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Buying His Baby (Baby Daddy University #2)

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B.B. Hamel

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Baby Daddy University: Power. Wealth. Babies.

I didn’t know I wanted a baby daddy….
Until he ended up naked in my room!

Brady Long: gorgeous prick, egomaniac, sponsor of my education.
He has all the control and he likes it that way.
I’m supposed to be in his debt…. You know, eager to pay him back.
Except I think he’s a total jerk.

He abandoned me for an entire year and he thinks that’s fine.
Sure, whatever, he was filming some huge Hollywood movie.
I still don’t trust him and he can’t just waltz back into my life.
Or directly into my room… while I’m getting changed.

Brady’s a total freak and I’m not interested.
At least until he presses his lips against my shoulder…
I shouldn’t fall for him, especially not at Baby Daddy University.
He wants me barefoot and pregnant… and I just want to graduate.

If I can’t keep it under control, he just might get what he wants…

Buckle up! Another Baby Daddy University book, just as steamy and exciting as the last. A little bit of bullying, a little bit of drama, and lots of steam… go ahead and let yourself enjoy. It’s a full-length novel with no cheating and a guaranteed HEA.

Note: all my books are singles and can be read in any order.

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I finish pulling the sheet over my thin dorm mattress and look around at the generic wooden furniture.

And I smile.

Normally when people move into a dorm for the first time, their parents are around to hug them and kiss them and cry about how their baby is all grown up, blah blah blah. But of course, this isn’t the first time I’ve moved into a dorm.

This is the second time.

I sigh and sit down on my mattress. I look across at the other side of the room, eyes drifting over the Indie rock band posters with long-haired guys in flannel shirts, over the black comforter and the dark lacy underwear thrown haphazardly on the floor, over the messy desk and the lunch that looks like it’s been sitting there for a week, and I can’t help but smile even more.

God, I’m going to love having a roommate, even if I actually hate her.

See, here’s the thing.

This is my second year at Gradus University. My first year was spent in a different dorm, a special dorm for special girls with a special magical scholarship thing, and it was so horribly lonely that I begged my sponsor to let me move in here.

That’s not how it normally works, of course. I was supposed to be special. I was supposed to get whatever I wanted whenever I wanted it. And I was supposed to have him.

My sponsor. The man that’s paying for my education and providing me with, well, whatever I need. He was supposed to be a part of my life last year, just like all the other sponsored girls had their sponsor around all the time.

It’s a weird system, I know. It’s an open secret here at Gradus. We love to laugh and joke and call this place Baby Daddy University, since all the girls are competing to be sponsored by rich and powerful men. Once you’re sponsored, your life at Gradus is cake, at least until the day you get knocked up and married.

I thought my life was set. I came to Gradus hoping for a sponsor. Heck, my mom was practically praying every night that some man would pick me up and choose me. My family used to be wealthy a couple generations ago, and ever since then we’ve been clinging to the past, hoping to get back to our former glory.

My mom didn’t get sponsored. Her mom didn’t get sponsored either. But they both hoped I would be, and then that magical day came when I found out I was chosen.

Ugh, it was so great to be chosen.

I lean back on my mattress just as the door opens. A tall, thin girl with stringy black hair and a perpetual frown on her face practically slithers into the room. She pauses when she spots me.

“So, you’re the new Nora.”

I smile at her. “Hi. I’m Jenna.”

She sighs. “Look, Jenna. I got used to living alone, okay?”

“Sure.” I stand up and hold out my hand. “It’s nice to meet you.”

The girl looks at me like she wants to vomit but sighs and shakes it. “My name’s Azrael.”

I arch an eyebrow. That’s not her real name. I mean, nobody names their kid after the angel of death or whatever.

“Okay, Azrael,” I say. “Nice to meet you.”

“Whatever.” Azrael slides past me and plops down on her bed. She pulls her laptop onto her chest, opens the lid, puts headphones on, and proceeds to ignore me so completely and so fully that I’m actually a little impressed.

I’m not insulted though. I lean back on my bed and stretch my legs with a little smile on my face.

It honestly feels good just to have another human in the room with me. Last year I lived in the exclusive dorms with only the ten other sponsored girls and their sponsors. I had this amazing apartment all to myself with catered meals, a private gym, a private swimming pool, all that stuff.

And I was so intensely alone.

My sponsor, well, he didn’t come around much. I met him once or twice early on, but he disappeared pretty soon afterward. I found out that he’s been in New Zealand shooting a new movie. He’s one of the youngest up and coming directors in Hollywood, and I guess some opportunity came up last minute that he couldn’t pass up.

So he left me alone to feel like shit for a year, and now I’m tired of it.

“Why are you here, anyway?”

I look up, surprised. Azrael’s looking at me with a frown, one earbud pulled from her ear.

“Sorry, what do you mean?”

“The dorms. Aren’t you, like, sponsored or whatever?”

I shrug a little. “Yeah. It’s not all that great.”

“I hear you get HBO.”

I giggle a little. “That’s what you’re most interested in?”

“Yeah. I love The Wire.”

Weird girl.

“Well, uh, I think we did. I don’t remember honestly.”