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Bronx (The Lost Boys MC #3)

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Savannah Rylan

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There’s no one left to trust.

Our contacts turned.
The gang we trusted, now works with the cop who betrayed us.
The club is at risk like never before.
And I would do anything to protect them all.
So, when an innocent and gorgeous girl storms into my life, she throws everything off course..
All I want is her long legs wrapped around my waist.
Freya is determined to search for her half sister, but things got complicated.
The only clue she has to find her sister is a picture – of Hayley.
I don’t know who to trust.
Only, Freya keeps pulling me back in.
When she is threatened, I’ll stop at nothing to keep her safe.
Even if that means going against my club.

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The Lost Boys MC Series by Savannah Rylan

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I took my glasses off and sat at my desk. Stone had me working all sorts of odd hours trying to legitimize these purchases and clean all this money quickly from the guns we sold from Yung and his pack of bandits. I massaged my temples while numbers raced through my head. If the guys ever barged into my office and saw that I needed glasses at twenty-five years old to read all these damn numbers, I’d never hear the end of it. But the small print alone gave me headaches while squinting in my dimly lit office. And with a church meeting coming up, I had to make sure I had the proper figures to give them.

Especially with Stone making strides to open up a new bar.

We had to lay low for an entire week. A whole week in that sweaty, smelly bunker with the crew and nothing but a rudimentary set up of tech. I mean, I got it. I understood it. But, with our crew having girls and children we needed to protect, I felt like a sitting duck. Some sort of stable target for someone to come bomb. Ella and Keva needed protection. Whoever the hell Stone had as an informant needed protection as well. From the police. From the Chinese.

From fucking Boulder.

“Absolute asshat,” I murmured.

I tossed my glasses down and leaned back into my chair. I sighed and closed my eyes, listening as the door to the lodge burst open every now and again. The guys were gathering. After dispersing from the bunker and going to get a drink at the bar with Notch, I’d been hard at work. For four days, I pushed money through to clean it. For four days, I ran calculations and reran new budgets to keep us in check. For four days, I worked alongside Notch, making sure the Chinese couldn’t be traced back to us. Working so this lodge was fortified and safe in case we needed it.

And we really needed it.

“Bronx. You ready?” Stone asked.

He rapped his knuckles against my office door as I sighed.

“Yep. Gimme a sec,” I said, groaning.

I stood up from my desk and gathered up the papers. I knew the guys wouldn’t give a shit-all about looking at them, but I had them in case I needed to remember some things. Usually, I could rattle off numbers and formulas off the top of my head, but when pressure settled onto our shoulders, it was ride or die. Survive or be eaten. And during those times, my mind didn’t give a fuck-all about numbers.

All it cared about was protecting myself and the people around me.

I came out of my office and started for the lodge. I clenched the papers in my hand, making my way for the guys. I tucked my glasses away in the breast pocket of my leather jacket so they wouldn’t tease the ever-loving hell out of me for them. And when I got there, they were all standing around and waiting.

“So, how bad is it?” Stone asked.

I shrugged. “Not as bad as you think.”

“The money clean?” Notch asked.

“Yep. Money’s all been run through the bar, traded out for twenties and fifties, stuck back into the bar, and has been used for the past three days. Far as I’m concerned, the money we unloaded has been equally traded through the bar with little to no loss incurred,” I said.

“English?” Texas asked.

I quirked an eyebrow. “That wasn’t English enough for you?”

Stone chuckled. “A simple ‘yes’ would have been fine.”

I rolled my eyes. Sometimes even the guys underestimated my knowledge because of what I looked like. Deep brown eyes. Black hair. Just under six feet tall with two hundred and thirty pounds of muscle on me. Sure, I had tattoos everywhere. Down my arms. Along my thighs. A damn mural on my back. Dates and names and shit on my chest. But that didn’t mean I was a fucking idiot.

However, sometimes I felt like I was surrounded by them.

That was what drew me into the man I wouldn’t name. The asshat detective that betrayed all of us. He was smart. Too smart. And I should have noticed it. Thank hell I listened to my gut. Thank fuck I didn’t put him in charge of counting money and shit at the bar. That man could have done some fucking damage had I really let him in like I should have with any other prospect.

My gut was the only thing I trusted nowadays. Especially with all this shit kicking up.

“How good are we on funds?” Notch asked.

“You mean how much are we all gonna get paid?” I asked.

“That, too. But if you’d tuck in the attitude long enough, I’d also like to know how we are lookin’ in terms of settin’ up another bar,” Stone said.

I rolled my eyes. “Each of us will easily take home two hundred and fifty thousand from the sales we’ve made. Even with the discounts we gave clients, those two shipments were hefty as fuck. I’ll divvy it out equally like we always do, every two weeks. So, nothing will change through the end of the year.”