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Carlos and Maven

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ChaShiree M

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The moment I sight my eyes on Maven Solstice, I knew she would be mine.

What I didn’t expect was for her to be so young and to be the daughter of my employee.

I tried to stay away. I put distance between us only allowing myself to think of her at night.

My little vixen wouldn’t take no for an answer. Went after what she wanted showing me her heart and her strongest desire. I couldn’t resist forever. Who can when everything you want is standing in front of you.

I am done running. FUCK IT. IT’S TIME!!

What happens when her father finds out and takes her from me?

I move heaven and earth to find my heart.

Nothing will keep her from me.

She is MINE.

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10 months earlier

“Holy hell, Gray. Do you know who that is?” I ask as I am pointing to the girl by the cotton candy machine. Standing over there laughing with a group of preschoolers, as she scoops out cotton candy for each of them, is the hottest fucking thing I have ever seen.

I have been on a pussy hiatus, if you will. My last encounter with a woman was about 10 years ago and that was a mistake. I was a virgin until that point. Out with some buddies, a bit too much to drink and tired of them ribbing me about being a 25 year old virgin and I snagged the first thing that wagged its tail at me. Can’t tell you her name, what she looked like…..nothing.

But this one, everything about her is going to be tattooed into my very being. I can’t explain it, but something about her is provoking something inside of me. I have always considered myself calm, laid back. A go with the flow type of guy if you will. But right now, I feel anything but those things. There is a hidden part of me, I didn’t know existed. Its bestial, hard, feral. It’s currently trying to rip a hole in my khaki shorts.

And shit if this isn’t the wrong time. Here I am at my companies family back to school picnic sporting a boner so hard, it could lift the fucking table in front of me and not a fucking thing I can do about it.

“No. Never seen her before. She is a cute little…..”

“Don’t finish that fucking statement asshole. Not one more motherfucking word.” I growl at him. He smirks at me, puts his hands up and walks away.

Enough of this shit. I turn to find out who she is and she’s no longer by the cotton candy.

Panic sets in. What if she has already left? How the hell could I be so stupid and let my future slip through my fingers. Damn it!!!

Feeling the pain in my chest, as I walk to the car I am stopped by a number of my employees to say hello and thank me for a great outing. Right as I reach the parking lot, Xavier Solstice, our company lawyer comes up to me.

“Carlos. I just wanted to say thanks for inviting us. The girls have been having a blast.” The fuck.


“Yes. My daughters.” What the hell is he saying? Did we know Xavier had kids? I didn’t even know he was married.

“You’re welcome. I’m sorry you have me at a loss here. I didn’t know you had kids.”

“Yeah. I’m a bit private. Ah here they come.” I turn to see where he starring and my world tips on axis. My vision is suddenly blinded by the object of my horny cock. Walking beside two other girls who pale in comparison. I am about to walk over to her and lead her away from Xavier and his kids when his next words stop me.

“Mr. Roscoe. Let me introduce you to my Triplets. Maven, Sky and Corral. They all celebrated their 17th birthday last week just in time for their senior year of high school. Girls, this is one of my employers, Mr. Roscoe.”

Are you fucking shitting me? The pussy my cock is trying to seek and destroy is his 17 year old daughter?

Well hell. How the fuck am I supposed to stop this runaway train until she turns 18?

I am about to wave the white flag as they say, except little Maven. No. She licks her lips and peruses me up and down like I am her own personal feast.

Hmmmmm…..no white flag here. Looks like I have met my match.



I am such a dumbass. There is no way on God’s green earth I should be here today at the girl’s graduation party. Aside from the fact that I want to do very inappropriate but delicious things to one of them in particular, I also cannot seem to keep the caveman instincts under control.

Like now. She is in the corner pretending to flirt with some limp dick school boy to make me jealous and fuck yes it is working. My mind right now is conjuring up a million ways I can end him for thinking he has a chance with Maven. MINE, is the only thought that keeps running through my head. The little nymph knows it too.

Over the past several months, we have had a few run-ins. I use the term loosely. They were more like encounters. Designed to test our willpower and torment us at the same time. Some orchestrated by her, some by me.

A few months back, she came to the building ‘looking for her father’. She somehow ended up in my office. I was in the middle of a meeting with Jerry from accounting when she walked in. So innocent in her deception. Thick teenage body covered in leggings and a tank top. As much as she filled it out, it might as well had been a towel and nothing else. She feigned the wronged room.