My mouth suddenly feels dry.

“Oh my god!” the girl squeaks, freezing in her tracks. I can see her taking in my appearance and growing even more alarmed. With my big, bushy beard and long hair, I know I’m a formidable sight.

Before I can even think about what’s happening, the girl breaks into a run. She barely makes it three paces before tripping over my axe handle and crashing down to the ground. Her tits bounce as her giant ass lands on the earth and she moans in pain, reaching for her ankle with sweaty hands.

“Don’t move,” I growl sternly. “You’ve twisted your ankle.”

“It hurts,” she whimpers. “I think it’s broken!”

I stare at her for a long moment, wondering what to do. On one hand, I don’t like people. I go to great lengths to avoid a single interaction with them.

But on the other, she’s clearly hurt. And she’s not dressed for serious hiking: it’s obvious that something is wrong here.

The girl looks up at me in fear. She’s panting for air and her massive chest heaves with every breath.

Suddenly, I know that she’s terrified of me.

I walk closer and stare down at her. Her big brown eyes are wide with fear and she gulps as I approach. I roll my eyes in response – I’m a scary guy, but she’s behaving like a little kid.

“It doesn’t look broken,” I say gruffly. “I think it’s just sprained.”

In response, the girl bites her lip and bursts into tears. I can hardly keep from rolling my eyes again as she hunches over and sobs into her small hands.

“Stop crying,” I say sternly.

She cries harder, rocking back and forth with gusto as the loud sound of her sobs fills my ears.

“Stop crying,” I repeat.

The girl whimpers.

“Did you get lost?” I ask.

No answer. The girl cries for a few more minutes, then pulls herself together and wipes her red nose on the bare skin of her arm. When I realize that she’s not wearing a jacket, I groan. It’s gonna be getting cold soon, and she won’t last long out here by herself. She’s hurt, and it’s already almost dark.

There’s no way I can ignore her now.

I have to help her – I can’t leave her to the dark of the woods.

“Get up.”

She looks up at me with wide eyes, then rolls onto her knees and gets to her feet. A small whimper escapes her rosy lips as she puts weight on her twisted ankle.

“Come with me.”

The girl hesitates and for a moment, so do I. Then I take a deep breath and sigh.

“I’m not going to hurt you,” I tell her gruffly. “But you’re going to have to come with me. I have a cabin nearby.”

For a moment, I’m afraid the girl will burst into tears again. To my relief, she merely nods. I wait for her to walk closer, then I lead her across the field to my cabin. It’s not much – five rooms – but it’s mine.

And it’s home.

“I’m Emma, what’s your name?”

The sound of her voice startles me. We’re just at the door to my cabin when she speaks, and the shock is enough to stop me in my tracks. Her voice is sweet and musical – compared to my inner monologue, Emma’s voice sounds like honey.

“It doesn’t matter who I am,” I say gruffly as I push open my cabin door. I never lock it – there’s no use, since I’m all alone in the woods. Whenever travelers come close, I always scare them off.

At least, I did before she showed up.

Emma sniffles in response. I watch as she looks around the cabin with fear in her soft brown eyes. She’s inspecting every nook and cranny and I wonder what she expects to find. Manacles on the wall? A cage in the bedroom?

Emma paces warily over to the couch and sits down, curling one round thigh under her body. Damn, in the soft lighting of my cabin, her curves look even better. She’s got huge tits and creamy pale skin, and I just know that under that thin shirt of hers, her nipples are pink and stiff. God – she’s fucking gorgeous!

“Why won’t you tell me your name?” Emma asks softly. She flushes and laughs nervously. “Is it because you’re going to kill me?”

I roll my eyes at her. “No.”

“Then who are you?” Emma persists. “And why are you all alone out here? Is this like, your hunting cabin where you come for the weekend?”


Emma sighs. She licks her chapped lips with an enticingly pink tongue. “Well, if you’re not going to tell me your name, can you give me something to eat? It’s been hours since I had food or water.”

I stare at her for a moment. “You’ve been out all day, without food?” I narrow my eyes as my mind begins to work. This girl is no outdoorswoman – that’s clear from taking one look at her. It doesn’t make sense for her to be here in the woods, with no food, water, or supplies.

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