So I took her down to the hard wooden floor and slammed my cock home, only now fully enjoying the feel of her. “That’s more like it, throw that pussy up at me.” Her face reddened at my words, but that didn’t stop her from moving those hips against mine, harder, faster.

I was in her belly for sure, could feel that shit, and the hoarse screaming sounds she made told me that I was still hurting her a little, but the way her pussy stayed constantly juicing told me she was enjoying it even more.

Since there was no give on the floor, I was able to fuck into her as hard as I wanted to, and she couldn’t get away from me. I had two days of pent up lust and longing to work off inside her, so my cock went on a rampage.

I barely remembered to handle her with care, all the while wondering to myself how one pussy could feel so fucking good. I was starting to believe in that love shit because the way she made me feel when I was inside her was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before.

When I went too deep, and she cried out, I stopped mid-stroke, just fucking stopped, because that sounds pierced my heart. I shook my head as if coming to my senses and lifted her in my arms with her pussy still wrapped around my cock. “Sorry, baby, I was hungry.” I kissed her by way of an apology as I walked to the bedroom, each step driving me deeper into her belly.

By the time I laid her across my bed, she was the one pushing her tongue in my mouth. Her pussy was on fire as she clutched at me, and the pitiful sounds she made as she tried to reach for orgasm only made me fuck her harder. Poor thing, she’s a danger to herself.

She could have no idea that the sounds she made, the way she pulled at me, and the sweet cling of her pink cunt was making me mad for her. Because the bed was softer than the floor, I had to hold her ass in my hands to keep her body close enough to fuck the way I wanted to.

“Wrap your legs around me.” I pulled her legs around my ass because she didn’t seem to have enough strength left to do even that. This way, her pussy opened up even more, and I had free range of motion to slide my cock in and out her without any obstructions. Just a slow, deep in and out movement. Three deep, two shallow, and repeat.

I felt her stomach quiver two seconds before her pussy clamped down on my shit and squeezed. “Yeah, that’s it, cum on my cock.” I fucked into her faster now, pounding her hard and fast until she screamed and bucked beneath me, creaming my cock with that sweet pussy slime.

“Good damn…fuck!” I felt something slide down my back and around to my balls, like an electric shock to the system. That same feeling ran the length of my cock, and my hips went wild. Pull out Damien you fuck; she’s eighteen years old. Fuck…you! Oh shit.


* * *

It was hard letting her go two hours later, especially since we didn’t get a chance to talk. I figured sometime during the third time I was fucking her, this time from behind, that I’d just get more of the same, ‘nothing’s wrong Damien, I’m fine Damien I promise’ bullshit she’s been giving me, so I decided to handle shit myself.

This time I didn’t argue with her about going home by herself, but Dray was there with the car before the cab I put her in had turned the corner. She did the same shit again, and I sat in the car at the end of her street, watching her walk up the steps.

“You fix her phone?”


“Good, let’s go.” I couldn’t wait to get back to the penthouse to read the shit she’d written in her diary. So far, we’d broken the code, but I still have to put it together, which could take all night.

I kept the little gadget he gave me so I could listen in on her through her phone on the table next to me as I started going over the notes. I’d already eaten earlier than I usually do because I always feed her when she’s here, and since she has to leave me early, there’s really no other choice.

I settled in half expecting a long night of girly bullshit, which would defeat the purpose of me going through her shit, but in the back of my mind was the fact that she wouldn’t have gone to the trouble of encrypting the shit if it was nothing more than drivel.

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