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Copper - Royal Bastards MC - Tulsa, OK

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K. Webster

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From USA Today Bestselling Author K Webster, comes a new MC dark standalone novel!
I’m a Fed. Rigid. Rule follower. One of the good guys. I uphold the law…when it suits me. My loyalty lies first with my brother, Koyn, and secondly with his motorcycle club. Jeremy Koynakov was the man I used to be. I’m Copper now.
For a decade, I aided my brother in his quest for revenge. We thirsted for vengeance. Hunted the villains together. Killed when necessary. He finally found some semblance of peace in a mouthy pageant girl, and all was right in our screwed-up world.
But a certain blonde within our ranks ruined everything. Tried to wreck our home, our lives, and our freedom. She betrayed us. Because of me.
It’s my responsibility to deal with this little storm who was set on destroying our world. I could end her. It’d be easier. Simple and clean. But that’s not the MC way. We pride ourselves on being brutal and messy.
For a man who’s spent the better part of ten years, aching to make those suffer who’ve wronged my family, it’s a simple choice: Take her. Punish her. Make her pay.
I’m done following rules. That time of my life is over. I’ll finally patch in and become how I’ve been groomed to be.
I’m ready to embrace this new life where I’m not a good guy…
Every villain needs a pet. And she just became mine.
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K. Webster





I tear my stare from the scene before me to dig my phone out of my pocket. My brother, Koyn, is finally getting revenge on the assholes who took his wife and daughter from him. They didn’t just kill them. No, the fuckers tortured and raped them.

Blaire was seventeen.

Just seventeen when they brutalized that little girl.

And now he has them, one dead and cooking in the fire. The other, his ol’ lady is helping him get the vengeance he deserves.

Everyone is here, witnessing this shit. It’s what we’ve all been working so hard to achieve. Marron Genworth and his minion, Randall Putnam, have finally been brought to justice. The good ol’ biker way.

Knives and lots of blood.

My phone buzzes again. I read the notification.


I swipe open my phone and go to the app Koyn created. It’s meant to sniff down any mention of our last name and ping it to us rather than reach its intended destination. My brother is a fucking genius with computers. His program makes us untouchable. Even me—corrupt Fed.

The information bouncing in isn’t via email. It’s a text from the mole. Whoever the fuck has been snooping within our ranks. I’m confused, though, because everyone’s here and no one’s attention is on their phone.

Unknown Number: I’m outside of the location. Where the fuck are you? Jared Koynakov has Hadley! I need backup!


Unknown Number: We can get both the Koynakov brothers at once, but you need to get here now!

Two texts roll in stating they’re on their way. That they could lose their jobs for this.


I stalk along the shadows, slipping out of the open slaughterhouse building door. It’s snowing and cold as fuck. I trudge as quietly as I can through the snow, withdrawing my .45 from my holster. I creep across the backyard toward the house. By the time I reach it, I hear voices. As stealthily as possible, I ease around the house.

“About fucking time,” a familiar voice hisses. “He has her in there and God only knows what the fuck he’ll do to her this time.”

“Brenda,” a guy grumbles. “We shouldn’t even be here. We’re not Feds.”

“You’re cops, Brad, and that’s close enough.”

I know that voice.

Fucking Stormy.

“We could get fired,” the other woman says. “We don’t have a warrant—”

“He’s in there as we speak, probably fucking raping her, Denise! Does that not warrant action?” Stormy practically yells. “Let’s go.”

I watch, dumbfounded as Stormy charges toward the slaughterhouse, her cop buddies in tow. I’m silent as I stalk them from behind.

“I’ll finally nail their asses. Johnson will have to bring me back because I was fucking right,” Stormy snarls.

“You’re on leave,” Brad starts, but Stormy snaps at him.

“We fucked, Brad, and now you think you know me? Know everything? You don’t know shit. These men are dangerous. They’re terrifying. If I sit around waiting for cops to get their thumbs out of their asses or Johnson to do his fucking job, then Hadley dies. That’s it. Now shut up and back me up.”

The three of them quiet down as they approach the slaughterhouse door. I’m right behind them, waiting them out. I don’t know what this dumbass trio thinks they’re going to accomplish. My brother has already destroyed one of the rats on the chopping block and the other is as good as dead. Stormy and these shady-ass cops can’t stop what’s been set into motion. It’s done.

And she sure as fuck isn’t taking Hadley away from Koyn.

I know my brother. He’s never letting that girl go.

Stormy is fucking herself in the worst way right now.

The dumb bitch, though, has no fear. She trudges forward through the snow, into the slaughterhouse, her weapon drawn. The pussy cops follow behind her like they’re a match for the Royal Fucking Bastards.

“FBI! Nobody move!”

The room is silent aside from the crackling and popping of the bodies in the fire. Cooking flesh stinks something awful, but we’re used to it. These two fuckers aren’t the only bodies we’ve burned in here.

“Stormy?” Hadley rasps out from the mattress on the floor. She looks like shit, covered in blood and vomit, but Koyn is cradling her like she’s the most precious thing on Earth.

I tear my gaze from Stormy and Hadley, seeking out Filter. He’s going to be fucking livid. This is his woman. She’s the goddamn mole. Koyn is going to want answers. Like how the fuck he didn’t know shit about this.

Filter steps out of the shadows, a murderous look on his face telling me everything I need to know. She got us. She pulled the wool over our eyes and we never expected the blond bombshell to have this shit up her sleeve.

“Agent Brenda Gale,” Stormy spits out. “Everyone on your knees, hands on your heads. Hadley, honey, I need you to make your way over here.”