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Burning with Lust (The Vegas Men #1)

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Mia Ford

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The last time I threw myself into commitment, I got my heart burned.
I had sworn off women ever since then,
But Jodi was different.

Ever since she walked into my casino, I knew she’d be trouble…
She’s petite and curvy,
Her ashy blonde copper hair and green eyes pierce my soul.
Those painted plump lips that completely dry my mouth out. Simply gorgeous.
Like s*x on heels!
And I hire her,
Soon she gets under my skin like no one has ever done before,
And I can’t shake the possessive feeling that she’s mine.

But soon I realize she’s hiding something,
Something big to tear us apart.

And then I screwed up,
Moved away without a goodbye.
Didn’t give her a chance,
Didn’t know she was carrying my baby.

And when I know the truth,
I am ready to shed my ego and win back my girl,
After all, I’m burning with Lust!

I’ll prove my love to Jodi and my baby growing inside her,
This time, I’m not letting her go. This time, I’m chasing after her.
But, will she give me a second chance?

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The Vegas Men Series by Mia Ford

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“So does that sound like something you can handle?”

I narrow my eyes at the mousy woman in front of me. Personal assistant jobs often attract this sort of person, someone who’s very precise and takes things very seriously. It’s wonderful, usually, but it’s never worked out for me. The Las Vegas casino scene is fast-paced, often unpredictable, and can be a little wild.

“I . . . I think so.” Her uncertainty speaks volumes. “Yes, I’m sure I can.”

While she nods, I don’t share her confidence, so I plaster on my shit-eating smile and shake her hand. “Okay, well thank you for coming in. I still have some candidates to see, so I will be in touch.”

“Yeah, okay, thank you.”

As she scurries out of my office, I rake my fingers through my dark hair, hoping that someone inspires me soon. Why did Callie have to have a baby and decide to stay home to raise her? I understand, but it’s very annoying. She was great at her job. She understood the business well. I don’t know if I’m going to find that again.

“Jodi Night . . .” I take a glance at the final resume. “I hope you inspire me.”

I stare hard at the door, silently praying for someone mind-blowing to walk through those doors.

“Are you ready for me yet?”

Whoa! Okay, when I asked for someone special, I wasn’t expecting . . . Well, how do I even describe her? Pale, ashy blonde-copper hair, green eyes that pierce my soul, a heart-shaped faced, and painted plump lips which completely dry my mouth out. She’s beyond gorgeous. Like sex on legs.

“Yes, I’m ready for you. Please, come in. Jodi, is it?”

“Yes, that’s right, and I presume you’re Brock Stanton?”

“Ah, you’ve done your research!”

“I have. Plus, anyone who lives in Las Vegas knows your name.”

She isn’t dressed in a typical way for a job interview. She has a fifties-style rockabilly dress on, all black with red stitching. Tattoos peek out the top of the dress, making me intrigued to see more . . .

“So have you always lived in Las Vegas? I feel like I would have seen you around.”

“Oh, I don’t know about that. It’s a big place. But no, I only moved here last year.”

“Dare I ask what brought you to the city of neon lights?”

“The glitz, the glamor . . . Oh, and my friend lives here, and I needed to escape my old life.”

I lean on the table and smile at her. “Sounds interesting.”

“Oh, come off it. I’m not going to give you everything all in one go. You’d have to hire me for that.”

The girl has balls! I love it. It’s very refreshing compared to all the quieter women who have come in here. She isn’t like Cassie, either. She’s got way more sass. I run my eyes up and down her, my heart racing faster. She intrigues me—an exciting enigma. I want to dive in so much deeper.

“Who says you’re the most qualified for the position?”

“Have you read my resume?”

“Don’t you worry about that. I’ve read it. I’m not one of those bosses who leaves all the dirty work to someone else. I need the person who works with me to be the exact right person. It’s a miracle you’ve gotten this far.”

She leans closer to me, her breath tickling my cheeks. A shudder runs up and down my spine.

“So if you do all the dirty work, what will be left for me?”

I smirk, enjoying the blatant flirting. It’s been a long day, and I love it when someone shakes it up a bit.

“The way you’re talking, I’d think you know my reputation.”

“Oh, I do. You’re a playboy who doesn’t settle down.”

“No, not for the wrong woman.”

“I see, so you’re just kissing a lot of frogs to find the right person?”


“Have you ever had a serious relationship?”

She’s challenging me, and I love it. I have a feeling that Jodi wants to shock me, so I’m going to be the one to shock her first. “Actually, I was married.”

“You were?” She leans back, immediately creating a distance. “I didn’t know that.”

“No? Well, it isn’t something I broadcast. It ended a long time ago.”

“What happened?”

I half-shrugged at her. “If you want to know that, you’ll have to come and work for me.”

“Well, that’s hardly fair. That’s in your control, isn’t it? Not mine.”

“You sound like you don’t want to give up control.”

“Yeah . . . is that obvious?”

Oh God, now my brain is spinning into overdrive. The temptation to grab her and throw her over the desk, to bury into her, to make us both wild, is almost overwhelming. I have to squeeze my hands by my side just to resist.

“Hmm, that’s intriguing.”

“So what do you think? You think you might want to give me the job?”

I cross my arms over my chest and narrow my eyes at her. “Are you flirting with me to get the job?”