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Breaking His Law (Sugar County Boys, #5)

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Madison Faye

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What happens when a devil falls for an angel?
One sassy FBI agent is about to get tied up with the biggest crime boss in Kentucky.
They’ll say it’s forbidden. They’ll say it’s wrong.
But this kingpin needs a queen.
And she’ll be getting all of his crown…

Kingpin. Devil. Beast. Every story has a villain, and trust me, I’m every inch the bad man they say I am. I’m ruthless, brutal, and cold.

…But that’s before Taylor crashes into my world.

She’s my complete opposite. Innocent, good, pure. A sweet as pie country girl that a demon like me should stay the f*ck away from, for so many damn reasons. Reasons like her being half my age. Or that her family and mine have been feuding for generations.

…And the little detail that little miss innocent works for the damn FBI.

She’s here to take me down. And I’ll be going down all right, but not in the way she thinks I am. Because I’ve had a taste, and now I want the rest.

She’s my temptation. My weakness, my forbidden desire. She’s my ruin. Legs for days. Curves that beg for my strong hands to grab ahold of. Lips that were made for me to claim.

I’ve been a devil. I’ve been a bad, bad man. But even devils get a chance at redemption. And she’s mine.

Even the most dangerous beast can be tamed.

…But she’s gonna need both hands to tame me.

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Sugar County Boys Series by Madison Faye

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Chapter 1


My blood burns like diesel through my veins. Muscles clench, pulse pumping, jaw tight. I’m bruised and sweating, chest heaving and my fucking shirt ripped open.

Fuck, she came out of nowhere — guns blazing, all piss and vinegar despite being, what, half my size? Less than that probably. Less than half my age, that’s for sure. That I know, actually. Because I know her.

Taylor Bronson.

But familiarity or not, I’ve got her ass tied to a chair, finally. She put up a hell of a fight though. I’ve got a fat lip and a bruise in the shape of her goddamn boot on my ribs to prove it. I almost got a knee to the cock too, but I managed to dodge out of the way of that one.

Little brat.

I’d ask just what in the hell she thinks she’s doing, barging into my bar, aiming a fuckin’ gun at my head, and telling me to get my hands in the air like some kind of wild west sheriff. But, I know who the hell she thinks she is. Or, I know who she is, and who she works for. I didn’t, not until just now, that’s for sure. But I now, the secret’s out. I never would have guessed it in a million years, but here we are. Sweet, innocent, feisty little Taylor Bronson.

…A goddamn FBI agent.

That’s what she’s doing here. She’s caught me alone, which is lucky for her. Yeah, I could take this little hellcat myself, but if I’d had my crew here? Well, things would have gone a lot rougher than me shoving her into a chair and pinning her there while I tied her ass up. That’s for damn sure.

I turn, wincing at the bruised rib and bringing a hand up to take stock of my lip. Jesus fuck, she’s got a mean hook.

“You can’t do this!” She spits, long blonde hair all wild around her shoulders and that defiant fire in her sharp blue eyes.

Fuck, when the hell did she grow up? The Taylor I remember was a scrawny thing. Wild, blonde hair, all limbs and skinned knees. I knew her folks, in a way. It’s her older brothers, Colton and Shepherd, and their cousin Silas that I’ve had the most dealings with. But her? Well, I haven’t seen her since…

My mind hardens. And that ain’t the only thing that does either.

Because I know damn well the last time I saw little Taylor. And that last look fucking branded itself into my goddamn skull. It’s drilled into my memory — an image that keeps me up at night, and keeps my cock hard as fucking railroad steel.

I shake my head. No. I can’t go there, not now. Not with what we have here. Yeah I’ve subdued her. But, that’s a problem. That badge she flashed me makes it a fuckin’ real big problem. I’ve moved away from some of my more… criminal activities, but I still ain’t exactly above the level. I’ve still got my other businesses. And now I’ve gone and added tying up a Federal agent to the list.


Even if she’s a tempting little firecracker. Even if she’s a tantalizing piece of forbidden fruit.

You’re more than twice her age.

There’s a streak of reason in the voice in my head, but I shove it away. Because right now, I ain’t listening to reason. Right now, all I know is the tempting little hellcat who’s been branded into my goddamn head ever since that day those years before is at my mercy. This little brat who’s been tempting me for years, and parading that tight little forbidden ass through my dreams for years is right here, tied up, and all mine.

“You can’t do this!” she hisses again, her face fierce as she narrows her eyes at me.

“Well, I just did.”

She glares at me even harder. “I’m a Federal fucking agent, Lawson, do you have any—”

“It means I’m in a world of shit.”

She smiles thinly. “A world of fucking shit—”

“If I let you out, that is.”

Her face hardens. “What?”

“I’m in a world of shit if I let you out.” I smile this time, my eyes narrowing at her. Fuck, she grew up. She grew up and somehow got even more gorgeous. Fiercer, and wild. She’s still so fucking young — I mean, shit. I try and do the math. What is she, twenty-three? If that?

…Young enough that I’m more than twice her damn age at forty-nine, that’s for sure.

Taylor’s eyes flick over mine, this blue fire there as she sizes me up. “If you keep me here—”

“If I keep you here, I’m in the clear, at least for a little while.” I shrug, leveling my gaze at her and grinning slowly. “It’s letting you out so you can run off to your FBI friends that’s going to get me in trouble.”