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Boss’s Secret Baby for Christmas

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Natasha L. Black

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It was just one time.
Our little secret.
One wild night with my new boss.

Hot, jaded, Adam is irresistible and so off-limits.
He’s fresh off a bitter divorce, not looking for a relationship.
I’m focused on my internship and trying to start my career.
Until that first blazing kiss.
We swear it’ll never happen again. But this attraction is explosive.
It’s too complicated, too messy.
And that’s before I find out I’m pregnant with his baby.
I can’t tell him—thanks to his gold-digger ex, since he already believes women are only after his money.
So, I’ll just keep my little secret for now, and try my hardest to keep my hands off my sinfully sexy boss.

But sooner or later my secret will come out.
And I might lose more than just my job.

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I looked up at the massive building in front of me and pulled my messenger bag a little closer. I didn’t want to admit that I felt intimidated by the building, but there it was. It was more the job that waited for me inside the building, way up there on the tenth floor. This job was everything I’d been working for, but I still couldn’t quite believe that I was getting it.

I was top of my graduating class, and in the two years since I had graduated, I had worked my butt off trying to prove myself to people just like my new boss. All the same, to be realizing those dreams at the ripe young age of twenty-four? If you had told my eighteen-year-old self that this was where I’d be a scant six years after graduating high school, I don’t think I would have believed you.

I took a step forward and watched the big glass doors whoosh open automatically. I navigated my way up to the offices of Designed by You, the marketing company that had decided to take the risk on hiring me.

I was only an intern, and even though they’d be paying me for my time there, there was no guarantee that I would still have a job with them six months from now. All my friends thought I was crazy, giving up the cushy job I’d had since graduation, all for a potential disaster. But you couldn’t make a name in the marketing world working for a small local company. You needed to take your chances with a company like Designed by You.

The bored-looking secretary directed me toward HR in between answering phone calls in a snooty monotone. I felt another rush of nervousness go through me. Was this what working for the company would be like? I sure hoped not.

Friendliness was something sorely lacking in my life since I’d moved to Chicago, and I didn’t know if I could handle a whole six months of brusque interactions with people who didn’t care where I was from, let alone what I aspired to in life.

I managed to find the HR office and took a seat with the other interns, waiting to sign over the next six months of my life. There were three of us in there, and I found myself quietly sizing up the competition as we waited to go into the office. If there was only one job offer at the end of those six months, I wanted to be sure I understood who the competition was.

The thing about the internship was it wouldn’t really show off our skills…unless we proved that we were worthy of more responsibility. It was mostly going to be a lot of menial labor. If I was lucky, I might get a minute or two each week with one of the higher-ups in the company.

And man, I couldn’t wait to meet the two guys who ran the company. There was a reason I had applied for this internship. Designed by You really spoke to me as a company and as a consumer. From the mission statement to its execution, I was sure this was the place where I was meant to be.

Surely the other two interns couldn’t feel the same way that I did. I was sure they were both talented individuals, but there was just no way that they couldn’t feel as passionate about this internship as I personally did.

As the silence in the waiting room started to become unbearable, I finally made the split-second decision to introduce myself and get the ball rolling. After all, even if we were competitors in the pursuit of one full-time position, I was sure that we three were going to be working closely together over the next six months while we were all interns. Might as well get to know one another.

I would never go so far as to sabotage one of them. But then again, the more I got to know the two of them, the better equipped I would be to pick out their weaknesses and show the higher-ups why I more suited to a long-term position with the company.

I gave the two of them a nervous smile. “You guys ready for this?” I asked. “I’m Mindy, by the way.”

The hipster dude looked vaguely uncertain, glancing over at our companion before giving me a shy smile in response. The other woman tossed her head, a grin flashing across her face. “I’m not nervous,” she said, but before I could wonder if she was really that arrogant, she tossed out a joke: “One of my biggest weaknesses is saying something stupid, but I feel like I’ve been researching Designed by You so much since I heard about this job posting that the only things that could come out of my mouth now are random trivia about the company. Like for example, did you know…”

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