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Claimed By Dad’s Best Friend – A Man Who Knows What He Wants

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Flora Ferrari

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Eight years ago, I did something stupid. Or rather, I got caught doing something stupid. Not wanting to see my business partner and single dad best friend go down, I took the rap and now it’s time, finally, to come home.
I can’t wait to see Paul again, but where is he?
It’s eight o’clock on a Sunday, I’m the only released inmate today…
And then there she is. The one.
Eight years? I would’ve waited eight hundred years if I’d known Riley, Paul’s daughter was going to be the one to come get me. If I’d known she was the one. But if I had known? It would’ve made life hell, knowing she was out there while I was in here.
And there’s not a moment to lose, I’m not gonna wait another eight minutes before I stake my claim on her, the finest, smoothest, curviest piece of womanhood I’ve ever seen.
I’m gonna claim her and make her my own.
Sorry Paul, I took the fall for you once, but this time I’m falling double hard for your daughter.
I guess we’ll have to talk that over when we finally both get home.

Dad’s best friend went away when I was little, but I had a picture of him and dad, so I’d never forget what he did for us.
Sometime in college, that picture took on a new meaning, giving me feelings I never had before, then I cropped out dad so there was only Brad.
Once I see his huge hulking frame exit those prison gates, I know from his look, from the sounds he makes, that he’s staking his claim. That I’m gonna be his.
I know he’s an older man and I’m a younger woman, but he’s a real man. The kind I only ever read about. The kind of man who knowswhat he wants and although I don’t understand why at first, Brad wants me.
And I need Brad.
Before I even speak a word, I know I’m his forever.
If only I knew that dad would be happy for me, for us both. Just for once.
But like anything worth doing, there’s always consequences, Brad knows all about those and he’s about to teach me a lesson in love as well as in learning what happens when you play with fire.

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Flora Ferrari

Chapter One


Dad and Brad. It’s my favorite picture of Dad, taken when I was little. I used it as my screensaver on my phone for ages, until sometime in college. Then I edited the image so it was less Dad and more Brad. Sorry Dad, but I see you every day.

Brad on the other hand… When I was old enough he somehow just did something to my insides every time I looked at my phone.

I stare at his image, noticing my finger tremble a little over his lips on my screen as I wait out of front of the county jail to pick Brad up. He gets out today after eight years.

I wonder if he still has that cute dimple when he smiles.

The sound of the gates opening breaks my reverie, and I look up, gasping in expectation already.

My heart was pounding against my ribs all the way here, and waiting for him, I thought it would burst. But when I see the wall that’s Brad coming down the gravel path, my heart actually stops.

I’ve died and this is what heaven feels like.

Brad’s been working out. I can see that at fifty feet. At thirty feet my mouths dry, with all remaining fluid in my body sinking to my suddenly aching center.

At twenty feet, I sploosh. Feels like it anyway. I’ve never been one to touch myself after looking at pictures, thinking it’s silly when the real things out there walking around somewhere.

Brad’s the real thing and he’s not just walking around somewhere, he’s walking right over to me.

I want to get up, to get out of the car and welcome him, open the trunk at least so he can put his bag in it. But I’m frozen to the spot, my eyes glued to his as he gets closer, until all I can see is his crotch where the driver side window is. It’s not a low car, but Brad is tall, like six four. And thick, I notice. Even though it’s a cold day.

His knuckle on the glass brings me back to earth and I can see my reflection fogging up the window slightly, my mouth actually gaping.

It can’t be him. It must be someone else. It sure looks like him, just… bigger. Better.

I wind the window down, the cold air hitting my face and neck, and then my chest. The tight white tee and no bra under my jacket stretches to a pleasing itch as my nipples stand to full attention.

He leans over, just enough to see in through the open car window; my heart suddenly beating again, like someone stuffed a rabbit inside that itching chest of mine.

“Riley?” he asks, in a low growl. Unsure and a little cautious. But a lot like the man I suddenly want to fuck would say my name. Like he does in every fantasy I have with him in it.

I feel my head pumping a nod as I notice my hands on the edge of the door, both hands. Looking up at his chiseled jaw and smoldering dark eyes before settling back on his thick crotch. He smells like soap and real man. Denim and leather with something else… I don’t know what it is, but whatever it is, wasn’t in his damned picture. If it was, I would’ve rubbed myself raw by now.

As soon as he knows it’s me, he relaxes, his huge shoulders lose some tension and he smiles. That winning, Brad Stevens smile, dimple included.

It’s him. Oh my fucking god, it’s really him.

“And you’re… here to pick me up?” he asks, coaxing me into action, his smile dancing in his eyes as he takes a step back. He’s probably freezing out there, and here I am looking at him like a silly schoolgirl with a crush instead of doing what I came here to do.

I open the door to get out, still buckled in, I manage to unbuckle myself, before I step out of the car and slip on the edge of the path he’s standing on, toppling myself forward straight into his strong arms, which catch me out of reflex as if I were a child.

I gasp from the shock of falling, then another sound escapes me. One that comes from somewhere deep inside me. The sound of my yearning for him. He has me under my arms and then lifts me up, setting me right, his arm hooking my waist naturally and pulling me close to him.

“I got you,” he says huskily, as if it’s the most natural thing in the world to catch tumbling chubby girls in his first five minutes as a free man.

“You okay?” he asks, and I notice his voice wavering as he draws me even closer, my whole body melting into his. My hands instinctively go up, flat against his huge thick chest and I rest against him. All of me against Brad. Nothing between us anymore.

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