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BFF Best Friend’s Father Forever

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Devon McCormack

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It began with his electric touch and a hurricane of frenzied passion that ravaged my body, my mind, my soul…my entire life.

We both knew where the line was, yet we crossed it because it was the only way we could be close to one another. We told ourselves it was nothing more than a fantasy–a beach vacay we could treat like a dream, cherishing it in our hearts, but evading the real life repercussions of our actions.

If only it had been that easy…

We couldn’t keep away from each other, and one lust-filled encounter after another birthed a connection, which turned into so much more.

Now I’m head over heels for my best friend’s father.

Oh, Eric Westright…you’ve changed me. I’m addicted to your touch. I’m a servant to your desires.

I kept telling myself it was nothing more than a dream, but now the thought of awakening from our life together terrifies me. I can’t bear a world where I never knew what it was like to be lost in those magnificent blue eyes, to feel his caress against my face, his lips against my own…him loving me deep inside.

Oh, please, if this is all a dream, don’t let me wake up. Let me have this. I know I messed up, but I can fix everything I’ve broken. I finally see the light at the end of the tunnel, and I’ll make it right.

I’ll do whatever it takes. Just please let me have him FOREVER.

*Contains the same triggers as BFF: Best Friend’s Father and BFF: Claimed. This is the final installment in the Best Friend’s Father series.

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Kelly serves the ball from the other side of the net, and as it descends on our side, Ty hollers, “I’ve got it!”

Closest to the net, Ty backs up toward Ben, who guards the center of the court while I defend in back. We’re spaced out so we can cover the maximum amount of territory on the park’s volleyball court.

Ty moves with that speed and agility he’s known for, making an impressive jump and slamming the heel of his palm against the volleyball, delivering it back to the opposing team’s side.

The ball goes right over Kelly’s head, slipping past Ash behind him, but Xavier, in the back on their side, manages to reach it, sand kicking up around his bare feet as he slides to hit it in time. He sends it back in a perfect arc that gives me plenty of time to head under it before I return it.

Our volleyball league season is almost over, but we wanted to have at least a few more practices before the final game in two weeks.

The six of us met at Georgia Tech. With different majors and hobbies, the one thing that united us was our interest in playing sports at the rec center. Gradually those games morphed into meeting for study groups, activities on campus, and hanging at bars. But even after we all got busy with our individual careers, it’s nice that we’ve been able to make time to see each other every week for whatever league we’ve signed up for.

Everyone’s on top of their game today, in part because of the realization that we don’t have much time left to show off our volleyball skills. This particular round lasts for a while. Everyone saves every near miss and conquers even the trickiest of plays. Ty finally breaks the streak as he gets a good hit in, the ball diving low quickly on the other side.

Ash races from the side he’s on, but Kelly is closer to the ball. Both seem to anticipate the other will take it, so they bail, leaving the ball to hit the ground.

A collective moan comes from both sides, as we are all a little disappointed we couldn’t keep it in the air for longer. Just as quickly, our side begins calling out with excitement, claiming victory, Ty proclaiming his enthusiasm the loudest of all of us.

“Motherfucker!” Kelly pounds his fist in the air. “Dammit!” He and Ash catch each other’s gazes and start laughing.

“That was totally mine,” Ash admits, putting his hands over his face, obviously embarrassed he didn’t go for it.

“Damn right it was,” Kelly adds with a laugh. “It’s fine, man. I should have grabbed it.”

“Can we cut it with the bromance over there?” Ben hollers from our side.

“Don’t be jealous. You’re still my number-one guy,” Kelly calls back with a wink.

Ben enjoys a laugh while Xavier fetches the ball and passes it back to our side.

“Get ready to kiss your winning streak goodbye,” Ty says as he positions himself to serve the ball again. Kelly, Ash, and Xavier’s team is only ahead by a few points, but Ty’s not good at losing, even by a little bit, so he gets particularly competitive when our team’s behind.

“Just throw it, and we’ll show you why we’re the best,” Kelly retorts.

Ty shakes his head before serving.

The game’s on once again.

I love these guys. They’re my people, my crew. We’ve had a lot of fun and shared a lot of drunken nights together. We’ve swapped secrets and traded grievances. We’ve seen each other through hospital visits, losses in each other’s families. We’ve been there through insecurities and worries and shared in one another’s triumphs in academia and the business world.

Even most recently, they were there for me for the fucked-up situation Ty and I are in: that his dad’s my boyfriend.

Boyfriend. Have we really come so far so fast?

With Eric, everything’s been fast.

From the moment we met—hell, the moment we laid eyes on each other—it was like we were on a speeding train, heading straight for disaster and disregarding every warning as we grew more and more enamored with one another.

Despite how recklessly we found our way into the biggest shitstorm of my life, my buds have been incredible and done the best they can to navigate this with us. Yes, we’re always the first to rag on each other and give one another a hard time about trivial things, but they haven’t brought it up to make Ty or me feel uneasy. They know it’s a difficult subject.

Maybe it shows how much we’ve all matured from when we used to slap each other’s asses with towels in the locker room at the gym.

Ben and Kelly have made the occasional teasing comment in private with me, but they always immediately follow it up with a clear statement of their support, which is more than I deserve.