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Cade (Black Angels MC #1)

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Savannah Rylan

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She was only supposed to be a one night stand. But I never could get her out of my head.
I needed to stop thinking about her, so I can do what I do best.
Our motorcycle club offers protection to those that need it.
For a price, of course.
When we get our next job, I am ready to push Harper out of my mind.
But when I realize that she is one of the people we are supposed to protect, everything changes.
Especially when I realize that she is carrying my child.

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Black Angels MC Series by Savannah Rylan

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“Harp! Catch!”

I snatched the beer bottle out of thin air before I popped the top. The alcohol flowed down my throat effortlessly, leaving behind a sting that matched the bruises on my hips. Cade’s hands were around me, holding me close as I chugged the beer down. I wanted to wash away the taste of my former life as the leather-bound shorts I wore wrapped around me tightly.

“Those shorts look fucking hot on you,” Cade said.

“Ya think?” I asked, winking. “Figured you’d like them.”

“Oh, you figured, huh? And how’s that?”

I tossed my beer bottle and turned around in his arms. I threaded my arms around his neck and crashed my lips into his, feeling the warmth of him underneath me. His hands helped me onto his bike, our tongues dancing like wildfire as he struck up his bike.

I clung to him tightly as we rode off down an alleyway coated in darkness.

I felt so free during that biker rally. Like I could be my true self. Happy and carefree. Sassy and strong. There was no one there to well me what I was supposed to be doing or how I was supposed to look. No one was coaching me on how to talk or trying to get me to put makeup on. My father wasn’t chirping in my ear about lady-like tendencies, and my mother wasn’t trying to stick me in ruffled fucking dresses.

I loved that place, and I didn’t want to leave.

I graduated from The University of New Mexico six months ago. My parents were pushing me to go to law school, but I convinced them to let me take a year off. They were against it fully, with my father being screaming angry at the idea. But when I offered to help with his election campaign for Mayor of our small little town, he seemed to warm up to the idea.

He thought to make the campaign efforts a family affair would boost his poll numbers.

At the biker rally, I wasn’t the daughter of Ryan Thomas. I wasn’t the prim and proper college-educated daughter who could do no wrong. I didn’t have to mind my manners, address anyone with any ounce of respect, and I sure as hell didn’t have to keep my mouth shut. My pencil skirts and tasteful heels were traded for leather shorts and roughed up boots, and the wind that whipped through my hair on the bike of a motorcycle gave me my own personal definition of ‘freedom.’

I partied how I wanted, I flirted with whomever I wanted, and no one was judging me for spreading my legs with carnal desire.

Cade had been fantastic. Hot as fuck with a body that left me breathless. His rock hard abs matched his strong shoulders, and he tossed me around in bed like I was nothing but a ragdoll. I had my hair pulled while he called me all sorts of disgusting names that fluttered my pussy and warmed my skin. His green eyes penetrated me every single time they landed on me. His brown hair fell in his face, shaggy and soft despite his chiseled demeanor. I couldn’t get enough of his body that weekend, and when the rally ended I found myself missing him.

I loved every second of that man. From his protective attitude to his gravelly voice to his calloused hands that gripped my tits a little too tightly. The way he marked my body as his own with his teeth and the palms of his hands haunted me for weeks. His throbbing cock filled me in ways I’d never experienced. The men I had been with before him were boys compared to the girth swinging between his chiseled thighs.

And oh, how he loved sex on his bike.

He’d ride me into dark alleys and take me right there. He’d bend me over it or sit me right down onto his lap. His cock would stake me, causing unearthly moans to fall from between my lips. He would bite into my shoulder before licking the marks he caused, bringing me pain before soothing me into a heady orgasm that left me breathless.

That was what Cade was.


I knew I’d never see him again, but I kept up hope. Bike rallies happened multiple times during the year, and I had planned on going to the next one. I was already setting up a hotel room and transportation as well as planning outfits. I was dreaming about Cade and those lips of his. How they wrapped around my clit and brought me to endless orgasms that left my body begging for mercy.

But all my plans were halted when I found out I was pregnant.

Now, I was sitting up at night wondering where he was. The heartburn was becoming unbearable, and it was getting harder to eat. Our little boy was jumping around on my bladder, kicking the shit out of it whenever he got restless.