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Claiming Bite

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Silvia Violet

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What if the one thing you wanted most was forbidden?

Alpha werewolf King Howler seems to have everything he could want: power, wealth, and his own club where he can act out his dominant fantasies. But the one thing he lacks is his fated mate.

Shy loner Emerson has always craved submission, not to another human—to a shifter. Handing over control to anyone could be dangerous, but with a shifter, it might be deadly. Yet all his fantasies star a werewolf who can make him beg.

When King and Emerson meet, the bond between them is instinctive and undeniable. King can’t resist the pull he feels toward the younger man, even though giving Emerson what he longs for is risky. Emerson doesn’t care how vulnerable he is. He knows he belongs with King, and he’s willing to do anything to prove it. As longing turns to love, King knows he must find a way to keep Emerson safe, both from his enemies and from himself, because in the end, nothing can stop an alpha from claiming his mate.

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I stood on the balcony outside my office and surveyed the dance floor. The room was filled with the usual mix of shifters who craved what they could experience here, from a night of dancing to a flogging so harsh only a shifter’s healing power made it possible to survive. Some of the men and women were clad in leather, others in hardly anything at all. I watched a young man in red leather pants and a matching harness move sinuously as if he heard his own music in his head. Cat shifter, if I guessed right. The wolf in me loved giving a cat a thorough pounding. For a moment, I considered issuing the boy an invite to one of the VIP rooms, but we were short on security that night, so I needed to be available if anything came up.

My younger brother Storm stepped up to the railing next to me. “You should go down and enjoy yourself.”

I shook my head. “Not going to happen tonight.”

“It’s been a quiet one so far, and you’ve been working too hard lately. You need some stress relief.”

“True, but I also need to keep a tight rein on things here.”

Storm bumped his shoulder against mine, then pressed against my side. I leaned into him, deepening the contact. Wolves like us craved touch. Sometimes I forgot how much being with my family calmed me. I had a tendency to be far too solitary for a creature whose biology insisted I needed a pack.

My body had also been insisting I needed more than the soothing touch of my brothers. It had been far too long since I’d played with anyone, and my most recent partner had only been interested in my skill with impact play, not my cock, so it had been even longer since I’d actually sunk into a willing body. I reconsidered tracking down the young cat shifter, but my wolf stirred uneasily. He sensed something that was putting him on edge, and that told me I needed to stay right where I was. This night wasn’t going to stay peaceful.

“What is it?” Storm asked. “I felt you tense.”

“My wolf is restless. I don’t know why, but something’s off.”

“Or maybe you just can’t let yourself stop thinking about council business.”

I was the head of an unofficial shifter council, which had been formed decades ago in an attempt to strengthen alliances between shifter groups. The other members represented the most powerful shifter species in our region, and each of them controlled one or more areas of black market trade. When the humans had learned of our existence, it had become increasingly difficult for shifters to earn an honest living. We couldn’t control human law, but we could control the criminal element. I was trying to change that, but I was being met with a lot of resistance.

“It’s more than that,” I told my brother.

He raised a brow, clearly not believing me.

“Of course I’m worried about the fucking council. I always am, but there’s something else. Something my wolf senses here. Now.” Suddenly, a smell hit me that was pure pleasure, like a steak dinner and the best sex ever compressed into one scent. “Do you—”

“Look.” Storm laid a hand on my arm. “What’s going on by the bar?”

A group of lion shifters, several of them members of the Crown family who sought to undermine my authority in the shifter world, had surrounded a slight young man. He didn’t look frightened, but from the way he was moving, he was totally wasted. No way could he consent to what they likely wanted: him naked, bound, and servicing all five of them. This wasn’t the first time these assholes had taken advantage of someone.

“Let’s go.” I started toward the stairs, knowing Storm would follow. He might not be an alpha like me, but he could still be intimidating as fuck, and most wolves in town had the sense to show respect to anyone with the Howler name. The old pack system might be mostly defunct, but there were still families who remained as powerful as they had been when they’d controlled a pack; ours was one of them.

I grabbed the radio I’d attached to my belt and opened the security channel. “Roc and Clinton, you’re needed by the side entrance. Dawson and his minions are at it again.”

“Roger that, Boss. We’re on our way.”

Even if Dawson dared to shift, he’d be no match for Roc. He was the largest, strongest wolf I’d ever met. Thank the Goddess he also had a sense of justice that matched my own.

I reached for my brother’s arm. “Let me take the lead.”

“And I’ll do what? Just stand there and look disgusted?”

“Yes.” At the moment, I was in control of my wolf, but if the lions laid a hand on Storm, all bets were off. I really didn’t want the night to end in bloodshed. The last thing we needed was another confrontation with the human authorities.

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