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Stephanie Brother

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A NEW STORY IN THE MANDARIN CONNECTION SERIES! My name is Cheryl Walker, and I’m a hot, rising country-western singer.
Things are going great, as I embark on a two-year around the world tour!
But, when a deep-fake sex tape comes out, starring yours truly, everything comes crashing down!
My stepmother hires two bodyguards, Chad and Brad.
They are handsome, luscious twins with rippling muscles and tight abs. I dream about all the things I’d like to do with them…and to them! I know I am setting myself up for a world of emotional hurt by falling for first one, then the other. Things are getting very HOT!
Then, a sudden betrayal – and my life changes in an instant into a wild, sassy ride through the world of music, entertainment and the dark underbelly of international espionage!

This brand-new novella contains characters featured in other Stephanie Brother novels in the Mandarin Connection series!

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The two lovers watch the sun setting across the ocean. It’s almost the end of their time together here in the Caymans. What was supposed to be a short business trip ended up extending into three blissful days.

He holds her to him, trying to draw out this ephemeral time, this last little bit of contact.

“Hey! I’ve got an idea! Quick, lie down here, on the ground, next to me! Hurry!” he tells her.

She looks at him as if he is crazy, but laughs and joins him. She loves it when he’s spontaneous like this. It’s one of the things she loves about him.

They lie there, on their backs. He wants to kiss her. He hopes it works.

“Okay, watch the sunset!” he says.

The sun slowly drops below the horizon, and at the last second, it makes a small, green flash!

“Wow! I wasn’t expecting that!” he exclaims.

“What is it?” she asks.

“No time to explain! Stand up, quick!” he responds, leaping to his feet.

He helps her up, and she shakes some of the sand from her arms. His touch electrifies her.

She’s sad this is their last night together for a while, but is looking forward to the next time, already.

“C’mon, Joanie, look!” he pleads, pointing at the horizon.

She gasps.

“How?” she asks, as she watches the sun set, again.

He’s smiling, hoping against hope it will happen a second time.

They watch as the sun dips below, and the green flash occurs, once more.

“Yes!” he shouts, pumping his fist in the air!

“That- that was amazing!” she says, with awe. “How did you know?”

“I didn’t. I actually wasn’t sure that was going to work at all,” he admits.

He bends down to kiss her. She opens her mouth, and her tongue probes him, gently caressing him, and he suddenly remembers the first time he made love to her.

The guilt, the self-hatred.

He was married, for Christ’s sake! What was he thinking?

And then, he pulls himself back into the moment, and all is right with the world.

“That was nice,” she says.

“It was incredible!” he smiles. “Two green flashes!”

She pulls a face.

“What?” she asks.

He looks at her strangely, and then laughs.

“Oh! You mean this,” he says, pulling her close and kissing her again.

Her stern look softens, and he kneads her lower back, let’s his hands roam down the crack of her pert butt, and lightly gooses her.

She starts, giggling.

“You bad boy! Is that all you think about?” she scolds.

“Pretty much, when I am with you,” he confesses. They gaze at each other for a moment, before turning to go back inside.

“Douglas, what are we going to do?” she asks suddenly.

He sits down, and lights a cigarette, inhaling and blowing the smoke out.

It hangs in the air, obscuring her face.

“Dunno. Fuck one more time, I hope,” he leers at her.

She comes over next to him, massaging his shoulders.

“You know what I mean,” she says with a sigh.

He decides to avoid the issue by changing the subject.

“So, the earth is curved, right?” he begins.

He makes a motion like a plane flying around a globe with his hands.

“When we were on the ground, we were on a visual plane with where the sun was setting. And, we saw it set, the first time. Then, when we jumped up, it was like we climbed a ladder to see above the horizon. That’s why we saw two sunsets today!” he grinned.

She mussed his hair, wondering what other kind of scientific nonsense went through his brain. She was in love with a genius. Lucky her.

Douglas company had lucrative government contracts, but the real money was in spare parts he sold to Dorcan Industries. Oh, and the money laundering for his friend Wade Wilson. He flew occasionally over to the Caymans to deposit satchels of cash, with the stipulation that Douglas would receive a percentage.

Wilson’s bank was financed in turn, by Walter Reighland.

Douglas had asked Joanie to accompany him, as she was an account manager at the bank. He wanted to make sure most of what he was doing looked legal, at least at first glance.

She’d educated him on the methods the rich used to hide their fortunes, and the two of them spent a lot of time together. It took two years before he’d worked up the nerve to make a pass at her.

She’d thought she was going to have to make the first move, but he surprised her one afternoon, suggesting they have lunch at a nearby IHOP. It had a conveniently attached motel, and he’d gotten them a room.

Three short hours later, and they had both forsaken their wedding vows. And, neither of them regretted it one bit.

Falling into a routing, their couplings were always intense, and one day he’d said the magic words. She said them back.

This trip, they’d made the deposit, and were readying to go back. A fluke storm had cancelled their return flight for two days. They took advantage of their luck.