back, irritable that I’d even consider leaving him out of the fight. His dead eyes held mine in silent rebuke as he shuffled his feet and slipped his hands into the pockets of the jeans he wore. “You and I, Lenny, we’re in this shit together now, sis. Me and you against the world, right?”

“Yes, but it isn’t their fight. They’re not blood, and I’m pretty sure that whatever he is, he can kill pretty much anything. Maybe even us, which makes this high-risk and not their fight. I’m going with or without you, now. They’re moving faster as if they scent blood in the air. The choice is theirs to make, but I’m leaving,” I said, vanishing into thin air after one last look at the burnt-out remnants of Club Chaos.

I materialized on the side of an abandoned building in downtown Spokane. I slowly scanned the Guild, noting that even in the blackout of the entire Pacific Northwest, lights burned brightly from within. It was a beacon in the endless darkness that had consumed our area, a hope for those who weren’t strong enough to stand against what was left of this world.

We remained far enough away to be undetected by the creatures that helped the covens depart the buses and navigate the street to the tall steps of the Guild. I waited in silence as I let my body become one with the shadows, allowing them to absorb a part of me as I watched the deadly beings that had now become a part of this world.

“You’re not alone anymore,” Joshua said, pulling me back from the edge of a building to where he and the others stood, awaiting orders. “Get your hood up. He won’t let you go if he sees you, and no matter what you think, you’re not ready for them to see you yet. You’re not mentally ready to face him or our mother. Unless you’re ready for them to know you’re back from the grave. You died, remember?” he scoffed.

“I didn’t really die,” I shrugged as I watched Lucian’s tall frame emerge from one of the buses. I swallowed hard, taking in his hard, muscled form with an ache that shouldn’t even be there lodged in my throat. “I just ceased to be human.”

“To them, Lenny, you did. Lucian raged for weeks, and now you’re about to pop up on his radar again. He’s going to demand answers you cannot explain yet. He’s going to expect you to be the same girl you were, and that version of you is dead. It’s going to be like you felt when I told you who I was inside the cabin. He still sits beside your grave and silently stares at it, which means he’s still grieving you. You wanted to know what he is; this is going to destroy you figuring it out without interfering in that.”