Christmas Miracles at Hedgehog Hollow (Hedgehog Hollow #6) Read Online Jessica Redland

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It’s the countdown to Christmas at Hedgehog Hollow Wildlife Rescue Centre, and everyone is gearing up for a festive season to remember…
It should be the most wonderful time of the year for Samantha and Josh as they prepare for the arrival of their first baby. But life at Hedgehog Hollow rarely goes to plan and the pair are faced with adversaries, old and new, and unexpected challenges to overcome.
Fizz’s job at the heart of the rescue centre is a dream come true but her personal life is more like a nightmare. With her love life a disaster and her past about to dramatically catch up with her, she needs the love and support of her Hedgehog Hollow family more than ever.
As the snow falls over Hedgehog Hollow, will Samantha and Fizz find the Christmas miracle they need to overcome their heartache and find happiness?



After discovering that Hedgehog Hollow’s bank account had been emptied, Samantha and Josh’s wedding plans looked shaky, but the generosity of the local community and their good friend Terry helped save the rescue centre and Samantha and Josh said ‘I do’.

Josh’s Auntie Lauren was delighted for the happy couple, but the wedding made her reflect on her own two divorces and her decision to remain single.

While Samantha and Josh were on honeymoon, Lauren received the shock news that the job she loved would soon disappear in a work restructure. Her future career wasn’t the only source of confusion, with Lauren finding herself drawn to Riley Berry, the man who’d given her the redundancy news.

Lauren’s past returned to haunt her when her first husband, Shaun, made contact twenty-six years after walking out on her. She agreed to meet him and discovered the reason he’d left, which gave her closure and helped her move forward. Riley was exceptionally supportive during this time and Lauren finally felt ready to love again.

Samantha had told Josh on their wedding day that she was ready to start a family but had a panic attack on honeymoon when she thought she might be pregnant. Back home, she was on edge until Lauren convinced her to tell Josh so they could face it together. Josh was as supportive as ever but, when Samantha found out that she wasn’t pregnant, she felt disappointed and began to wonder if she might be ready for a baby after all.

Terry brought an injured fox cub to the rescue centre, prompting Fizz to share that her dream job was to work full-time in a rescue centre. Samantha wasn’t opposed to extending their work beyond hedgehogs but said there wasn’t the staff or funds to do so. Keen to show her gratitude to Samantha for welcoming Darcie and her to Hedgehog Hollow, accountancy whizz Phoebe showed Samantha and Josh the financial viability of running a larger operation with paid staff.

A few months later, Hedgehog Hollow played host to another wedding when Josh’s mum Connie married Alex. So many of Samantha’s friends and family had now found happiness, but there were a couple more people Samantha felt deserved to find their happy ever after.

It’s now October, one year later, and a lot has happened at Hedgehog Hollow…



I opened my eyes with the first gentle beeps of the alarm clock, pressed the snooze button and settled back under the duvet.

Josh snuggled up against me and lightly kissed the top of my shoulder, stirring the butterflies in my stomach.

‘Happy birthday, Sammie,’ he said, trailing his kisses up my neck.

‘This is how all birthdays should start.’ I adjusted position so his lips could touch mine. ‘Actually, it’s how every day should start.’

‘That can be arranged.’

‘Ooh!’ My hands flew to my stomach. ‘That was a big one. Someone’s awake.’

I guided Josh’s hands so he could feel it too.

‘We might have a footballer in there,’ he said, laughing as the baby kicked once more.

‘Or a martial arts expert.’

‘Just think, next time either of us celebrate a birthday, we’ll be parents.’

I entwined my fingers round Josh’s. ‘Only twelve weeks to go. It’s getting very real now.’

‘How are you feeling?’

I squeezed his hand. ‘Still in a good place.’

I’d initially struggled with the idea of becoming a parent, fearful of having the same difficult relationship with my child that I’d had with my own mum. A combination of discovering that Mum’s behaviour arose from a shocking incident in her past rather than being my fault, counselling support, and building a fresh relationship with Mum had helped allay my fears.

When Josh and I were both ready to try for a family, it didn’t happen immediately. Each month that passed brought fresh disappointment but, looking back, that extra time worked out for the best because there’d been so much work to do in progressing our plans to expand Hedgehog Hollow into a wider wildlife rescue centre. At the start of this year, Hedgehog Hollow Wildlife Rescue Centre was established as the charitable division of Alderson & Wishaw Veterinary Practice in which Josh and Dad were partners.