And because the mainstream part of the business is running like a well-oiled, money-making machine and I’ve been getting a bit bored, I’ve decided to expand the covert-operations part. Because of that, Jameson Force Security was born, developed, and is now ready to take on more work.

So ready, in fact, I’m on the verge of opening a new set of offices in Pittsburgh as I need to be in better proximity to Washington, D.C. Rachel had asked me why I didn’t just move to D.C., but I can’t stand the place. I’ve always loved Pittsburgh, though. It’s a city rooted in steel, grit, and determination, which is exactly the way I’d describe Jameson Force Security. I’m going to relocate to Pittsburgh and Rachel is going to stay in Vegas to run the private-security portion of the business.

“If it’s a matter of money—” Joslyn says, interrupting my straying thoughts.

I cut her off. “It’s not.”

“Please, Kynan,” she implores, and I can hear the watery tears in her voice.

Thankfully, I’m momentarily distracted when the redhead crawls on her hands and knees toward me. Blue eyes flashing with heat, her tits swaying provocatively. Silently, and with a little bit of satisfaction, I realize this woman before me is exactly what I want and need, while the woman on the phone, probably sitting in her multimillion-dollar Malibu mansion, is not.

Hands come to my thighs, slide up, and work at my belt. My cock finally deciding to get into the game, it starts to thicken at the prospect. I settle into the chair, lifting my hips briefly so she can reach inside my pants to pull me free.

I suppress a groan as her hand circles me tight and starts to stroke. Reaching out, I cup her breast, relishing the weight of it before giving her nipple a pinch. Her lush lips peel into a wicked smile right before she puts her mouth on me.

Fuck yeah. That’s exactly what I need.

My hand goes to her hair, fingers gripping her fiery locks tightly. Using my grasp as a piston, I help her bob up and down, starting to get lost in the sensation.

“He almost killed me last night,” Joslyn says and for a moment, her words don’t register.

But then they do, and I roughly yank the redhead off my cock. Her eyes widen in surprise, but I shake my head as I sit upright in my chair again.

“What?” I manage to rasp out.

“A stalker,” she whispers. “He’s been harassing me for a really long time. Last night, though, he actually managed to break into my house. I couldn’t get to my panic room in time.”

The air in my lungs freezes. She has a panic room. Which means she’s been battling a serious threat. Everything around me seems to slow as my ears ring with her revelation.

“He heard the sirens approaching before he could…” When she abruptly stops, bile rises in my throat. She coughs before finishing softly. “He ran off, and they didn’t catch him.”

I clear my throat from the thick emotion that has built up. “Where are you? Is someone with you now?”

Joslyn mirthlessly laughs. “I’m in your office. Over on Clarke Avenue.”

She’s here?

In Vegas?

“Put Rachel on the phone,” I instruct, my words clipped and impersonal.

There’s an indistinct murmuring between the women as the phone gets passed. Rachel’s brisk and professional voice comes through. “What do you want me to do?”

Longingly, I stare at the redhead who has since moved over to lounge in a sexy pose on my bed. I want to get lost in her. Want to forget everything else.

There’s no holding back the sigh of resignation that escapes me. “We’re taking the case. Starting now. Bring her to my house.”

“Your house?” Rachel asks in surprise.

“For safety’s sake, she stays with me until I can figure out who to assign this case to.”

Rachel is silent for a moment, but then murmurs, “But you’re not alone.”

“True,” I reply as I stand. My pants barely cling to the edges of my hips. I’ve even lost my hard-on, a matter that needs to be rectified immediately. After I walk around the bed, I run hot eyes over the beautiful, luscious creature stretched out there. “But that’s none of Joslyn’s concern. We’re nothing to each other but business.”

“Gotcha, boss,” Rachel says, clearly amused. She’s known me for years. Hell, we were fuck buddies for a time. She caught me on the tail end of mine and Joslyn’s breakup, and I got lost between her legs as we traveled the world in search of adventures and thrills. She was easy to talk to, so she knows the basics of what happened between us.

But Rachel and I aren’t like that anymore. We’ve been colleagues at Jameson for over a decade. Once we started working together, it became purely professional. Since Jerico sold out to me, Rachel is the most trustworthy peer to me in this business. She’s also nonjudgmental. If my treatment of Joslyn is less than civilized, Rachel won’t hold it against me.