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Best Friend Baby Daddy (My Baby Daddy #1)

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B.B. Hamel

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Mixing business and pleasure is always a mistake.
Except with Everest, it’s nothing but pleasure.
Which is why I know our business arrangement is about two things:
Getting what he wants.
And getting me pregnant.

Everest Bloom is my best friend.
Rugged, gorgeous, cocky, and perfect.
He’s my total opposite in every possible way.
And he knows I’ll do anything for him.
Including getting married.

At first, it’s just about business.
Everest needs my help taking over his family’s company.
I know it’s a mistake.
I’ve loved him since the first moment we met.
But I can’t say no.
Every second together is agony and ecstasy.
Especially our first kiss up on that altar.

Things are good at first.
We’re only sleeping together every single night.
It feels incredible, right up until he gets me pregnant.
Now I have to choose:
My baby or my friendship.
Everest is perfect, but I’m afraid he’ll bolt.
Sooner or later, I’m going to have to tell him the truth.

Best Friend Baby Daddy is a steamy over-the-top secret baby best friend romance! If you love a good rugged alpha mountain man that always gets what he wants, this story is for you. This standalone is safe with no cheating and a guaranteed happily ever after.

Note: All my Baby Daddies NEED to make a baby! Even if they don’t know it yet! If you love snarling alpha men and insta-love, these standalone stories are for you.

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Of course, he’s late.

I check my phone for the fiftieth time, feeling increasingly uncomfortable. The waitress has checked on me five times already and I’ve only asked for water so far, mostly because I can’t actually afford to eat here.

Ever picked the spot like always. He insists on going to these stupidly expensive spots and buying the most lavish lunches possible, just because he likes to spoil me. I could never afford any of this stuff, let alone an entire meal for two, so I can’t take the risk of ordering without him actually here, in physical form.

I clench my jaw and type another text. I’m going to kill you, Ever. Where are you? This cool waitress is about to throw me out.

I wish this were the first time Ever left me hanging. I’ve known the man since we were kids, all the way back to middle school. My parents were not the most well-off people in the world, but I managed to score a special scholarship from a local private school. I was the only poor kid in a school full of the richest and most elite people in the Seattle area, and I never really fit in.

Except with Ever. I remember the first time I met him, in English class. He tapped me on the shoulder and smirked at me, that famous smile of his, the one that never fails to melt my heart. He tapped me and said, “Hey, new girl. What’s your deal?”

That was the start of the longest-running friendship of my life.

I thought he was such a dick back then. Ever’s always been incredibly handsome and popular. It comes easily to him, for whatever reason. It’s probably because he looks like a male model, if a male model also happened to play football. He’s like the big, ripped version of all those pretty boys you see in underwear magazines. He’s also charming and loud and filthy rich, so he navigated the world of the ultra-elite like it was nothing.

He dragged me along behind him back then. I never really fit in, no matter how hard he tried, but he never gave up. I don’t know why, I always expected him to get bored of his little pet dorky friend, but he never did.

Ever’s loyal, I’ll give him that, even if he’s always freaking late to everything.

Finally, after the sixth pass from the waitress, I spot him slip in through the front door. He looks haggard, rushed, but still absolutely gorgeous. I haven’t seen my best friend in a week, and although I’m furious with him for making me wait in this stupid fancy restaurant, feeling like an idiot, I still can’t help but feel excited to see him.

Ever looks over and spots me. The haggard look slips a bit and a smile crosses his face as he hurries toward me.

It’s like he’s a shark swimming through a pond of minnows. Everyone looks at him, instantly aware of him moving in their wake, but he seems totally oblivious of the attention.

“Hey, kid,” he says, slipping into the seat across from me. “Sorry I’m late.”

“Of course, you are.” I sigh and cross my arms. “I swear, if you hadn’t showed up right now, that waitress was going to stab me.”

“Probably.” He grins at me. The waitress comes back, and he orders a whiskey. It’s just after noon, but it doesn’t surprise me.

Ever’s family owns one of the largest outdoor sports companies in the world. He’s rich beyond my wildest dreams, and he basically doesn’t do anything he doesn’t want to. He barely works, barely does anything but travel the world, sleep with models, and party as much as he can. We’re both twenty-eight, but it feels like he’s still a kid and I’m slowly turning into a real adult.

“What’s your excuse this time?”

He frowns a little bit and doesn’t answer right away. “You look good,” he says instead.

“Yeah, yeah.”

“Really. What, it’s been a week? Did you do something different?”

I glare at him. “Why are you avoiding my question?”

He smiles graciously as the waitress returns surprisingly quickly with his drink. He takes it, sips it, and winces a little before asking for some more time to look at the menu.

“Look, Amy, we gotta talk,” he says.

“Okay.” I purse my lips at him. “You kind of look like shit.”

That’s not exactly true. I mean, he’s gorgeous in a simple white button-down shirt tucked into designer slacks. But that tired and haggard edge is back, and I can tell something’s up.

“Thanks,” he says, smiling. “I can always count on you to be honest.”

“I try,” I say sweetly. “So, what’s up?”

He stares down at his glass of whiskey, the smile slowly drifting from his lips. “My dad’s dying.”

He says it so simply, like it’s no big deal. Like he’s ordering lobster or discussing new blinds for his insanely expensive downtown loft.