I cry out, kissing him wildly and letting him swallow my moans as I come screaming into his kiss. My pussy clamps down on him, rippling up and down his shaft as I feel him swell up and feel his heavy balls twitch against my ass. Marshall roars, and when his cock pulses and throbs inside, I feel it.

His hot come blasts into me—rope after rope of sticky, hot cum coating my walls and filling me to the brim as we come crashing together over and over again. Until finally, with a whimpering moan, I collapse onto him, panting into his chest.

“Ten days…” I murmur, trembling with my aftershocks as his big arms slide around me and hold me tight.

“Ten days is way too fucking long,” he groans, kissing my forehead.

“Okay, it’s decided then.” I sit up, biting my lip as I eye him. “Seven days it the max now.”

Marshall grins, leaning in to kiss me slowly.

“Done,” he groans.

My tummy rumbles suddenly, and we both laugh.

“Okay please tell me you were serious about that dinner.”

“Oh, I was,” he grins, hungrily. “About all of it.”

I blush, biting at my lip as I eye him. “All of it, huh?”

“No panties,” he growls.

“Only if you promise to do that again before we walk into the place,” I whisper heatedly.

He growls, fire blazing in his eyes. “Greedy girl.”

I blush. “What? Maybe I like having your cum in me.”

“Trial runs, huh?”

I blush even deeper, knowing what he means.

“Tick-tock, mister. Three years, and then I’m yanking the goalie. No more pills.”

He grins, holding me tight.

“My baby-crazy bride.”

“Not crazy, I just…” I poke him. “It’s your fault, you know.”

He chuckles. “That so?”

“Yeah,” I say primly. “Stop being all alpha and hot and sexy. It’s not fair. That shit does stuff to a girl’s ovaries, you know.”

He laughs, kissing me gently. “I mean, three years seems like a long time to wait.”

I sigh. “You’re telling me. I mean—”

“So, let’s make it sooner.”

I freeze, my brows going up. And slowly, a grin starts to spread over my lips.

“Are you joking or are you being serious right now?”

“I’m being totally serious,” he purrs. “I mean even Amy’s been joking but not really joking asking when we’re going to give her a baby sister or brother.”

I blush. She’s been teasing me about it too, and honestly, I get the feeling she’s actually kind of excited at the idea.

“We could start now,” I whisper quietly.

He grins. “A new sibling for Christmas for Amy, huh?”

I laugh. “We could put a bow in his or her hair and everything.”

Marshall chuckles, but when I feel his cock hardening inside of me, and feel his hands tightening on me, I shiver with heat.

“You know,” he growls against my lips. “Dinner might have to wait.”

“Oh, what ever for?” I say innocently, batting my eyes.

“For more practice,” he groans, his hand slowly sliding me up, making me whimper as my clit drags against his thickness.

“Yes, please,” I moan, my lips finding his as I kiss him slow and deep.

“I love you,” he whispers into my lips as his hands tighten on me.

“Sold,” I whisper back. “To the highest bidder.”

He chuckles, rolling his eyes until I push down on him, sinking down to the base of his cock and making him groan as I squeeze him with my muscles.

“I love you too, Mr. Bane,” I purr.

Our lips come together, and about forty-five minutes later, so does the rest of us.

The End

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