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Best Friends with an Alaskan Man

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Evangeline Kelly

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They were best friends, but he wanted more.

After an amazing date, Sabrina Wells knows she has to protect her heart or she’ll fall hard for Hunter Gaines. She asks what he wants in a relationship, and his vague answer does nothing to encourage her hopes for the future. She draws a line in the sand and tells him they can only be friends. Soon after, she starts dating someone else.

Hunter retires from his career as a cop with the LAPD to follow his dream of living off-the-grid in Alaska, and he regrets not snatching up Sabrina before she moved on with another man.

When Sabrina breaks up with her boyfriend, she decides it’s time for a visit to Alaska. She toys with the idea of sharing her true feelings with Hunter, but once the words are out there, she can never take them back. Telling him how she feels could ruin their friendship, and she’s not sure that’s worth the risk.

Hunter is willing to risk everything to be with Sabrina. But will it be enough?

Grab the second standalone book in an inspirational Christian romance series set in the state of Alaska!

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Chapter 1


5 years ago

I held my cell phone at my ear and strolled along the Venice Beach boardwalk until I saw the skate park in the distance. Recognizing the famous landmark at once, my stomach knotted. In a few minutes, I would meet my coworker’s brother’s friend, and I had to ask myself why I’d agreed to this date. Jane didn’t know a lot about this guy, but she swore her brother vouched for him. Hopefully, it wouldn’t be a disaster.

She’d said we both loved the Lord, and because I needed a distraction, she was hand-delivering one in the form of a man named Hunter Gaines. She wasn’t sure how much we had in common besides our Christianity, but she figured it couldn’t hurt to find out. I was interested in meeting him at the very least, but it had been a while since I’d gone out with a guy and my stomach wouldn’t stop doing flips at the anticipation. But, honestly, I would have done just about anything to get my mind off Brad.

“I can’t believe I let you talk me into this, Jane.”

“Calm down,” she said in a soothing tone. “It’s only one date. He meets a lot of women, so don’t look at this as a big deal.”

A strong breeze smelling of salt and water swept through my hair, and I attempted to control the flying strands by gathering my thick mane at the nape of my neck and tucking it through a ponytail holder. “Great, now you tell me.”

“Tell you what?”

“You set me up with a ladies’ man.”

She laughed. “Ladies’ man? How old are you, Sabrina? You’re starting to sound like my mom.” She cleared her throat as if she were trying to hold back more laughter. “He’s not a player…exactly. He hasn’t gotten serious about anyone yet, but you could be the one to change that.”

“Right.” I didn’t believe it for a second, but at least now I knew what I was dealing with.

“You wanted a distraction so I’m giving you one.”

“Yeah, I guess.” She didn’t say Brad’s name, but we both understood who I was thinking of at the moment. He and I frequently talked at church, but he had yet to ask me out, and I was at that point where I needed to think about other options if I ever wanted to find a relationship. Not that I was in a huge hurry or anything. I was twenty-six and had plenty of time. I stopped walking and cleared my throat. “I just arrived at the skatepark.”

“He texted me a few minutes ago that he’s already there. Look for the guy in the white t-shirt.” She paused. “Go get him, Tiger.” She giggled, clearly pleased with herself for setting this up. “And text me after it’s all over.”

“All right, I will.”

I ended the call and smoothed my hands down my white shorts. I was dressed casually, but we were meeting at the beach so dressing up would have seemed out of place.

Drawing in a breath, I strode closer to the skatepark. The warm sun landed on my shoulders, but, thankfully, the breeze kept it from feeling too hot. Being a redhead with somewhat fair skin, I’d put on plenty of sunscreen, but I doubted I’d be out here long enough to burn. I planned to meet him and spend no more than an hour, and if we hit it off, I would agree to another date. If not, there was no need to waste precious time on something that wasn’t going anywhere.

The sounds of people milling about and skateboards sliding back and forth and up and down, filtered over to me. There were more than a handful of men wearing white t-shirts, so I was grateful Jane had texted me a photo. I walked a few more yards until my gaze settled on a man standing apart from everyone else. He was scanning the crowd as if looking for someone, and he bore a strong resemblance to the man in the photograph.

He stood, partially obscured by the people walking by, black sunglasses perched on his nose, white t-shirt hugging his broad shoulders and muscled chest, navy blue basketball shorts hanging low on his hips. He had a nice tan and a certain self-assurance, evidenced by the way he held himself. Strong back. Strong jaw. The confident tilt of his head.

He was so good-looking my breath caught in my throat.

Jane, what did you get me into?

His gaze swept in my direction a few seconds later, but due to the sunglasses, I couldn’t tell if he saw me or not. A slight smile lifted the corners of his lips and he headed my way.

All right, here we go… I took a breath and walked toward him, doing my best to appear equally confident though my insides were quivering. At least I’d gone two seconds without thinking about Brad.