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Best Man with Benefits

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Aubrey Wright

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NEVER sleep with the best man.
Especially if he’s your brother’s best friend.
And your first.

There I am, naked, trying on this dang bridesmaid’s dress in the “women’s only dressing room” and in walks Ol Big “bleep” Jacob.
The same Jacob that deflowered me.

Once my face stopped turning two shades of tomato, I sharply told him where to stick his big ego.

He doesn’t deserve a second chance.
Or third, or fourth, or fifth…

But that cocky smile has a way of making panties spontaneously combust.
Well, these panties ain’t going anywhere.
At least, I hope not…

This second chance romantic suspense offers one hell of a happily ever after and a surprise ending guaranteed to leave you breathless.

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I stood in the center of the women’s dressing room—French, empty—holding an inhaler. “Addison, you in here? Hello?”

My best bud, the groom, had asked me to deliver the asthma inhaler to his fiancée. And as the best man, it was my duty. Even if that meant crashing in on half-naked women.

Except there aren’t any in here.

“Addison. It’s Jacob. Charlie sent me.”

I turned in a circle, noting the single empty mannequin, the closed curtains over changing areas, and caught sight of myself in a mirror on the wall.

Stark, handsome, Big Dick Jacob, as they’d called me.

Let’s deflate the ego.

One of the curtains scraped open, and I turned toward it. “Addison, I—”

My jaw dropped.

A naked woman backed out of the changing room, wiggling her peachy ass, free of tan lines. She had a pair of earphones in and held a cell phone in her hand. She warbled a Spice Girls song and swayed her hips, the little dance seductive in the extreme.

Just past her, in the changing room, a coat hanger held one of the bridesmaids’ dresses. Next to it, a full-length mirror afforded me a view of her entire body. Perfect, perky breasts, pink nipples puckered in the air-conditioned room, a sloping stomach, the strip of neat hair tracking down to the parting of her pussy lips.

I was instantly hard. Well, that’s inappropriate.

My gaze wandered up that shapely body and to her face. “Oh shit,” I said.

It was her.

Chloe Grace.

The woman of my dreams, my past dreams. The very same whose virginity I’d taken, whose heart I’d broken, who had dominated my thoughts back in our high school years.

Dark hair dropped past her shoulders in curls, sparkling green eyes snapped open. She focused on herself in the mirror then spotted me standing behind her.

Chloe’s expression transformed from joy to unadulterated horror. A scream erupted from her throat. She ripped the earphones out of her ears, turned toward me, lost her balance, and stumbled.

I rushed forward a step and caught her firmly underneath the elbows.

“What the fuck!” she yelled.

“Sorry,” I screamed back.

“Are you—what the—what the hell, Jacob. What are you doing here?” She was still painfully naked, and it took all I had not to peep. I held her upright and away from my body so she wouldn’t feel the boner tugging at the front of my pants.

“Hi,” I said, grinning at her. “You really want to talk about that now?”

“Yes, I want to talk about that now! You friggin’ weirdo, what the hell?”

“You don’t want to get a robe or something first?”

“Oh. Oh my god.” Chloe, just as gorgeous as she’d been back in the day, even more so now she was older, straightened and laid a dainty arm across her ample breasts. “Oh my god. Turn around! Right now!”

I did as she’d asked. Chloe was one of the only people in the world who’d ever gotten away with ordering me around on occasion. This occasion definitely called for it. I surreptitiously rearranged my junk while she scuffled around behind me.

“You done?” I asked.

“What in the hell are you doing here?” she hissed, alongside the sound of a zipper.

“I’m looking for Addison.”

“And you think that’s a good excuse to barge into a women’s changing room? This is a dress store.”

“Once again with the sexism. You know, you and the lady at the front desk have a lot in common,” I replied. “Can I turn around now, miss?”

“Sure you can. You can turn around and walk your cute ass out of here.”

“You think my ass is cute?” I spun toward her and exhaled at the sight of her clothed. Thank god for that. I couldn’t handle her naked. Well, shit, I definitely could, but not in quite the same way as I had all those years ago. My best friend’s sister. The groom of this wedding. And the maid of honor. I’d been bound to run into her at some point, but like this? Fuck…

“What?” she asked, crossing her arms over her blouse. She’d paired it with a pencil skirt that clung to her hips. “Don’t look at me like that.”

“Like what?”

“I know that look, Jacob. You know I know that look, so stop. Just leave.”

“I can’t,” I replied. “I would if I could, trust me, but I can’t. Where’s Addison?”

“She’s talking to the seamstress. She’ll be back later.”

“Sooner, I hope.” I withdrew the asthma inhaler from my pocket it and held it upright for her to see. “Charlie wanted me to give this to her.”

Chloe came forward, hips swaying, her bare toes gracing the carpet with their presence. Even they were dainty. I wasn’t into feet, but damn, she was perfect from head to toe. Not that it matters.

“Hand it over,” she said and put out a palm. “I’ll give it to Addy, and you can get the heck out of here.”