“You don’t want to play? We heard you like to play,” one of the girls says.

I don’t pay attention as I make my way out the door.

The owner is standing there smiling. “To your liking?”

Not bothering to answer him, I walk straight out the door and call her number.

She answers, which surprises me. “Yeah.” She sounds sleepy.

“It’s all your fault. The blonde sucking my cock just now couldn’t get me off. Your… fucking… fault.”

Quietness takes over the cell.


I go to speak but she cuts me off before I can.

“Did you leave here and go and get your cock sucked?”

Well, when she puts it that way. “Yes. And even had two chicks fucking in front of me, and not once did it get me off. I blame you.”

“You’re actually ringing me now to tell me after, mind you, you just tried fucking me, that you went and got your cock sucked while what? Two other women fucked in front of you?”

“Yes, now you see my problem.”



“If you ever try to come in contact with me again, I will cut your cock off, and not cleanly.”

“Is that a promise?”


“So, you’ll touch it?” I ask in hope, my cock becoming even harder at the thought.

The cell goes silent and when I pull it away, I notice she’s hung up on me. At least I got a promise she’ll touch it, that’s an improvement right there if I’ve ever heard it.

Cock, meet Ariel.

Soon to be touching you.

“Have you forgotten how to work?” Darby asks throwing a folder at my head. It falls to the floor as he sets foot in my home. He walks inside and sits on my couch in my living room making himself comfortable.

“What the fuck.” I pick it up and make sure I didn’t leave anything anywhere. I may be slightly OCD when it comes to my place. It has to be in working order, and everything has a place, except Darby. He doesn’t have a place. Lord fucking knows why he’s here.

“I’ll repeat, have you forgotten how to work? You aren’t pulling an Echo on me now, are you?”

“An Echo?”

He shakes his head, kicks his feet up on my coffee table and smiles as I glare at him.

“You know, forget where you work?” I look at him, confused. “We had a meeting last night.”

Oh fuck, see, she’s already fucking with my head, so much so I forgot a really important meeting.

“I was busy.”

“I don’t believe it, you never forget, and you’re never late. It’s a trait in you I find appealing. Actually, it’s the only thing about you I like.”

I walk over and kick his feet off my coffee table. He smiles knowing that’s the exact reaction he’d get from me.

“I’m amazing, you all adore me.”

“Your head is so far up your ass you miss the truth.”

“What happened with the meeting?” I ask, getting off the topic of my ass considering he may get jealous of it. It’s the best-looking ass in this city.

“A client you were meant to recruit, happened to speak to a newspaper about how he met you. Then proceeded to tell everything he knew about the place, including other made-up shit. Which I might add is hearsay because he’s never actually been into the place.”


“He also then told a story about how he picked a woman for his liking, and you made her run off. Now, I have it on good authority this woman is Ariel. Would you like to disagree with me?”

I sit on my white couch shaking my head. “He went to the paper?” I ask, confused. I had him pegged and thought for sure he would be perfect, that he was the type that wouldn’t speak.

“Oh, he did, but not to just any paper.”

I look up, my hands on my knees as Darby sits back, putting his feet on my coffee table again to piss me off even more.

“He went to hers,” I hazard a guess.


Fucking hell! Why didn’t she tell me about this last night?

“So, I ask you, what do you think I should do about this? This isn’t just some random person talking, Falcon. This goes beyond that. Now, you’ve stepped into the game of no going back. We made rules about this when we first opened, do you remember?”

I hang my head.

I do.

Creed broke the rules, Echo slipped by the rules, and here I am not even getting laid by the woman who fucked over my rules.

“Talk to her, but what happens to him, I can’t help.” He kicks his feet off the coffee table and walks to the door.

“What will you do with her?”

He looks back as his hand touches the door and grins. “I’ll talk to Creed.”

“Don’t.” I know how Creed’s mind works, and leaving her fate in his hands is not something I really want to do. “How will you kill him?”

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