Claimed (Rise of the Alpha #2) Read Online Kacey Lee, Raven Storm

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I thought I’d die before returning to the Yosemite pack, yet here I am. It’s just as brutal and terrifying as I remember. Nothing’s changed. Well, except for one thing– me.
I am done running. I will find a way to return to Derrick, and save as much of this pack as I can in the process.
There’s something brewing in the supernatural world, putting all shifters at risk. We need to find a way to set aside our differences and work together before we all perish.
It’s time I claim my rightful place, as Alpha of this wolf pack.


Chapter 1


“Get the hell up.” Xavier’s hand fisted at his side.

I was bleeding. He was bleeding. We panted heavily, our bodies slick from a combination of sweat and the pounding rain.

Xavier looked up from his place on the ground, covered in mud. His hands raised toward me, shaking with effort and exhaustion. The rain was a deluge around us, making it hard to see let alone hear each other over its roar. “That’s enough, Derrick,” he said firmly.

Fury rose in my veins. It would never be enough. Not until I had Bailey back. Not until Travis’s eyes were empty and clouded with death.

“I said get up,” I snarled.

Xavier staggered to his feet under the Alpha order. “Don’t be a fucking dick,” he spat back.

I snarled. I’d be whatever I wanted to be. I didn’t feel guilty. I didn’t feel anything. My mother was back at home, shaking and jumping at the slightest noise. My mate was trapped with my rival and her former abuser.

Xavier grabbed my collar, our noses bumping at our proximity. “You don’t have to prove anything to anyone. You did the best you could. Quit beating yourself up.”

I ducked down, swiping Xavier’s legs out from under him and breaking his grip on me. He hit the ground with a satisfying thunk.

“A good Alpha wouldn’t have lost two members to another pack. A good Alpha wouldn’t have fucking left Bailey there.” I lunged forward again, but Xavier was on the defensive now, dodging around me.

Too angry to wait for him to fight me again, I turned to the massive oak tree behind me and beat into it with my bare fists. Bark flew as I tore my way into the tree, my pounding putting large gouges in the trunk. Snapping sounds filled the clearing, and I didn’t care if it came from the tree or my hand. The pain was cathartic, and I deserved it.

“Derrick! Get a damn grip!” Xavier tried to wrench me away. I growled, refusing to budge. I wanted to hurt.

With a last growl, Xavier shifted into his wolf form and attacked me.

My human brain would have happily allowed him to maul me as some sort of sick punishment, but my inner wolf would never allow it and perhaps Xavier was counting on that.

His teeth sank into my shoulder and my wolf reacted instinctively, forcing me to shift as well. It wasn’t even a contest, not really. In moments I flipped Xavier and had him writhing on his back underneath my paws, my teeth inches from his neck. He whined in submission, and I backed away, hollow and empty.

He shifted back underneath me, and I followed, my eyes closing as the rain pounded away the blood and sweat. Xavier held out a hand to me, his face full of such compassion and understanding that I snapped again.

No one would understand my pain. No one could touch my suffering.

I lunged at Xavier again. He twisted away, and I overbalanced and fell on my face in the mud. His knife at my neck was the only thing that kept me down.

“Motherfucker! We weren’t supposed to use weapons!” I roared, furious my Beta had resorted to cheating to best me. My wolf was angry at such a cheap shot, but I had enough control to freeze.

Xavier lowered the knife and slapped me hard across the face.

My hand flew to my cheek, more out of shock than any true pain. I blinked up at Xavier, finally looking at him for the first time since we’d started sparring. Blood dripped down his face from a nasty cut above his eye, and bruises covered his chest. He held his right arm awkwardly down by his side, and I realized as I watched him that he had a slight limp.

I lowered my head, ashamed. “Let’s go,” I whispered, swallowing heavily.

Xavier didn’t say anything.

I picked myself out of the mud, and we wordlessly made our way back to the pack. We were a few miles out, but I needed the slow walk in human form to get my head straight before I was in front of my people again. Out here was the only place I let my guard down.

Only I’d lost my damn mind and took it out on Xavier. I paused in front of him. “I’m sorry. I just . . . I’m sorry.” I didn’t look at him. I couldn’t. The shame heated my cheeks.