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Dad’s Football Friend

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Flora Ferrari

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He’s a forty-one-year-old football player. She’s just a twenty-one-year old-college student. Peach and Ryan are the couple that should never have happened.

Peach has convinced herself since she fell in love with Ryan at eighteen years old that she doesn’t stand a chance with the older man she loves…her father’s best friend. It’s a forbidden love, something that has been deemed as just a wild fantasy.

He never looked at her until now. She was always just his best friend’s kid. But seeing her at their one-on-one interview changed his mind forever. Now, he can’t get her out of his head.

While Peach is studying her final journalism semester in Miami, the home of the football team the Sharks, the pair are brought back together again. And when a campus stalker starts to follow Peach around, Ryan is there to pick up the pieces.

But can he allow himself to fall for his best friend’s daughter?

And will this younger woman allow her dad to get in the way of her first time with the older man she always wanted…her dad’s best friend?

*Dad’s Football Friend is a 52,942 word insta-everything standalone instalove romance with an HEA, no cheating, and no cliffhanger.

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When I asked my father to set me up with an interview with his best friend, Ryan Sinclair, I knew exactly what would happen. All of the feelings I’ve had for him since I was eighteen would return and bite me in the ass. Everything I have ever wanted would be sitting right before me, and he wouldn’t have a clue of the effect he has on me. All of the walls I have built around my heart would come crumbling down at the sight of the only man I’ve ever fallen in love with.

I knew all of this, and yet I asked him to set up the interview anyway. Why? Because this journalism degree means the world to me. And grabbing an interview with Miami’s best football player would set the bar higher than anyone else in my course could dream of reaching. Even if I risk hurting my heart, I need to do this. I need to prove to myself, my career comes first and feelings come second.

But as he walks into the room now, my breath catches in my throat. My palms are sweaty. I’m shaking like a leaf. He’s never looked better. He might be forty-one now, but his jaw is still strong, his arms are still more muscular than any other man I’ve ever met, and his hair is cut in a neat fade to compliment his facial hair. His white t-shirt clings to him as he takes off his jacket. And when he finally looks my way, my heart seizes.

He’s the man who stole my heart.


I wasn’t looking forward to doing this dumb interview. I was mostly doing a favor for my best buddy, Aaron, because I know how much he dotes on his daughter. He wants her to do well at college, which I can totally understand. But I’ve got much better things to do than hang out with someone who is practically still a teenager.

Or so I thought before I arrived here. But looking at her now, I’ve changed my mind completely. The second I see her, I know she isn’t the young girl I once knew. She used to be this adorable little thing, so shy around me and unwilling to talk much when her dad and I got together. She couldn’t speak to me without a blush on her cheeks. I guess that’s something that comes from being famous in your city.

But now, she’s all woman, grown up in every sense. Her body is fire, her smile is sexy without being suggestive, and there is an air about her that shows she knows exactly what she wants from life.

And all of a sudden, she has me wanting her. I want to own her body. I want to fuck her all night long. She’s brought out this wild animal within me. It’s inappropriate, I don’t want to do this interview at all. I’d much rather strip her down and make her mine, right here, right now. I want to bury my hands in her soft auburn hair and touch her soft porcelain skin. I want to bring out that beautiful blush in her cheeks. I want her like I’ve never wanted a woman before.

I’ve only been in this room for ten seconds. What the hell has Peach Kelly done to me?



I have to get my act together. I didn’t ask him here just so that I could ogle him, though I would happily do so all day long. We’re sitting in a coffee shop in central Miami, and Ryan has already attracted the attention of several women. I don’t have long before they start bombarding us, so I guess I should get this interview underway. I take a deep breath and stand to greet him, offering my hand for him to shake. I want to be as professional as possible, even if he is my father’s best friend.

“Hi, Ryan,” I say, hoping he can’t sense the nerves in my voice. “It’s nice to see you again. Long time, no see.”

Ryan hooks his jacket over the back of his chair and shakes my outstretched hand. His face is unreadable, but he doesn’t look particularly impressed to be here. He’s always had such a serious face that it’s hard to tell what he’s thinking, but I can probably guess. After all, who wants to spend their day off with their best friend’s daughter?

“You’ve grown up a lot,” Ryan comments as he sits down. “I wasn’t expecting it, somehow.”

“Well, it’s been a few years since you saw me last,” I comment with amusement. “I was barely starting college then.”

“A few years can change a lot,” Ryan replies. I’m not sure if I’m imagining it, but I swear he looks me up and down like he’s analyzing me. It makes me blush and he sure as hell notices that. For the first time since he got here, he smiles. “Some things stay exactly the same though,” he murmurs. I know exactly what he’s referring to. He always used to comment teasingly on how much I blush. It only made me like him more at the time.