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Buying Love

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C.M. Steele

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Jake & Jenna

Marry and have kids…that’s all Jake has heard from his family, but he’s too dedicated to work to find someone compatible. Yes, just compatible. He’s not into believing in love at first sight and doesn’t have time to test the waters, so he’s under the forever single status and doesn’t mind a bit. Then a business conference in Las Vegas changes everything.

Jenna just needs to stay afloat, but whatever she does has the stain of her mother’s mistakes etched on her existence. She’s taken by surprise by a pair of eyes staring into her soul.

When he tosses the offer of marriage and a baby for money, can she accept the terms?

Can their marriage work when it starts with a contract?

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Chapter One


“Melissa, I’m leaving for the weekend. Is everything prepared for the inspection on Tuesday?” I ask as I pack up my things. I have a trip to Vegas for a tech expo that I’m not looking forward to attending.

“Yes, Sir. It is. You’re a perfectionist,” she reminds me with an air of annoyance. She’s been here for six months. The first five have been fantastic, but this past month she’s changed. I’m tempted to fire her, but I need her until this final build is complete at the very least. I’m starting to think she has a problem with working for a man that’s a decade younger than her. I’m only twenty-three, and many people around me feel intimidated by that.

“To get to where I am in life, you have to be. The possibility of starving can really drive a person,” I remark, smiling with my lips tucked in. Locking up my office, I wave her off. My flight leaves soon, so I need to move my ass.

“Sir, don’t forget your brother will be meeting you at the airport.”

“I won’t.” He’s the other half of the company and a big pain in my ass. I love my brother Jack, but he’s a big goofball. He’s two years younger, so Vegas seems more fun to him than it does me. I’m practically a fucking monk in my habits, and he’s picked up my father’s habits. Hopefully, he grows out of that shit before he gets stuck with a kid and an unwanted family like our father did.

I grumble all the way to my waiting car, hating how much I let my father influence my life. He’s dead now, and I should put the demons to bed with him. “Mr. Harrison, it’s not going to be that bad,” my personal driver says. He knows me well even though he’s only been working for me for a year.

“Thanks, Danny, but you know me. I’m all business.”

“Yes, so was I. Now I’m almost fifty and completely alone. It’s not a good thing.”

“Well, how come you haven’t called my mother already? We all know you want to talk to her again.”

“You all know that?” he exclaims as he pulls out onto the road.

“I may have my nose to the grindstone, but it’s kind of hard to miss.” I add, “Besides, both of you could use a little happiness.” My luggage is already in the trunk because Danny’s almost as fastidious as I am.

“Maybe, I’ll call her tonight.”

“Good. I’m sure she’s going to spend the weekend worrying about us. Well, at least she’ll be worried about Jack.”

“Yes, you are the steady one. You’d never do anything impulsive or crazy.”

“You’ve got that,” I chuckle, pulling out my tickets to double check the information. I’m so damn practical that I can’t even make it through a date. I’ve been on six in the past four years only to end the meal early because my work comes first. Sometimes I do get lonely, but then I remember that love is hard to find. It’s not like I can just run into it.

The rest of the drive is silent, and I’m betting it’s because Danny’s itching to give my mom a call. He was probably waiting for a way to bring it up. I cherish my mother, so I’d love to see her finally happy with someone who was worth her. Danny may be my personal driver for specific times, but he also owns the car service.

I get to the airport to see Jack waiting with his suitcase at the entrance. He knows I hate flying. “Thanks for meeting me here.”

“No problem. Unlike you, I like working from home.”

“Well, let’s go before it leaves without us.”

“Um…it’s our company private jet.”

“Whatever. Let’s get on it, so we can get to Vegas already.”

“I’m good with that.” He laughs as we board our private plane.

It’s luxurious, but it still doesn’t make me feel comfortable. I take a seat, ignoring the eagerly attentive stewardess and pull out my laptop. “So do I have to meet with the inspectors on Tuesday with you?” Jack asks. Tugging on his jeans after plopping down on the chair across from me.

“You don’t have to be there, but it does look better for both of us to be present. The building project should be fine, but you know how the city is.”

“I get you. I’ll be there in my finest suit.” I roll my eyes because I never saw him in a suit. He’s a tee shirt and jeans kind of guy even when he’s at the office.

“Yeah, that’ll be the day.” The stewardess comes back and hands him a beer. She asks me if I want anything. “A water.” She nods tartly, focusing her flirting for my brother.

“I’ll be wearing the same one I have to wear for this event,” he informs me, nodding with a grin.