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Blocker (Seattle Sharks Book 5)

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Samantha Whiskey

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I’m the Seattle Sharks’ number one goalie.
The blocker. The wall. The opposition’s worst nightmare.
I’m driven, committed to my team, and have zero time for distractions—on or off the ice.
My focus is on my new contract—one that will secure my position and take care of my family.

So, naturally, when Coach’s daughter moves back to town, he asks me to watch out for her.

Pepper is gorgeous, brilliant, hilarious, and the Sharks’ new statistician.
And my new mission puts me at her side nearly every day.

Every second I spend with her, the harder it is to keep my hands to myself.
Our chemistry is electric and no one makes me laugh like she does.
In another life, we’d be a perfect fit.

But my contract isn’t something I can risk.
Even for her.
Besides, Pepper Harris decided a long time ago she doesn’t date hockey players.

Not that it matters.
I’m the best goalie on the ice, but I’m defenseless against Pepper.
I’m falling harder than a fangirl at her favorite comic-con.
And if I can’t block my own heart—if we can’t stop this addiction—we’ll both lose everything.

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Chapter 1


The party was in full swing by the time we made it to Gage’s house. Usually he kept his parties to a few select friends, but seeing as we were coming off a win and had a bye this weekend, the entire team—including wives and kids—were in Gage’s backyard.

“Man, this place is huge.” Connor shuffled the bags of ice in his arms as I shifted the ones I carried to open the sliding glass door to the deck. “How the hell do you ever afford a place like this?”

“Language,” his five-year-old niece, Hannah, reminded him as she followed us in.

“Sorry, Banana,” he said down to her

“He’s a starter on an NHL team,” I answered as we headed toward the stairs.

“So are we.”

“Yeah, well, he’s got way more seniority.” And zeroes in his contract. Connor and I had both been on the Sharks for two years and were just now finishing up our rookie contracts this season.

Since Connor was the leading scorer on the team, and my stats were more than solid as our starting goalie, I had a feeling we’d have no issues being renewed next season.

Which meant if I played my cards right, I’d be able to get my parents out of the mountain of debt they were under with the farm and maybe have enough to pay the rest of my sister’s college tuition.

“You’re a lifesaver!” Bailey, Gage’s wife, called out as we made our way down the stairs, meeting us halfway. “I can’t believe we forgot the ice.”

“It is a little ironic,” Connor called out from behind me.

“Happy to help,” I told her. “Where would you like them?”

“Oh, I can take them,” she held out her arms.

“Absolutely not. My mother would never forgive me.” I smiled at her, but shook my head.

She sighed. “Well, in that case, thank you. This way!” She grinned and led us to the outdoor kitchen directly across from a gigantic castle covered in climbing children.

“That’s some playhouse,” I told her as I cracked the lid on the first cooler.

“It’s barely big enough for my daughter’s personality,” Gage rumbled above me. “Here, let me help. I’m glad you three could make it.”

Hannah made her way toward the castle, and we dumped the ice into the coolers and I stood, bringing me just a shade taller than Gage. “Thanks for having us. It’s like being let into the cool kids’ club.”

Gage laughed, slapping me on the back. “You save our ass every week, Gentry. You are the cool kids’ club. You’re welcome any time.” He nodded at Connor. “You, too, Bridgerton. I know it’s a little kid-heavy out here,” he winced as an ear-piercing shriek rent the air.

We all turned to see a boy perched at the edge of the castle, a little girl holding him at sword-point. He was easily almost double her size.

“Jesus,” Gage mumbled. “Scarlett! You let him down!”

“He called me a girl!” she shouted in indignation.

“Honey, you are a girl,” Gage said, softening his tone.

“He didn’t say it like it was a good thing,” she argued.

“What the hell, McPherson?” Davis asked, coming over and folding his arms as he stared up at where Gage’s daughter had his son inching back. The guy was my back-up, but I wasn’t sure for how long if he kept playing like shit.

“Lettie!” Gage snapped.

Bailey walked over, a tiny, mini-Gage toddling beside her. “Scarlett McPherson, I think you made your point.”

The little girl openly glared at Davis’s boy, and then sighed melodramatically, allowing him to pass.

“She’s going to be the death of me,” Gage said, shaking his head.

“She’s amazing,” I said honestly.

“We’re kind of a magnet for strong women around here.” Gage motioned to where his wife negotiated with his daughter.

When I thought about the other Shark’s wives, I had to agree.

“There you two are! It’s about time,” Lukas called from behind the kitchen. His Scandinavian accent was thick, but after a few months of playing with him I didn’t have to ask him to repeat what he said anymore. A trade from the Rangers, it was his first year on the Sharks, and I was more than grateful to have him on defense. He was pretty fucking formidable.

“We made the ice run,” Connor explained.

“Which I appreciate,” Gage added. “The other guys are in the pool room if you’re looking for them. Go have a good time, Connor. We’ll keep an eye on Hannah out here.”

“You sure? She’s shy. Not really good with other kids.”

“Scarlett will get her talking in no time. Don’t you worry. Now if you’ll excuse me, looks like I might need to leave you and hide all the sharp objects from my daughter.”

“She’s a little aggressive,” Davis agreed.

Oh, shit.

“Yeah, well, your son screams like a pussy,” Gage said with a shrug, walking off in dismissal.

Connor snorted, and I quickly elbowed him as Davis glared in our direction.