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Bodyguard’s Bite

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Silvia Violet

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What if the one thing you wanted most was forbidden?

Wealthy werewolf Storm Howler wants a chance to act out his submissive fantasies without his overprotective brothers scaring off every dominant man in sight. If he can’t choose his own partners, how will he ever find his fated mate?

As the former leader of a shifter special forces unit, Jax knows how to keep people safe, but he also craves the one thing he never had in the military: control.

When Storm and Jax meet, tension sizzles between them. It only takes one night of control and surrender for each of them to question whether they’re fated for one another. But the next day, they discover Storm’s brothers have hired Jax as Storm’s new bodyguard. Rather than resign, Jax agrees to the hands-off policy in his employment contract, because no one can protect Storm as well as he can. But when danger threatens, Storm needs a man who can calm his mind as easily as he protects Storm’s body. The two begin spending more time together, and there’s only so long anyone can fight against fate—or love.

This is the second book in the Howler Brothers series. Five Brothers all looking for their fated mates. The series begins with Claiming Bite.

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I was standing at the bar, drinking a club soda and speculating with Charlene, the bartender on duty, about the lack of crowd that night. I’d considered going home since things were so slow and two of my brothers were there to keep an eye on things. They didn’t really need me—not that they let me do all that much anyway. They were as protective of me as they would be of a pup. Just because I was a submissive didn’t mean I couldn’t take care of myself, settle disputes, or run this club as well as any of them. But try telling that to an older alpha brother. Yeah. That never worked.

Charlene said something else, but I didn’t hear her because a dark-haired, bearded man who pushed all my buttons walked in from the side entrance. He must have a VIP pass if he didn’t enter from the front, but I knew most of the VIPs, and I’d never seen this wolf shifter before. There was no way in hell I would’ve forgotten him.

He was fucking gorgeous, and the way he carried himself—confident without looking arrogant, comfortable like he felt good in his own skin—had me salivating. His smell was earthy and comforting and crazy strong for me to detect it from across the room. He was exactly what I’d been looking for: a man who made me want to kneel, who might be willing to work me over the way I wanted without being afraid my brothers would come after him.

If he was as strong as he looked, he had no reason to fear them. He wasn’t as tall as King and Bryce, who were both several inches over six feet, but his shoulders were broad, his chest wide, and his arms… I shivered as I studied them. There was no question he could hold me down easily. His hair was dark and buzzed short. I’d need to be closer to tell if his eyes were dark too. Maybe I should go find out.

It had been far too long since I’d been with a man and even longer since I’d seen someone who called to me like he did. When you have overprotective brothers, finding a Dom to play with can be a challenge, and when your family owns the best kink club in town, it’s even worse. The last few times I’d tried to arrange a scene for myself, I’d been cock-blocked by King, the oldest and most high-handed of my brothers.

I needed to act fast before they realized what I was up to. I’d have to convince this gorgeous man to leave with me. If I tried to get us a private room here, King would be alerted. He’d start grilling the guy, and most likely, intimidated or not, the hot-as-hell stranger would decide a fun night of cropping my ass wasn’t worth the trouble. Thankfully, having so many brothers had taught me one good thing—how to speak up when I wanted something. I might be a sub, but I knew what I liked, and I wasn’t afraid to ask for it.

I sat my drink down on the bar and got Charlene’s attention. “Hopefully, I’m about to get out of here. Do not tell my brothers.” She looked like she was about to protest. “I’ll text them, but I seriously need to get laid, and they’ll fuck it up.”

She grinned. “Deal, but what do I tell King if he asks where you are?”

“Tell him you talked to me, but after that you don’t know where I went because you had to get something from the back.”

She stared at me for a moment. “But I don’t… Oh.” She surveyed the bar. “Hmm. I do think we’re running low on oranges and limes. I’d better go in the back and restock.”

“You should. I’d hate for you to have to serve someone a margarita with no lime slice.”

“Exactly. Now go get your man. Are you after the guy that just came in? The one you were staring at?”


She snorted. “You should be. He’s fucking hot.”

I growled, my wolf coming to the surface.

Charlene held up her hands. “Whoa. I’m not planning on poaching or anything—unless you find out he’s straight. Then you can send him my way.”

I forced myself to smile as I tried to figure out why I’d reacted so strongly to this man before I’d even spoken to him. I couldn’t be sure he was into men or a Dom or that I’d even like him.

Mine, my wolf said, and fuck. I wanted him to be. “Sorry. Just feeling a little possessive tonight.”

Charlene rolled her eyes. “Go get laid. You’re right. You need it.”

Without another word, I slid from my barstool and turned to find the man I was determined to have. He’d been admiring the men and women on the dance floor, probably contemplating whether to join them, but as I approached him, he turned toward me and held my gaze.