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Claiming His Fashionista

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Flora Ferrari

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Leanne knows what she wants…a long, fulfilling career in fashion, to be surrounded by good people, and a man who will love her. Is that too much to ask for? She discovers that perhaps it is when her creepy professor gives her an ultimatum…she must sleep with him or he will destroy everything she’s worked so hard to build.

Enter Theodore. He might be twenty years older than her, but he seems right up her alley…strong…handsome…a little mysterious. From the moment they lock eyes, she knows he’s the one. But when they begin an affair behind his sister’s back, things get complicated…especially since his sister is Leanne’s new boss…the one who’s hired her to create Halloween inspired costumes for Hollywood royalty.

*Claiming His Fashionista is an insta-everything standalone instalove romance with an HEA, no cheating, and no cliffhanger.

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“I said…Give. Me. Her. Name. Right now!”

The man at the information desk has no idea who I am, but here I am, demanding to know about the beautiful girl who has caught my eye on the other side of the room. My fists are curled. My jaw is clenched. I can feel a growl forming in my throat. I’m seeing red, glancing between the man at the desk and the gorgeous brunette with the braided hair.

“Sir…I don’t know who she is.”

“Then fucking find out,” I growl. “I want to know right this second.”

“I think you’re misunderstanding me…I’m here to give information about the university itself…not the students.”

I slam my fist on the desk. He’s treating me like I’m a fucking fool. I’m not asking much of him. Surely he can look the girl up in his database? I want…I need to know who she is.

I look at her once again. She hasn’t looked my way yet, even though I’m being pretty rowdy right now. She’s fiddling with the end of her long plait, talking to a woman in a quiet tone. She’s wearing a white dress that brushes her knees. She looks pure, sweet, gentle, but the things I want to do to her are dirty as hell. My eyes fall on her perfectly rounded breasts. Does she know that her nipples are visible through her dress? Does she know how much she’s turning me on just by standing there?

I turn back to the terrified man at the information desk. I point my finger at him, shaking with anger. He’s the one thing standing between me and her.

“Tell me what you know. Now.”

“Sir…she’s just a student. I know nothing about her…”

I feel anger rising inside me. She’s not just anything. She’s everything. She means more to me than I can explain, even though I’ve only just laid eyes on her. I’m drawn to her like she’s magnetized. And sure, I can see how she might fly under the radar. She’s so innocently beautiful. She looks untainted, untouched. It makes her even fucking sexier. I imagine being the first one to lay my hands on her porcelain skin. I crave the concept of having her before anyone else. This is all new to me, but I really fucking wish I could walk over there and have her right now in the middle of this corridor.

I need to screw my head back onto my shoulders. I’m here for a business meeting, not to chase one of the students. But I knew the second that I saw her that I need her. The thought of being inside her has made me feel more alive than I ever have before. I had such a strange feeling when I entered the room, and now I know why. She’s cast a spell on me. My dick is hard in my pants, throbbing insistently. I’m desperate to get her. Why can’t this stupid guy help me out and stop wasting my time?

Something is wrong with her. She looks so distressed as she talks to the woman behind the desk, as though something is bothering her. I clench my fists. If someone has hurt her, I will fucking end them. I don’t even know her name, but I know that I would do anything to make sure she’s okay.

“Sir?” the man behind the desk asks, but I’m done with him. I’m going to go over there and help her myself.

I stop in my tracks as her eyes are drawn to a man walking through the corridor. He’s older than me, at least in his fifties, and is the typical university creep. I can just tell by looking at his scraggly beard and tweed suit. He makes me sick from the moment I see him, but then I catch him looking at the beautiful young girl. He eyes her up and down like she’s a piece of meat and I see the fear in her eyes increasing. Is this why she looks like a deer in the headlights right now? Is she scared of what the creepy professor might do to her? It looks that way from their exchange.

A girl like her shouldn’t be so unhappy. A girl like her shouldn’t have to deal with men like him. I feel this primal need to knock the lights out of him so that she’ll feel safe once again. I want him gone so that I can come back and put a smile and her pretty little face. I want those beautiful plump lips of hers on mine. I want them in other places too. By the time I’m done with that professor, she’ll be begging for it from me. I’ll be all too happy to show her what she’s been missing out on with a real man like me.

The professor with the wandering eye sweeps past, leaving the room, and for the first time, the girl sees me. She takes a step back, her mouth open in shock. Did she feel the same thing I felt when I first laid eyes on her? Has she realized that we’re meant to be too?