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Ava Harrison

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From USA Today bestselling author Ava Harrison comes a billionaire romance full of witty banter and a jaw-dropping twist!

I ran.
Escaped the man who wanted to hurt me.

I got in my car and drove.
No destination. No direction. No help.

I hid in the one place I would never be found.
Now in New York with no job, I didn’t know what to do.

Then I met him.
Jaxson Price.
The enigmatic devil who wasn’t only above the law, but played it like a puppet.

He might be the answer to all my problems.
Too bad he’s asking for something in return for his help….
My heart.

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It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light.


Chapter One


Nothing like dinner with the family. This is definitely not how I typically plan to spend my Friday night, but when Grayson calls, you drop what you’re doing and go. Because what my brother wants, my brother gets. This includes, but sure as hell is not limited to, family dinner.

For our starting course, we’ll have a lecture about how much Grayson and Addison have done for the family and company. And for the main entrée, a three-hour dissertation on what a fuckup I am.

When you’re me, that fate is inevitable.

Since I don’t need a reminder from my brother to show up, I head uptown to his and River’s apartment.

Traffic is in my favor today, so it doesn’t take me long, and before I know it, I’m riding the elevator up to his penthouse apartment that occupies the whole top level of the building we own.


Price Enterprise.

Addison, my sister, has an apartment similar to this one. Not me, though.

I hate this area.

No. I live downtown in a converted loft space in Tribeca. It’s a far cry from the view of Central Park my brother has, but it’s more my speed.

This uptight building is my worst nightmare. I need space, and most of all, I need privacy. It works well for Grayson, though. With its high ceilings and modern feel, it easily reflects his personality.

Here in his fortress, he sits on top of the world like the king. Because that’s what Grayson Price is . . . a king, and I, a mere jester.

It hasn’t always been this way, though. Don’t get me wrong, Grayson has always had a stick up his ass, but it’s grown since my father died. He feels the need to fill shoes that were never meant to be filled.

What he doesn’t realize is that he can never be Dad. The man was a legend, not only in the boardroom but also at home.

He was always there, no matter how many hours he worked, and missed nothing. My biggest regret in life was not appreciating it. As the youngest child by five years, I always had a large chip on my shoulder because no one was around to play with me.

I always thought my father was too busy with my siblings to care about me. But hindsight is twenty-twenty and now that he’s gone, I understand I was wrong, and it was just an illusion in a young kid’s mind.

Unfortunately, this revelation came too late, as I spent the greater part of my youth acting out to get attention, which is why, years later, I’m still trying to prove that I’ve grown up.

Like now, rushing to get here early to be taken seriously.

Lucky for me, the ride doesn’t take long, and the next thing I know, the elevator opens into the modern space of their apartment.

Even by my standards, it’s large, which says a lot, seeing as I grew up on a compound. Floor-to-ceiling windows overlook the park. Stainless steel appliances, black cabinets, and dark floors complete the look.

Fuck, this place is sterile.

Surgery could be performed here, and you wouldn’t even need to disinfect.

Maybe surgery to remove the stick.

His apartment is killer. Too bad the location sucks. Because as much as it’s a beautiful view, it’s not worth having to deal with the people who live nearby.

People like my brother.

People who look down their nose at me because I’m more comfortable wearing jeans than a three-piece suit.

“Jax, you’re here.”

I get out of the elevator and walk into the apartment. My brother is already standing there, arms crossed, head cocked, looking at me with an eyebrow raised.

Perplexed is more like it. I’ve shocked him.

Because not only am I here at this impromptu dinner, but I’m also early.

Good. I like to shake things up.

Keep them guessing.

“I am,” I respond in my typical, smug as shit attitude.

Now with that observation out of the way, I cross the space between us and give him a nod before turning my attention to River sitting on the couch.

They are cute together. Where he’s hard, she’s soft. Two opposing qualities but when put together, they complement each other. I guess the saying is true—opposites attract.

But in this case, River and Grayson as a couple are quite the paradox. She’s like sunshine, and he’s like rain, but in the end, I guess they make a rainbow.

“So,” I start, letting my lip tip up, “when are you getting married already?”

River is by far my favorite sibling, even if she isn’t my sister yet. The faster we can fix that, the better. She grounds Grayson. She makes him lighter and easier to deal with. Sure, he’s still a bastard sometimes, but he’s at least tolerable half the time now.

“We only got engaged a few months ago.” She laughs, playing with the blue diamond on her left ring finger. I’m not sure what that’s all about, but it’s cool and unique. It’s different like her. Like River.

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