My lips part slowly as I wait for his kiss. But it never comes.

“Or should I kiss you here.”

The tip of his cock touches my very wet pussy. That’s all it takes to push me over the edge. I reach for him, wrapping my hands around his neck and pulling him down so his lips have to touch mine, and I kiss him. Mouths are touching, lips hard and demanding, as I try to take as much as he can give me. I feel his cock on my clit and I try to move to pleasure myself with it, and he moans into my mouth, only pulling back to lift and look down. He reaches for his cock and I watch while separating my legs, ready for him. He looks back to me.

When I feel him at my entrance, waiting for him to fill me up with everything he can give, I warn, “Falcon.” Lifting I wait for him.

He smiles, leans down and touches his lips almost angel-like to mine, then pushes inside of me. I scream in pleasure as I hold him, my nails finding his shoulder blades and gripping on. He bites my shoulder and presses in further, and I do nothing but spread my legs wider.

“Fuck, you’re perfect. Made for each other.”

I know what he means. I’ve never been this full before, not just from his cock, but I’m crazy erratic like I can’t stop and I want more and more of him. Is this what I’ve been missing out on, or will it all change afterward?

“Move,” I groan, hungry for more.

He does and he lifts his head, finding my breast as his tongue makes dancing movements with my nipple. He pushes and I push back, wanting and needing as much as he can give, as much as I can give.

“More,” I say, my head tilting back, my chest rising as he goes to my other nipple while never stopping his movements.

“Greedy,” he whispers, lifting his mouth and grabbing my knees as he sits up with himself still inside of me. “I like your greedy cunt, Raven. Is it only greedy for me?”

I nod fast, and he smiles at my answer and moves. Using my legs, he holds me still and fucks me raw. So much, so hard, so fast, and so perfect. When I come, I see fucking stars, and my hands clench at anything that’s nearby to help bring me down.


“Fuck,” he says finishing the sentence for me. Somehow I didn’t even realize he’s now lying next to me with his hand on my breast like it’s his normal resting place. I move it away, and he rolls onto his side, looking at me. He’s beautiful right now, not just handsome, he’s always been that. No. Right now, he’s beautiful in the way that pains you. In the way that you know you’ll never see anyone quite as attractive as him in your life again. That’s the kind of beauty he holds.



She fell asleep, and total creep mode was on as I watched her sleep. Part of me was screaming to get out of this bed and run, or tell her to leave. But when I turned to look at her, I knew I couldn’t do either because I wanted her again and again. I had her three times last night, and tasted almost every part of her body that there is to taste.

Not being able to sleep is hard. I’ve had insomnia most of my life and it isn’t fun. Looking at the time, it’s five am. I think I can wake her up now. No. I want to wake her up now. I want to have some fun, so when I do finally manage to sleep during the day it will be with dreams of her.

My lips touch her shoulder and she moves into me still sound asleep. My fingers trail up and down her bare back, kissing along her shoulder then making my way to the corner of her lips. Her eyes flutter open, and she goes to smile, then as fast as it was there it disappears. My hand freezes on her, and she pulls away, making me drop my contact. She stands, looking around for her clothes, and when she sees her dress she pulls it over her head. “This can’t be happening,” she mutters while shaking her head.

I lean back, still naked and hard, my cock hitting my belly, and her eyes fall straight to it.

“It happened, and I see it happening again.”

She looks away from my cock and shakes her head. “No, it won’t. It was a lapse of judgment.” She reaches for her shoes and looks back to me. I haven’t moved from my spot.

“You weren’t complaining last night as I made you scream, or when you spread those perfect pretty legs for me all the way as though you couldn’t get enough.” My cock twitches at the thought.

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