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Choosing the Hart (Love Triangle #1)

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Dani Rene

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Previously published in 2015 as Ace of Harts

A love triangle.
An emotional rollercoaster.
Who will she choose?

They say loving two people is wrong.
They say wanting both is selfish.
But what do I do when they both love me to?

The Big Apple was meant to be a fresh start.
With a new job, a new lease on life, I pushed the past to the back of my mind. But that’s never where secrets stay.

When I’m thrown in the middle of two addictive, handsome men, I’m lost in their consuming magnetism. That is until my past comes knocking.

Two Harts. One forever.
How can I choose?

This is a love triangle, and it does contain scenes of cheating. If this is your hard limit, I would recommend something else.

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Love Triangle Series by Dani Rene

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Sitting back, I grabbed my glass of wine and took a long sip. The fire blazed in front of me, and as I watched the flames weave and crackle, I shut my eyes and basked in the warmth. He just messaged me to let me know he was on his way home. Memories flooded my mind as I watched the dancing red and yellow. The man was frustrating, a perfectionist, which drove me insane.

Since I graduated, I had my sights set on my marketing degree. It was the only thing I wanted to do with my life. The excitement of running an event and managing it from conception to completion became my passion. What worried me was actually landing a job after the fact. Once I had the piece of paper that told me I was qualified, I needed to find a company that would give me a chance.

The day I moved to New York was the day I started my life anew. The past was left behind, and I landed an interview not long after arriving. I had the experience, and I was versatile. That was why he hired me. It all happened so fast. When I walked into the office holding my portfolio and resume, I felt confident. I even had my reference letters all ready to wow him.

The owner of Je Te Veux Events was known to be strict and had specific criteria for his staff. Dressed in my black, knee-length skirt with jacket to match and a white blouse, I knew I would fit into any corporate environment. I wore my hair tied low on my neck, and although I wasn’t a fan of makeup, I decided to add a light touch.

Yes, I walked into that meeting prepared, but I was completely unprepared for what met me on the other side. Stunned by the man who turned out to be nothing like I expected, young and handsome, piercing blue eyes that seemed to look straight into my soul, he unnerved me.

The interview was tough, to say the least. I was sure my frustration showed, because he picked and prodded at every part of my resume. I understood he wanted to be certain I was capable, and yes, I respected that, but this was a hands-on job, and my experience couldn’t be seen on a piece of paper. I needed to show him first hand.

The perfectionist in him, and the pessimist in me, led me to believe I didn’t get the job. I was ready to walk out with my head held high. By the end of the interview, I felt defeated. I waited for the “Don’t call us, we’ll call you”, but he stunned me once more by asking me how soon I could start. Without thinking, I stuttered, “Immediately.”

I started the following day. The love I had for the job allowed me to hit the ground running, and I didn’t stop. I needed to prove myself. Landing the job nobody thought I could get, myself included.

Perhaps I should introduce myself. I’m Em, or Emily, but only my mother calls me that. Three weeks ago, I moved to New York to start anew. To leave behind a life that no longer served my purpose. My dreams led me here, to The Big Apple, to a city that never sleeps, and I needed to make it home.

I found an apartment as soon as I arrived. The beautiful Manhattan, one-bedroom home had breathtaking views, and for the first time in my thirty-three years, I felt like I was living the life I wanted, watching my dream turn to reality.

I had the career, the apartment. The only thing missing was a prospect of love. Although, that was the last thing I wanted at the moment. My job came first.

Isn’t that when love usually comes knocking? When you least expect it . . .

Chapter One

Glancing up from my computer, I could see him on a call. My desk was conveniently outside his office, and the large window is allowing me to see directly into it was distracting. He didn’t look happy as he slammed his fist on the desk. Since I started working here, we’d been so busy I hadn’t had a chance to talk to him properly. We had four events this week alone, and I was given the International Coffee Convention as my first major event.

Who knew they had conventions for the stuff? As much as I loved coffee, I didn’t know much about it. As soon as I hit send on the email, his office door flew open, and my eyes locked on his. “Miss Reid, thank God you’re still here. I need you. Get in here.” He turned to stalk back into his office, leaving me staring after him.

I turned to Jessie, and she shrugged. She’d been his assistant for almost five years, and if she was confused, so was I. She mouthed “good luck” to me as I pushed up from my desk. Triston Hart was not known for his calm demeanor when something wasn’t going to plan, and we both knew it.