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Sam Crescent

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Landon doesn’t stay with the same woman twice. They’re to be used for his pleasure, and he’s never seen a reason to ever fall in love.

Anna Rose is not looking for a relationship. She would rather move from job to job, sew, and live her life with few problems. Men cause problems. When her best friend demands she attends a Trojan MC party, Anna knows it isn’t going to end well. What she doesn’t expect is to find a stranger who gets her body racing.

Landon couldn’t get the woman out of his head, and when he finds out who she is, he’s determined to work her out of his system. Only, sex isn’t helping. One taste of her, and he wants more.

There’s no way she can fall for a biker, but with each passing day, Anna can’t deny the pull of Landon. When she witnesses the dangers of the club, there’s no going back. She has to prove her loyalty or they’ll kill her.

Is there any future between them? Or will Landon force her to become his? He’s not worn a condom, and he wants to keep her—what better way than knocking her up?

Be Warned: anal sex, spanking, bondage, public exhibition

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Chapter One

“You brought me to a biker bar?” Anna Rose asked, turning to her friend Misty. “Seriously?”

“What? What is so wrong with the bar?”

“There are so many things wrong with it, I can’t even begin to describe … it’s a biker bar!” Anna couldn’t believe she was even having to explain this situation to her friend, supposedly her best friend. Not that Misty could really be called a best friend, but she was the only person who asked her out for fun and to go shopping. Anna never bought anything, but that wasn’t the point. She made all of her own clothes from beautiful fabrics she selected for herself. Moving on, her friends didn’t want to hear about how she loved to go shopping for fabrics, and take the time to make a dress or a pair of trousers. Right now, she would rather be at home with her sewing machine than outside a biker bar. The dress she wore was one of her own creations, not something she’d bought off a shelf.

“Yeah, because you, missy, need to get out more. You’re twenty-five years old, and you’re not even dating anymore. It’s sad.”

“Do not make this about Eric, please,” she said. Eric was her boyfriend, or ex-boyfriend, she had a long time ago. They were together from the age of sixteen, through to twenty-two. They broke up after he cheated on her with some random girl who apparently meant nothing.

Again, she had gotten over it.

She hadn’t shed a tear at his loss, which had to say a great deal about how the relationship was going if she didn’t even care enough to cry, or at least feel heartbroken. The relationship had been a comfort thing, something to do with high school, and it had only extended from there. Anyway, Eric had been a lot of her firsts, but she’d dated and had some fun since then. The only difference between her and Misty, she didn’t brag about it. Anna kept her private business exactly that. There was no way she was going to tell any friend she slept with random guys for fun. That was her personal business. She didn’t share anything like that. Nor did she like it when other women told her about their sex life.

“I’ve got to wonder if you’re still pining after him.”

“I’m not pining after him. I’ve never heard anything so ridiculous in my life. I’m not even in love with him, okay. You thought I was cold because I didn’t cry.”

“I think you’ve got a lot of repressed feelings.”

“And bringing me to a biker bar is going to help with that. You forget I live in Vale Valley and have for a couple of years.”

“You’ve never once mingled. You stay in front of your sewing machine or where is the place you work…” Misty clicked her fingers. “Where is it you work?”

“I’m starting to wonder why I’m even your friend right now,” Anna said.

“Where do you work?”

“I’m going to ignore that. You can figure it out yourself.” She opened the door, a little annoyed with her friend. She worked at the tattoo parlor. She had tried to work at the library, but the scent of the books made her sneeze. Then of course the diner, and well, serving up burgers and fried chicken was not her thing. Next, she’d tried to work at the local lawyer’s office, didn’t stick either. So her next endeavor was the tattoo parlor. She didn’t ink any of the clients, but she took down their ideas, booked appointments, handled beverages, and the money was good as well. She couldn’t complain.

She was a little pissed because Misty had gotten a tattoo a couple of months ago with her employee discount, and she didn’t even remember.

Folding her arms, she stared at the biker bar. It was a clubhouse that liked to party and rave, or so she’d been told.

It was Friday; she had the weekend off, and Misty felt it was time for her to mingle with the opposite sex.

She’d much rather be making clothes right now.

Several men and women were outside, making out, and some in different forms of dress. One woman had her legs wrapped around a man, and they were clearly having sex with the way he was grinding against her.

Anna loved sex. Misty would be in complete shock by her admission, but she did. She loved sex, fucking, and just letting go. Again, she’d not done it in a couple of months, but that didn’t mean she was immune to what she saw.

“Try to have fun and relax.”

“You’re treating me like I’m some kind of prude.”

“You’ve kind of turned into one.”

“I don’t like you right now,” she said.

Misty laughed. “I need to get some action tonight. I am tired of this dry game. Any man who looks at me like he wants my pussy, I’m his.”